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    Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, PFSense Appliance

    Also interested in the 11" MBA
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    Best SSD replacement for 2012 13" MBPro

    Update: the Sansdisk SSD was a great low cost choice. Used SuperDuper to clone everything over (Disk utility was nagging me about some weird error). Test boot worked great (and much faster). Swapped out drive this morning and surprised the wife! Thanks again fellas!
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    Best SSD replacement for 2012 13" MBPro

    Thanks for the tips! I walked over to Bestbuy at lunch and snagged a 240GB Sansdisk for $82. I hate shopping at BB but I had a $20 giftcard from work so that helped bring the price down and make it a no brainer!
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    Best SSD replacement for 2012 13" MBPro

    I'm sure this has been asked over and over, but SSDs are getting better and better every few months. Long story short, I need to replace my wife's 500GB 5400rpm drive. The MBPro is in great condition, it's just the harddrive is slow as hell. This is for a MacBookPro9.2 (mid 2012 model)...
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    RPG/Dungeon games for older MBA

    Thanks for the ideas! I never thought of the emulator on this machine before. I to have a fan controller and normally have that running at higher speeds when I'm encoding videos or recording some multi track guitar parts in Garage Band (while playing along to multiple tracks). I'll look on...
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    RPG/Dungeon games for older MBA

    Looking to do some light gaming on my 2011 MBA. Basic stats are 256GB hdd, 4GB or RAM, 1.7GHz i5., and a Intel HD3000 w 386mb. This is not a gaming machine, I know that for sure. I feel like this thing overheats just encoding videos in iMovie 90% of the time. I'm just looking for something...
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    Antenna Boost question

    I checked for a firmware upgrade and couldn't locate it before. I'll dig into it again later today and see if I find anything.
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    Antenna Boost question

    Kind of a noob question but it's a unique situation. My office has a Netgear router that has built in Sprint LTE service as a backup/failsafe for when we have fundraising events. The back of the router has 2 spot for antennas. 1 for the LTE and 1 for the wireless component of the Router...
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    FS: Macbook 12" 2016

    bump for a legit skin!
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    iPhone 5s users on iOS 10

    I'm waiting a while for at least a couple of releases before upgrading my 5S. There isn't anything special that really helps my phone in regards to new features so waiting to see what happens to everyone else first is ok with me.
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    Xbone Controller / Headset Question

    Super noob question here. I have a SOL Republic set of headphones that I plug directly into my controller to hear the game sound while I play. They are iPhone compatible and have the 3.5mm jack and was wondering if all I needed to buy was the headset adapter for the controller or if I needed...
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    Question about Destiny

    I do but decided to grind my warlock to start out with and get a feel for the story and game. I plan to start a hunter soon and will probably use the boost for that character!
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    Question about Destiny

    Just starting out in Destiny now. I have a warlock at lvl 16 (almost 17) and have the same problems as most of you guys. I'm a casual player but I would like to knock out a few main quest story lines and raids in a fireteam here and there. Gametag is: turb0nix I don't have a set schedule of...
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    Xbox Live Deals?

    I haven't used Bing Rewards in years. Thanks for the reminder!
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    Xbox Live Deals?

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep my tabs on it and snag one when the time looks right. $40 is better than $60 any day for sure. Cheers!
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    Xbox Live Deals?

    Finally got my XBOne and need to snag a good deal on XBox Live. Reg price us around $60 now. I use to find deals for $30'ish back when my XB360 was working (it's been about 1.5 years). Are there any good places to look other than the usual (Amazon, NewEgg, GameStop). Thanks. Like I said...
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    Dead Xbox 360s - What to do with them?

    I have a GoodWill Electronics center close by. Last time I looked at their process and procedures they actually functional test electronics, if they are bad, they sell them to an electronics recycling firm and get money for the contribution. All good. I'm mostly seeing if anyone has actually...
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    Dead Xbox 360s - What to do with them?

    I have a white Xbox 360 with RROD and a XBox 360 slim that had maybe 10 hours on it that's dead (won't post). Contemplating getting a new XBone since I have so many games for the 360 but want to off load these guys first if possible. The Slim unit doesn't post. It powers up and about 3...
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    WiFi problems 2015 MacBook Pro

    Are you using a VPN client or any other proxy to connect to the wifi? I second the hard power off/reboot option. I am running Mavericks and I'd say after about 2 weeks of just wake/sleep/repeat usage, I have to power off and restart the laptop to resolve some lingering WiFi issues. However, I...
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    2009 White Macbook worth fixing?

