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    Benq GW2765HT - Cheap 2560x1440 monitor

    Did you buy it? Like it? Can get it for $390 if coupons stack.
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    Dell Outlet - 3007WFP-HC for $749

    WOW. Awesome deal and monitor.
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    Gigabyte DS3 and eSATA

    I use it on a daily basis and wanted one that was professional looking and solid. Notice no rainbow colored LED's or spotty manufacturer homepage. I plan on keeping this enclosure for quite a while and it comes down to personal taste and you usually get what you pay for. No auto-on or off.
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    Gigabyte DS3 and eSATA

    IcyDock Expensive but very nice build quality. Left a Seagate 7200.10 in it for days and barely feel any heat using the retractable feet. They also have cool enclosures for multiple drive bays. The housing for the hard drives...
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    What is the ultimate midweight (4-6lb) laptop?

    T43p. It does have the Atheros MiniPCI, even the AR5212 chipset (I think) I just bought a laptop of that formfactor. Not everyone wants to carry around a desktop replacement and 4-6LBS is hardly noticeable.
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    Best laptop for a 1000 dollars or less

    Newegg is running some good deals on some Acers. Same screen and resolution but <7lbs and well less than 1,000. C-M though but some with P-M.
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    Google SMS

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    Need some advice on laptop accessories (wireless and external hard drive)

    For the hard drive, check out enclosures at Newegg. I just bought a laptop and wanted a second drive for space. I have an enclosure but also bought a modular "case" that holds my extra hard drive and replaces my cdrom. I have a great and easy dual boot environment or just extra space. I...
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    Is it possible to Use laptop LCD as a desktop Monitor?

    Or, Remote Desktop (RDP).
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    ACER apsire 1681?

    too broad of a statement. The right integrated are good for battery life. Some people have desktops for games.
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    Need a new laptop bag (minimalist) I have a backpack from them, now Apple stores carry them as well. Sleek and tough.. I'll be buying a booq though, they finally came out with some nice designs.
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    OMG - Computer won't boot - NTLD Error

    Ur missing your bootloader. Lovely windows. Install ontop of it. Recover your data. Install/reformat and be on your way.
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    Which Notebook would you choose?

    Fujitsu But, i just ordered a s7010d
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    Best Messenger Bag?
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    SYSADMINS: Need personal paging/alert device

    We use Blackberry but use their webclient address to receive email alerts from an independent alerting system since if your corp. email goes down there goes your alerts :)
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    DNS/local domain in a home setting?

    Much better way to understand DNS versus the MS way.
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    Video Conferencing units?

    We use an MGC50 Bridge with a mix of Polycom Viewstations and Tandberge 6000's. Tandberg by far the more quality equipment. All IP, but we have a channelized DS3 that provides full private T1's to each office :)
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    1GB Kingston Hyper X PC3200 $149.99 AR

    Pulled the trigger twice on this deal in the past.
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    CompUSA PNY 6800nu $200 AR is back

    For the record mine has been great also. Softmodded without any issues.
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    Got a new server running, need ideas

    Start with learning about Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Protocol so you can administer the box remotely. To access the console session via RDP use "mstsc /console" Start_Run_"mstsc /console"
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    CompUSA PNY 6800nu $200 AR is back

    what markup are you willing to pay ? :D
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    CompUSA PNY 6800nu $200 AR is back

    I got in on this deal BF late in the day at the Compusa in Atlanta (buckhead/lenox). Probably get in on it again. Rich area's don't need the good deals i guess. Also, my pny is all softmodded with pipes and shaders.
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    iPod earphones

    Yes. Like them a lot. You can even get white one's from eBay for the fashion conscious. Although, the white one's will be available sometime in the US.
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    is it worth running dual lcds

    I have the Dell 2001 and a 17' inch proview lcd as secondary. WIth Ultramon, you can configure them however you want. Having the extra space to slide windows to another screen is extremely helpful to me. Also, I have the second monitor connected to a KVM so I can switch to other computers...
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    Shaking monitor

    I had a mag 19' that used todo that. I tried rerouting cables, ensured no interferenece, etc and just figured the thing was at the end of it's viewing life.
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    Post Black Friday discussion goes here!

    I have a 2001fp as my primary and yeah I can tell a difference but happy with a dual setup.
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    PNY 6800 Longevity

    I was worried about the same thing and almost returned mine for the BFG at BB deal. But mine overclocked easily and seems solid. PNY has a year warranty and my credit card adds a year onto it so I feel that I'm covered for a card slightly over $200. Just from browsing posts (here and...
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    Post Black Friday discussion goes here!

    Overall very content with my first BF. Grabbed the CUSA 6800 and Staples Proview 17inch lcd for $400.00. Went to the doc for a back spasm and have good drugs to enjoy my new toys :)
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    Post Black Friday discussion goes here!

    $199 AR but + tax
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    1GB PC3200 Dual Channel Kit Kingston HyperX @Outpost $159.99

    These are good sticks. Picked them up last week.
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    What email client are you using?

    Thunderbird and Squirrelmail
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    convert avi to dvd files?

    Try NeroVision
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    Streaming Video in the House

    VLC player can stream.
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    is the PNY 6800 from CompUSA a good card?

    The Atlanta Lenox CompUSA has 4 or more left. I bought mine at 7PM.
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    RealVNC EE, $50 per seat please?

    I stumbled across this: Granted, I like the features and they are needed for corp. installs, but is this the best way to make money? and how does this impact its GNU license. Plus, the licenses are $50 per seat.
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    Patch cable colors and tagging

    Great idea. What do you use to label the cables? masking tape, true labels, tags?
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    Patch cable colors and tagging

    What do you use for tagging patch cables in switches? ..also do you use a color scheme for those cables? Pretty pictures welcomed :)
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    Enterprise wireless solution

    Besides the normal answer of using EAP with some form of authentication and a wireless only security protocol.. I'll be doing something alittle different. Using SSL VPN or normal VPN and nocatuth to facility easy login similarly to the way hotels have customers login to their wireless...
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    buying a new pc - need feedback for my $2000-4000 system selections

    I agree. But, you said highend. I'd rather spend the money for a small capacity 15K scsi HD than $800 for only a gig of super highend RAM also :). SCSI can obtain a faster transfer rates and quicker seek times. I can't find the review or remember which vendor, but the next generation of SCSI...
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    Where to get linux?

    Apt-get is my friend, too.