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    Best Smartphone for Verizon and rooting

    So I'm due for an upgrade, and currently have the Droid Charge. If I had a choice I would get a Nexus 4 and be done with it, but since I can't get that on Verizon, that's not a choice. I'm going to root it, and install a stock Android on it, preferably 4.2 - I'm also considering buying one...
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    Zune 80 died, recommend me a replacement

    OP here: I have a Droid Charge. Problem is: It does video playback via HDMI - NOT via the headphone jack as the Zune does. Unless someone can show me otherwise.
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    Zune 80 died, recommend me a replacement

    That is NOT an iPod... Ideally it would be a simple player, and like the zune have video output via the headphone jack, I have the zune video cable wired into my head unit into my car, and would like to continue to use it (if possible). Any suggestions? Would like at least 64 gigs. Thanks.
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    Senator: Employers Shouldn't Seek Site Passwords

    If I am ever in an interview with a company that asks for my passwords, my response will be "No. I take my security very seriously, and you have NO reason to ask for that information. It is not relevant to the position I am applying for, and has no bearing on my ability to do the job being...
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    Steam 2011 Holiday Sale is here!!

    Dude. Just buy it. It's a crap ton of fun. At $3.74 it's a steal. It's an easy game play for a while, then set down and come back to it, and it's easy enough to pick back up. It's fun coming back to levels you've completed and look for ways to get a better score.
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    Verizon is Abandoning Its FiOS TV & Internet Service

    And this was a surprise to anybody HOW? Their plan always was to roll it out to high population density areas with higher per capita incomes so they could charge more for the service and have higher population density to defray the installation costs. Once they hit the point of diminishing...
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    xbox 360 dashboard update

    Yea, that is a big plus, and it added support for subtitles - not all movies have it but nice to see they are working on it. I just don't understand with the voice commands (which work GREAT IMHO) I can't say "Xbox Shutdown" to get it to turn off.
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    Deus Ex Cover system

    I picked up DE:HR on sale the other day and tried it out, it's ok, and I think I will like it - I loved the original game, but is there some way to turn off the third person switch when your in cover? If I wanted to play Gears of War I'd fire up my 360. I don't mind being able to get into...
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    Millions of Printers Open to Devastating Hack Attack

    Why would you have an printer open to the internet? Setup a VPN, or a some type of remote access then print from a machine that's behind the firewall. Yes it's a few more steps, but it's not that hard. Having a printer directly accessible from the internet seems like a recipe for disaster to...
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    Rosewill BRONZE Series RBR1000-M 1000W Continuous@40°C, 80Plus Bronze Certified $60A

    I got two, one for my buddy, one for myself, Deal of the decade. :D That's IF it doesn't smoke every other component when it dies.....
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    Who has called in sick just to play video games?

    That's what SICK days are for... I'm SICK of work. Of course I always have WAY more sick days then I can ever use, and usually have a week or two of vacation on the books, so taking a "Mental Health" day really doesn't bother me.
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    10 Best Scary Video Games of All Time

    Nobody's mentioned Alan Wake? Doom/ Doom3/ Both Dead Space games. Undying, STALKER, FEAR. Those also need to be on the list.
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    Free Texts Pose Threat to Carriers

    With that obi, your GV number is what the other person sees, because that's what you are using. Setup the GV app on your phone and then that's all anybody would see.
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    Free Texts Pose Threat to Carriers

    Want to save even MORE? Ditch your land line and get this: Works with Google voice. So you have a "Land" line via the internet connection. My house is in a weak cell area, so I use this with my GV number and it works great.
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    Microsoft Finally Kills The Zune

    You managed to hit the nail on the head. MS could have spent some money to get car head unit manufactures to support them, and it would have helped. They could have competed on price too, but decided not to. Of course Microsoft marketing can't find it's way out of a wet paper bag in general...
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    Patent Troll Is Suing Hotels For Offering Wi-Fi

    "Innovatio has made a strategic and business judgment at this stage that it doesn’t intend to pursue [lawsuits on the basis of] residential use of WiFi" Yea, because as soon as that happens they'd get buried under a class action suit......
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    GF7050VT-M (V1.0) and Q6600

    Thanks. Looks like I lucked out and the old board didn't have a bad flash, it just needed to be unplugged from the wall then it started working fine. But now I know.
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    GF7050VT-M (V1.0) and Q6600

    Well, last night I bricked my Abit IP35-E with a bad bios flash. I was flashing it because I just bought a Q6600 to put in it. Well THAT plan has gone out the window (for now, until I can get a bios chip for it). So I have a new in the box ECS GF7050VT-M (V1.0) sitting on my desk. Will a...
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    PAX Prime 2011

