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    So... is MW2 actually fun? (Flame-free please. Looking for actual opinions...)

    Hosting like this isn't possible for a normal FPS like this. The game is like all other shooters out there, except you can only create listen servers. There is always 1 host and other people connect to him. That being said, there are enough fast & low latency home connections out there that...
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    So... is MW2 actually fun? (Flame-free please. Looking for actual opinions...)

    It is a blast if you are on a fast enough connection that you are always chosen to host. It is less flexible than Call of Duty 4, but is a great game and definitely very polished. However, if you are not on a great connection or don't have control over your networking situation, I would not...
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    Future Mark Game

    I really like the looks of this game. For that price, I picked it up instantly. This is the best "shooter with a gimmick" I've seen in a while.
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    ATI Catalyst 9.10 Released

    Really? I feel like a moron now. Will be patching ASAP.
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    ATI Catalyst 9.10 Released

    Thank you for this. I'll try it when I get home. I like Windows' new, modern security that happened with Vista, I just wish that there was an easy way to always get superuser access like in Linux for when you want to force things. I just found out today that the shortcut to launch things as...
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    ATI Catalyst 9.10 Released

    Definitely not. On my 4890 in 9.9 it still had the black terrain problem, and now on my 5850 with whatever beta drivers it used the problem is still there. I have not installed the 9.10s yet, I'm hoping that they fix it. It is hard to force the game to go DX9 because Windows 7 doesn't wan't to...
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    ATI Catalyst 9.10 Released

    So this is a widespread problem? My 5850 does this if I set the clocks manually at all. I get large amounts of flickering on the display connected to the second DVI port even if I manually set the clocks at stock or lower. I cannot use overdrive at all. :( Also, they still haven't fixed Anno...
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    XFX 5850 w/ Apple 24" LED

    Yes. This is not my main monitor, it is a friend's display. I'm using it until he finished his i5 build, he is hoping to be able to use a 5850 with it. I don't know how he plans to solve the brightness problem, it drives me nuts. I was the test platform, we assumed that if my 4890 worked with it...
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    XFX 5850 w/ Apple 24" LED

    I am using the exact same cable that you posted to go from a Diamond-branded 4890 to a refurbished LED CD just like you are. I never got the drivers working to adjust brightness, though.
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    XFX 5850 w/ Apple 24" LED

    It's not an ATI driver issue. I use an Apple LED Cinema Display with my 4890.
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    Left 4 Dead Demo Released

    Its awesome, playing with friends is incredible, and Zombies are funn!
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    fallout2 vista

    Apparently just my machine. There's a limited group having some crashing to desktop issues with Fallout 3. They seem to be sound related, theres a thread in games about it.
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    fallout2 vista

    Fallout 3 however, does not. That means I'm sticking to Fallout 2 for a bit longer :). Hopefully Bethdesa can patch their way out of this one!
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    fallout2 vista

    I've got it working just fine, but I bought the version. I'm not sure if vanilla fallout 2 will work, but I'm having no issues on Vista Ultimate x64. Just finished a play through, in fact.
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    Here we go again....

    From my experience, Crysis is very sensitive to overclocks. Are you running any overclocks at all? I generally get nvlddmkm messages when my memory is clocked too high, artifacting when my shaders are clocked too high, and crashes when my core is too high.
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    EVGA UV Plus+ Demonstrated

    This is a very impressive device, I just wish it was a hair cheaper. No DVI for my eeePc. :(
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    So I purchased my 1st ever ATi card...

    Welcome to the ranks of buying whichever card is best at the time! I've gone GF2 -> GF4Ti -> X800 -> 8800GT. Just get whats best for the money when you want to upgrade! Thats ATI right now!
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    Buzzing from 8800GT XFX Alpha Dog

    I could be coming from your power supply as well, but only triggered when your GPU draws high load. My older machine had a PSU that would buzz or whine when I had an 8800GTS in it, it got quieter buzz with this 8800GT. Now that it has the old X800XT in it, it doesnt whine.
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    Is GTX260 more future proof than 4870 due to 896 mb memory?

