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    FS: Red Harbinger Cross Desk

    Bump and a price reduction.
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    FS: Red Harbinger Cross Desk

    I don't mind shipping it. It needs to be crated to be delivered. If you can figure out the logistics, I would do it.
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    FS: Red Harbinger Cross Desk

    Unfortunately I am not.
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    FS: Red Harbinger Cross Desk

    Thanks for the replies. Bump again with lower price.
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    FS: Red Harbinger Cross Desk

    $350.00 (or best offer) - I am moving and it cannot go with me. Local pick up only. Zipcode: 14506 Find more information about the desk here: Desk is in mint condition. I added a keyboard tray. Comes with all the original...
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    FS: CaseLabs TH10 Double Wide Case

    Changed price to $100 dollars plus shipping.
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    FS: CaseLabs TH10 Double Wide Case

    Up for sale is a CaseLabs TH10 Double Wide PC Computer Case. The case is in excellent condition. I have the original shipping box. $100 + shipping (ships from 14506). Will confirm price of shipping with buyer. Paypal accepted. I have pictures upon request. Case Labs Double Wide Case: Case...
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    Project: - Mirrors Edge [COMPLETED]

    Nice work. Love it.
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    Tri 480 GTX to AMD 7990

    I am looking for advice. I game on a 30" monitor 2560x1600. I am currently running 3x480 GTX video cards with water cooling. With the prices of the Radeon HD 7990 coming down to $550 or so, is the upgrade worth it? Just a FYI, I would also water cool the 7990. Thanks.
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    Motherboard Options - x58 to z87?

    I currently have a Rampage III Extreme with a Core I7 930 overclocked to 4.4ghz with 3x 480 GTX. I am thinking about upgrading to a z87 motherboard with an I7 4770k. I would love some help with my selections. First, is it really an upgrade? Second, which motherboard would be best for the...
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    Rampage III Extreme 480gtx not recognized

    OK here is my situation. I have the Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard with dual 480 gtx graphics cards. If I put either of the 2 cards into pcie slot 1, they will not get recognized, meaning my monitor will not get a picture and just cycles saying no input detected. If I try either of the...
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    Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi Res setup questions?

    I have a Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 150 reservoir. My question is, what is the correct way to hook it up for inlet and outlets? There is a long silver port, is that an inlet? There is a plug with 2 holes in it, anti-cyclone? Where does that go? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    FS: Samsung 305t 30" Monitors

    Bump again
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    FS: Samsung 305t 30" Monitors

    They are really amazing monitors. They look brand new. Thanks for looking at the listing and commenting.