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    IKEA Desk Sale

    Oh yeah I actually have 3 T legs, not the A legs. The pic was mainly for the desk top. The Gerton looked good since it was the cheapest option that was actually wood, as opposed to the more expensive Idasen which would actually fit the Galant frame near perfectly but is made of particleboard. I...
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    IKEA Desk Sale

    Which Galant base and what tops are you using? I have a modular Galant pieced together from their largest corner (63"x31.5") and a rectangular top (47.5"x23.5") and the old Galant tops are peeling with no replacement since they were discontinued. 2x of the Gerton tops look like it might work...
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Since when is a 3TB/4TB HDD not current, modern, or relevant? What are you trying to prove?
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    You're kidding right? I bet there's plenty of people with even older HDDs.
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    Newegg Refurbished: PowerColor Radeon RX Vega 64 LC $349.99

    No idea what you're talking about here but I know about the UV tweaks. 250W is still a ton for southern summers and I'm still betting on new arch 7nm to get that down from either company (now that Nvidia finally supports Freesync to some degree).
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    Newegg Refurbished: PowerColor Radeon RX Vega 64 LC $349.99

    Just like the cheap (about to be discontinued) 7990 and 295x2 I've passed up before I'm assuming these will only be available used after this. Want to get it but next gen is so close, and Vega is still a heat/power monster.
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    Eurocopter AS350BA - 99% Off

    I don't think my HOA will approve of a heli in the yard.
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    Intel Core i9-9900k $488 at Frys

    Lol. The 9900K launched at $488. Intel just decided to jack up the prices probably due to low yield. This is straight from their October announcement.
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    8TB WD EasyStore $140

    I think Best Buy changed how they did business accounts. Business used to have its own site which I know I made an account for (did not require EIN). The new one is integrated into the current Best Buy site and does require a valid EIN unfortunately.
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    8TB WD EasyStore $140

    ??? $180/10 = $18.00/TB $140/8 = $17.50/TB
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    Corsair Hydro H60 $33.59 Google Express

    Hey I still got an H60 on my GTX670. Been running fine for a few years now.
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    Sony XBR65X900F $1400(ish) shipped no tax

    Make sure it's a 4K HDR compatible switch/selector though, as a splitter only duplicates a source input. Slow firmware updates aren't much of an issue since you can do it overnight/delay it to when you're not using the TV, unless you're talking about slow to get new updates. It's the Android TV...
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    Site probably botched something since these are early BF deals that run from 11/8-11/11. If you don't buy by the 11th you'll have another chance around BF.
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    $289 - LG 27" 240hz Freesync TN 2ms

    the joke went right over you mate.
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    31" HDR 4k Freesync $369 plus $20.00 discount =$349 Newegg

    You should've just stopped right there with the post.
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    31" HDR 4k Freesync $369 plus $20.00 discount =$349 Newegg

    According to AMD's site though, no 4K/UHD monitor has Freesync 2 or LFC (no the MX34VQ is not 4K/UHD) and only the two LG IPS 27" monitors even have HDR. Don't know how accurate the site is.
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    HP EX920 M.2 1TB PCIe 3.1 x4 NVMe 3D TLC SSD - $279.99

    Will it still have the standard warranty since it's sold by "Better Choice Online" and fulfilled by Amazon? It only has 1/2 the write endurance of the 1TB 970 Evo (300TB vs 600TB), and a 3 year warranty, which both feel a bit low.
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    Super Talent DDR4-3200 16GB $54.90

    Even better deal than the 2x16GB DDR4 2400Mhz I got a few years ago for $90 (when factoring speed increase). I'll take the risk, but used Paypal as protection. Worst case would be getting sent the wrong item or just getting the order cancelled.
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    Black Friday flail starts!!!!!!

    Having a single line of expensive plasmas certainly did not help Pioneer in a time when plasma TVs were being phased out. And nobody wanted to develop 4K plasma due to R&D cost and final cost to consumers. I don't see LCD TVs going anywhere in the next decade.
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    Black Friday flail starts!!!!!!

    There's been rumors going around for years but nothing has yet to happen. Outside of OLED, their high end TVs (9 series+) are more well-rounded than the competition right now.
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    Samsung UE510 LED DISPLAY Monitor, Black, 28" 4K (Certified Refurbished) - $299

    Someone's probably going to ask again, but yes this is a TN panel. It does have Freesync and 1ms response though.
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    Sennheiser’s HD 650 (6xx) headphones for $199

    See while the Nautilus looks ridiculous to some people, it is pretty much the peak of transmission line speaker design, especially when each of the 4 drivers have their own dedicated pathway. You simply can't design a 4-driver TL system without it being gigantic and boxy, so B&W went and just...
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    Samsung 4K freesync 28" monitor 299 @ Costco - warm

    Yes this 28" model is TN, while the 24" model is PLS.