    If you are gaming at high resolutions with high AA, yes they do. This is only an issue though with 4870s in crossfire. These CAN run out of memory because they have the power to push high res and AA. GTX 260s could end up being equal to 4870s in crossfire when SLI scaling gets a bit better...
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    Sub-$170 budget card

    4850 YEAH! Don't mess with the BIOS its touchy.
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    Golden Age of PC Gaming is coming back this Fall

    Don't forget this, its looking incredible. This could steal some of Starcraft 2's thunder if people are open minded.
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    [smoking] 4870x2 @ for $469.99

    Oh good lord I want one........ but can't justify it. Crossfire still can't multi-monitor, right? :(
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    GTX 280 w/ 500W PS

    With the rest of your system, I would say that you need more PSU. I'm not very familiar with Enermax, are their good power supplies? If you were on a leaner system I would say go for it, but an OC'ed quad and 2 HDDs may already be pulling some power. Do you have a way to check your current...
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    GRID, what Controllers

    360 controller is pretty awesome, and works amazing with Vista. You can even play minesweeper with it, and get rumble!
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    Antec Sonata III w/ Earthwatts 500w PSU $80

    Hey, that IS my cheap-ass sub $500 rig!! Thanks to Fry's for their awesome sales, except I had an 8800 from before and got a cheaper harddrive.
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    Difference Regular and Black Edition?

    Except for the 6400+ Black Edition. Locked multiplier, but its not like it really can go any higher than 3.2. My friend topped his out at 3.5 into windows, and 3.3 for actually stable. :p
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    Red Alert 3 beta now open to Fileplanet subscribers

    This is MUCH more RA2. Its cartoony, fun, has crazy units, and well balanced. Also 3 sides, and the Japanese are hilarious.
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    Audigy 2zs ruined Mass Effect for me

    My creative experience has left me never buying another sound card from them ever. I fought my Audigy 2 ZS a long time in XP, finally got it only crackling occasionally, and then when I tried to pull it into my new rig all hell broke loose in Vista. Its now in an ESD bag somewhere.
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    Antec Sonata III w/ Earthwatts 500w PSU $80

    This is a great case for cheap. I grabbed one from Fry's on July 4 for $50 after $30 MIR, and its been great in my new build. The second fan gets better airflow, but an 8800GT barely fits. If 4850s are longer (I'm not sure, the 8800s were pretty long) you may not be able to put the 2nd fan in.
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    Dell "E" Netbook release?

    I got an eee 701 for $400 right when they came out. Its been good to me, but I'm now tempted to sell it for whatever I can get and move up to the 1000 or 1000H. The batteries are important guys.... keep in mind that Asus doens't use these cheapo 3-cell batteries in their netbooks.
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    Need List of All Black edition AM2/AM2+ CPUs

    Just a warning guys, the 6400+ BE does NOT have an unlocked multi. Watch out, OP.
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    Red Alert 3 beta now open to Fileplanet subscribers

    This is really a great game. I'm shocked at how promising the balance and pacing of it is. I've been looking for my RA2/YR disks so that I can have an RA2 LAN before RA3 comes out! Of course, I remember I had to fight RA2 to get it to run on XP, let alone the Vista x64 that I'm on now. D...
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    Does AMD have an answer to Nehalem?

    AMD will be competing on LOW prices and low power usage. Hopefully we'll see their power consumption get down to Penryn levels with their 45nm shrink. If they can get their chipset / CPU prices low enough I may build a server box around AMD.
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    Top 5 games your currently Playing

    1. Red Alert 3 Beta (Best fast RTS multiplayer I've seen, what C&C3 should / could have been) 2. Trackmania (This game rocks, dont knock it till you've tried it. Much of the game is free on steam) 3. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (Waiting for a friend to get good enough to beat me) 4...
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    Nehalem to become Core i7 processor

    The extreme edtion better be called the Core i7 0Wn5
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    Warm? Q6600 for 170 @ the egg! Free shipping!

    This Q6600 is still the quad to get by miles for price/performance. It clocks higher than most Q9450s, and costs way less. I've seen it at 180 a lot in many places, $170 is warm!
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    am i the only one that thinks achievements are dumb?

    I enjoy the stupid, random acheivements, it spices things up when you get them without trying. I don't think acheivements should be as common / desirable as they are. I like competition to be better at the game, not to get silly acheviements.
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    Finally got smooth UT3 lol

    Yeah! I got out of UT3 on my 4200+ X2 because the performance was terrible even with my 8800GT. I upgraded to an E8400 and 4GB memory, and haven't gone back to UT3. I'm gonna check it out again tonight!
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    Are there any 24" mid end monitors that aren't a power hog and blast furnace?

    I have a Sceptre 24" cheap-ass TN panel, still 1920*1200 though. Pulls 30W at maximum brightness! (Measured using a UPS not a cheap kill-a-watt).
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    When is Nvidia going to fix their flat panel scaling?

    When I get home I'm going to check what drivers I'm using that work. I correctly get the black bars on both sides when I'm playing 4:3 games. I may be able to get you a driver number that will work. :)