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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    I ordered a 5950x from Mike's Computer Shop on launch day in the first few minutes. Still waiting, they told me that they basically haven't gotten any stock of the higher end chips and very minimal numbers of the 5600x and 5800x.
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    FAH has COVID-19 projects

    I'm doing this too, heard about it elsewhere, only reason I popped back to this forum was I figured I'd get the HardOCP team number if I'm doing F@H.
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    Upgrade CPU or GPU? (2500k@4.0/GTX 780)

    GPU makes sense, because it will give you good (>60) framerates in pretty much anything out there right now. I wouldn't upgrade the CPU unless you're also planning a significant GPU upgrade (better than a 1070) because you'd not going to get those super-high framerates in modern games without a...
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    Chris Hook to Lead Discrete GPU Marketing at Intel

    I think Intel already has the patent licensing set up for GPUs. AMD and Intel have a lot of cross-licensing agreements and Intel and Nvidia have an agreement on GPU patents as well. It is a bit weird that Chris Hook is now being tapped to market a product that as of this time doesn't exist. The...
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    Don't Buy a MacBook Pro, Even On Sale

    Rarely do you find a company as openly contemptuous of their customers as Apple is. They're nearing the level they were at in the late 90's right before they nearly crashed into the ground last time. A huge YouTube channel damaged a brand new iMac Pro and can't get it repaired (at their cost)...
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    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    When they completely redesigned the Camaro for the 2016 model year they made it smaller and lighter, by building off the GM Alpha platform they use for the smallest Cadillacs instead of Zeta imported from Australia. It's now slightly lighter than the Mustang (although I'm sure this will go back...
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    StatCounter: Windows 10 Still Hasn’t Overtaken Windows 7

    This is exactly the same thing that happens every time Microsoft releases a big new release of Windows. Many people complain about the changes, the install base goes up, many people switch, and then they discontinue updates. The same thing happened with Windows 3.1, 98, XP and now it's 7. If...
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    Bitcoin Could Hit $60,000 in 2018 but Another Crash Is Coming, Says Startup Exec

    I'm not sure I agree that Bitcoin will be worth $60,000 next year. But it does seem like it's cruising towards a crash.
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    People Still Aren’t Buying Smartwatches, and It’s Only Going to Get Worse

    If it doesn't have at least a week of battery life I'll never buy one. My current watch has 2+ years of battery life and does 90% of what I'd use a Smart Watch for (Look pretty, tell time), but not let me check weather real quick. Notifications that just direct you back to the phone are pretty...
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    PSA: This Week Might Be Your Last Chance to Get Windows 10 for Free

    Anyone who hasn't already done this may not know. But upgrading doesn't deactivate your previous Windows version key. So you can try it out risk-free.
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    Virgin Hyperloop One Sets New Speed Record

    The number is accurate, but the conclusion is a bit silly. 240mph is a record for Hyperloop One, yes. But it's still much slower than JR's traditional mag levs have gone (375mph), seeing as Hyperloop One is running a mag lev train in a low-pressure envionment, 240mph isn't very impressive.
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    NVIDIA TITAN V $3000

    Man, I'm excited to see how this performs. I have a distinct impression that this will be the first card that can really handle 4K at solid frame rates. I can't really justify paying $3000 for a video card, I'd rather invest that money and buy the $1000 version in 6-12 months that will be 99% as...
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    YouTube is Starting Their Own Paid Music Service in March of Next Year

    If Google aren't a bunch of idiots this will just be a new front end for Google Play Music. But past performance suggests that they might not know what they're doing and have built an entire separate offering for no reason.
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    What Happens When A Furby and Alexa Mate?

    Wow, the combination of two horrible things! Burn it!
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    Stripper Revenues Look for Steep Drop Q1'18

    They'll just make glitter out of something else and instead of being dirt cheap it will be almost dirt cheap.
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    Home-Built Rocket Launches Over Ghost Town on Saturday

    I thought suicide was illegal.
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    Christopher Nolan Apologizes for His Comments about Netflix

    I think the concept of movie theaters is "an untenable model.", they only still exist because of traditional thinking. At some point that's likely to break down.
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    850 Pro failure: A Samsung RMA testamony

    I had a similar experience when my Samsung 840 Pro 256GB failed this summer (a 4.5 year old drive). I called Samsung and they told me I had to take it back to the retailer, which was strange. But they did take the drive back and a few weeks later furnished a replacement 850 PRO 256GB, which has...
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    Any iPhone App with Camera Permission Can Secretly Record You

    This is something that pretty much everyone who has ever written an iPhone app that uses the camera knows about. I'm frankly surprised that anyone is surprised, That's probably why no one has bothered mentioning it before. Camera permission means they can access the camera, seems innocuous if...
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    Bootleg Star Fox 2 SNES Cartridges Up For Sale

    I have been seeing Bootleg copies of Star Fox 2 for the last few years, based on the bug fixed leaked version (which is basically the same). chenw, are you sure Star Fox 2 is shorter. Yes, it is short, but I just beat Star Fox yesterday in about 50m (I know because the SNES mini told me when I...
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    Opera Kills Off Opera Max