    Went Saturday.
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    PAX Prime 2011

    It was fun, but the crowds were HUGE. They were out of Swag bags by the time I got there at 10:30. Which kind of sucked. Next year I'll go on Friday with my son, and probably stay in town instead of driving up. Only got one free shirt. Got to play Gunstringer (cool) and Joe Danger: The...
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    PAX Prime 2011

    I'm a local and my GF and I are going for the first time. Going to be there Saturday. Should prove to be interesting.....
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    Happy Birthday To Me

    Happy Birthday! My Son's is today as well. Mine was last week.
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    Games you were looking forward to but were cancelled.

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned this: Amen: The Awakening. There is/was a preview movie of the game that was released showing a subway crash. The whole premise sounded great - I...
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    Bulletstorm $11.95 on D2D

    Had a $5.00 credit on D2D, so at 11.95 it was an easy choice, but at 6.95.. NO Brainer. Thanks OP!
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    Verizon Fascinate owners get free no-strings upgrade

    From the Facinate to the Charge with no strings attached? That's a hell of a deal.
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    Windows Home Server 2011 49.99 FS

    Not entirely true. They felt it was too slow and they had problems getting it to work in a SBS environment. Since WHS is the red headed step child, they yanked the feature because SBS makes them more money. Bottom line: The only real compelling reason to upgrade is if you want to stream your...
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    HTC, Android in Serious Trouble

    A quick look at this and the first thing that comes to mind is prior art. This patent is pretty f'd up. Let's see, it seems to describe how a piece of text gets turned into a link and how it will open up a related program based on the link type.... This type of tech has been around forever.
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    Google + invite button is up

    Yep, thanks man, got it. Some interesting ideas in there.
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    Google + invite button is up

    r.hein1969 @
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    Move Your Pictures from Facebook to Google+

    Does Picasa still have that retarded 1 gig limit though? Or has that changed? I used Picasa exclusively until I ran into that issue. I can have 7 gigs of storage on an email account which I will never in a million years use, but I can't have more than one gig of photo storage? Really Google...
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    Top ISPs Agree to Become Copyright Cops

    Hey, it's got Anna Paquin in it.... no complaints here...
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    Top ISPs Agree to Become Copyright Cops

    Looks like more services will go the encrypted route for their traffic. This in turn will drive their costs up slightly because encrypted traffic takes slightly more bandwidth...
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    Duke Nukem Forever - I hated it more than Homefront

    DNF is ok. Not great, but ok. My complaints are: two weapon limit - they should have done it like the original game where you could carry all the guns, but as an earlier poster said, couldn't always find ammo for them. In the original game, I had to search out for ammo. Also, ditch the...
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    Revolution or Thunderbolt

    Well, thanks for all the input guys. I ended up getting the Droid Charge. Wasn't planning on spending the extra 50 bucks, but oh well. Now to see how I like it. I think the first order of business is to root it, and remove some crap, but it does seem pretty fast as it is.
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    Revolution or Thunderbolt

    Well, I have a New Every 2 upgrade still on my contract and want to do it before the tiered dataplans start. Looking at the T-Bolt and Revolution - what's the thoughts on both? If I go the Revolution route, how easy is it to root and remove Bing? What about rooting the T-Bolt? Thanks.
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    WHSV1 Died, alternatives?

    Well my WHS V1 machine died (the system drive failed) I picked up a WD 2 TB green drive to replace it, only to discover you have to do some jerking around to get it to work with WHS v1. As a result, I'm looking at alternatives. I'm half tempted to go with FreeNAS, and run a Win 7 machine in a...
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    How reliable is drivebender?

    Sorry, meant to start new thread.....
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    Senators Want DUI Checkpoint Apps Removed

    For those of you that live in states with checkpoints, what do you have to do? Stop, show your license? Answer questions? Roll down the window? I think I'd just hold my license to the window, let them see it and if they asked me anything, respond: "Not your business"
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    Senators Want DUI Checkpoint Apps Removed

    Washington state handles this FAR more effectively.... Since DUI checkpoints are illegal here, the simply say ok, we are going to do an "Emphasis" patrol in this area and then flood the area with cops, specifically looking for drunk drivers. The also tell the people the area they are going to...
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    Companies Refuse to Interview the Unemployed

    Just read that in the article. I'm not one for overly intrusive laws, but in this case, yea, we need to pass a law against it. Of course there are ways around it. If asked " I'm privately employed, but NDA's prohibit me from saying anything further"