    For light/basic use, it should be fine. The SSD will help alot. You might have to deal with the TRIM settings on an older hardware system like that, but I'm not 100% sure. For a decent laptop that cost nothing and can be upgraded for less that $100... I think it's worth the risk! Worst case...
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    Replacement Battery

    Thanks guys. The MBA is my main machine I use for consulting that will probably go the OEM route since I can write that off. The MBP is the wife's and in time that will get changed. The old White MB is for the kids and I'm resurrecting that one. It may go without a battery for a while, but I...
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    Replacement Battery

    I have 3 batteries that need replacing. I have had some issues with 3rd party batteries in the past with them not fitting properly and/or they died within a few months. Are there any specific 3rd party vendors you all have used that have had good/great results with? Looking on Amazon and...
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    Upgrade OSX on my Mac?

    I have a 2011 MBA with 4GB or RAM and 256 SSD. Works just fine and have not had any issues with any of my apps. Keep in mind I do only have a 4-5 applications running at one time so I'm not taxing my laptop like crazy. Usually Office, RDP sessions, Chrome and Safari. Good luck!
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    Lenovo Yoga 900 Laptop

    I've tested the 900 out at BB already a few times and almost pulled the trigger on one on Black Friday when they were $250 off but decided to wait. Keys were ok and Trackpad was fine for what I would use it for when i'm mobile. In a desktop situation, i would probably utilize a form of...
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    i5-5200U vs i7-5500U Alienware 13

    Youtube videos shouldn't be too bad... Depends on the length and resolution of the video too. Now, I'm partial to Apple and have my MBAir do some light video stuff for me but damn it heats up quick....
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    i5-5200U vs i7-5500U Alienware 13

    i7 would be for more intense processing needs like video editing or hard core gaming. If you aren't using the machine to fold a cure or compute the meaning of life.... the i5 will give you everything you need at those specs. Like Vengence, I think the biggest difference would be the SSD...
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    I need a program that will automate web activity

    I'll take it you are trying to do this for free as much as possible. I use TestingAnywhere, a program created by AutomationAnywhere. Unfortunately it's not a free program. Selenium is another option and you could also look into Oracle's OpenScript for web based functions. You'll have to code...
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    Where do you like better to buy apple products? Online stores or physical stores?

    I order refurb online and ship to apple store. Came in handy when I ordered my wife's MBP. When it came in the box was punctured and you could visibly see the damage to the laptop. Manager saw it, said sign for it and swapped it for a brand new current model for free. Excellent customer...
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    Bought rMBP yesterday. what do I need to know?

    Look into Geektools to get some on screen data on your system. Setup Timemachine sooner than later. Extremely helpful in any event of system failure and restoring. The sooner you start, the more timeline shots you'll have to pick from. Enjoy!
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    35mm vs 55mm lens for Nikon D60

    Souljer and your'alls idea on using the 18-55mm to get an idea is simply genius! It's such a simple concept I can't believe I didn't even think about that in the first place!!! I'll look at testing that out this weekend with Halloween and a Fall Festival we are doing and see what I feel...
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    35mm vs 55mm lens for Nikon D60

    We have a slightly older DSLR but it still takes amazing pictures. however we only have 2 lenses in the bag at the moment. The stock 18-55 and a 55-200 for when the kids are playing sports and/or performing on stage. Looking to upgrade to a more grab and go lens to snap street/family shots...
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    FS: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

    PM Sent.
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    FS: GoPro 3 Black/Surf Edition

    following.... might be interested!
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    Anyone manually add music via itunes? Does it skip tracks?

    Same boat here. I just keep active playlists synced and go that route. When I modify or create new playlists, I usually delete the older ones just to keep things organized. It's not that I hate iTunes, it's just not a user friendly application. On a side note, the music I sync is...
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    Free OS X upgrades in Apple stores?

    W is right. As long as the specific model you want to upgrade is supported you should be able to do it yourself at home with relative ease.
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    MSI GE60 Can Barely Run League?

    Do you have anything else running in the background? What does your task manager read when you are running LoL. Either something is throttling you or a configuration is not set up properly...
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    Sony VAIO Flip14a

    note: online the sony is $899... in store I saw it for $800.
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    Sony VAIO Flip14a

    Still on the [h]unt for a new ultrabook to replace an aging Dell Latitude E6500 for consult work and possibly light gaming. Been searching online and reading through this forum at what most of you all are looking at. I finally got a chance to go to BestBuy and get a hands on feel for some...
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    Laptop - Multimedia/Gaming/Excel

    I'll second the requirement for a better screen. What good would a 17.3" screen to with 1366x786 resolution. You'd do better with a higher resolution screen for sure. That's a beast of a laptop though. Are you sure you want to carry around a large machine like that? If you are good with...
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    [H]ard look at entry level ultrabooks

    Updated original post: under 5 lbs. 13.3-14" screen minimum Asus Zenbook UX32VD-DH71 Saw it on newegg for under $750. had a dedicated video card and hydrid HDD.