    Translation: This cost significantly more money to operate than it took in. I'm not surprised they're pulling this, I don't see how they could have ever made it into a profitable product and Opera isn't exactly Apple or Microsoft profitability-wise.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X CPU Review @ [H]

    I wonder if the fact that the substrate has space for 4 dies means that the socket can support 4 cpu dies if AMD wants to release a 32core/64thread CPU in a TR4 socket. They probably won't, but who's to say what the future will bring. AMD has a history of keeping the same socket designs for a...
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    Introducing Blizzard

    I feel like every year since Activision bought Blizzard out they've slowly destroyed part of what Blizzard special. It's not an outright gut, but a slow series of cuts that may end up with the same result. This is just another example of mindless meddling from Activision. At least this time they...
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    Popular Minecraft Pokemon Mod Stopped

    I'm sure they'll make one and they'll make it as soon as there are too few people who worked on the original left to outweigh the demand to make a sequel. The Sequel will be made by a totally new team and it will be completely untrue to the source material. Come to think of it, that's already...
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    Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Will Cut Off Devices with Older CPUs

    Reverse-engineering drivers legally is insanely expensive and it's not really Microsoft's job to do that. They didn't sell that SoC, Intel did.
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    Stanford University Dumps Java as Introductory Programming Language

    Web applications are big business now, probably about half the programming jobs out there are for web applications. I'm a web developer and the current trend in web development is moving more towards JavaScript. All the fancy new web technologies, which are normally referred to as HTML5 are...
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    Elon Musk Says He Has Approval to Build 29-Minute Hyperloop from NY to DC

    I can't see it happening, but I'd be happy if it does get built (assuming it works). We need faster, better transit and mass-transit is one good way to reduce pressure on roads.
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    Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Will Cut Off Devices with Older CPUs

    Apparently, the actual problem is that Imagination Technologies is refusing to update the drivers for the integrated graphics on the GPUs. The good news is that this is the last Intel CPU with an Imagination Technologies GPU so this isn't likely to happen again any time soon...
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    ASUS ROG AMD Ryzen Laptops Coming

    The 6700HQ is a wierd chip because many notebook makers ship the CPU in notebooks that have really marginal cooling, if used in such a configuration it throttles like a mofo all the time. I have an XPS 9550, which also has a Geforce 960 and they share cooling. Under the stock configuration CPU...
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    Linux Distros Banned on Windows 10 S

    I don't know why anyone would expect Linux distro support on Windows 10 S, it doesn't support the Windows Subsystem for Linux.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 & 1400 CPU Review @ [H]

    Well, this is a big change from the i7 vs Ryzen 7 review. The Ryzen 5 chips look like they're at least competitive across the board and even the cheapest one is a little ahead in most of the processing-intensive benchmarks. Looks like a good buy for most performance-oriented buyers, at least...
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    YouTube Will No Longer Allow Creators to Make Money until They Reach 10,000 Views

    There are plenty of content theft channels I keep seeing popping up over and over, some years old. I doubt this will do a thing.
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    How Playing on Wi-Fi Hurts Your Game

    Wi-Fi sucks, is there anyone who doesn't realize that it adds latency? I wonder if some of the other comments in this thread are from people who don't have very good internet access, because if you're looking at a 200ms ping anyway, a 100ms spike probably isn't noticeable. If you have fiber to...
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    New AMD AGESA Microcode in the Wild & New UEFI

    Also don't assume that one uEFI flashes like another one. I have 3 different uEFI devices and they ALL have totally different update procedures.
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    'Sorry, I've Forgotten my Decryption Password' is Contempt of Court

    The court should just stop wasting their time and invest in a small cluster of GPU-accelerated password cracking servers. It's so easy to brute-force passwords that are less than 12 characters long now it's not funny.
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    Vulkan Will Support Multiple GPUs Only in Windows 10

    Quite often this sort of thing is to reduce costs. Why write a lot of code to work around limitations in older versions of an OS when no one will be using it in a couple of years anyway? If you don't like Windows 10, use Linux, staying on old versions of Windows doesn't make sense long term and...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Video Card Review @ [H]

    Who wants to bet Vega will slot in significantly below this? Nvidia has cut AMD off at the pass again. They've just been sitting there waiting.
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    1080/1070 users - Upgrading to 1080 Ti?

    Nope, I'm perfectly happy with my 1070. I'll upgrade when my games start getting choppy and I'm sticking with 1080p so I'm hoping to get at least 5 more years out of this card.
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    AMD’s Vega & Ryzen “Capsaicin & Cream” Live Event

    Can't wait for the reviews. I won't believe anything until I see it but it would be nice if true.
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    Nintendo Switch

    Well, I've preordered one and Zelda. Wish me luck, I haven't bought a Nintendo system on launch since the GameBoy Advance SP (so much better than the regular one). I've wanted to play Mario Kart 8 since it came out for the Wii U but I couldn't stomach buying a dead system. Zelda and the new...