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    Studios Blame Rotten Tomatoes for Ruining Summer Movies

    Did you really just say "I know I should keep my mouth shut before I see it, but Wonder Woman’s Certified Fresh score has the stink of SJWs all over it."? It couldn't possibly be because it is a good movie and people like seeing a women driven and directed movie? A movie staring and directed...
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    CIOs Have Stopped Fighting the Cloud

    For those who say it is cheaper to host locally, your not doing it right. AWS offers lots of data storage options, monitoring, etc. so that you can tailor your setup to reduce cost. I also doubt you are taking into account utility, equipment, backup, and manpower costs. For most small...
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    Apple Pledges $1 Billion on Manufacturing Jobs in the US

    Automation. They don't have to hire actual workers to claim American made products. I am sure they would love to see lower corporate tax breaks, but like when Reagan was the Pres, lowering government revenue so drastically doesn't work and even if they somehow manage it, will have to reverse...
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    Apple Pledges $1 Billion on Manufacturing Jobs in the US

    People need to stop making the ridiculous claim that Trump has anything to do with this. Apple isn't going to change anything due to what that blowhard says. They only answer to shareholders and market economics. They see a path toward more money, simple as that.
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    The Windows 10 Creators Update Is Now Live

    My laptop has annoyingly reset the brightness to 50% after every reboot since this update. I did some digging and then found out a lot of my power options are getting reset. Adaptive brightness keeps getting turned on, my Wifi power settings seem to change at random, and the default brightness...
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    My First Virtual Reality Groping

    This. The comments here lead me to believe none of you are married, or have kids, much less daughters. Justifying behavior because it is on the internet and telling women to GTFO is ridiculous. If I found someone doing this to one of my girls, virtual or otherwise, I would hunt them down...
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    Cox Denies Liability for Pirating Subscribers, Appeals $25 Million Verdict

    But in any case not involving the internet, you don't have to let the police in if they don't have a warrant. This ruling sets the precedence that publishers merely have to accuse a user and report them to the ISP's to have their service stopped. They like it this way so they don't have to pay...
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    Self-Healing Fabric That Can Repair Itself

    What happens when it decides to heal into your skin or hair? Like said above, how would you wash it. Sounds like a cool idea until you actually use it.
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    As Gamers Age, The Appeal Of Competition Drops The Most

    I can definitely attest to this. I do think there are other factors though. At 36 I work full time, have kids, am working on my Master's. I don't have the time to play enough to be all that competitive. The only game I still play that is competitive is CS:GO, and that is mainly because I have...
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    Severe And Unpatched eBay Vulnerability Allows Attackers To Distribute Malware

    Quit using eBay last year due to the ridiculous fees. For how much they take off the top of a sale, there is no reason these types of issues shouldn't be fixed. I am also surprised eBay, Amazon, and other seller sites don't see some kind of government crackdown on this. They all charge the...
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    Electric Vehicle Sales Fall Far Short Of White House Goal

    I actually think the opposite case is more prevalent. My daily commuter is a Toyota Yaris, due to the phenomenal gas mileage. My wife drives a CRV (she carts the kids around). I can't tell you how many times I have had these silly hillbilly truck/suv owners come up to me and laugh and ask why...
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    Poll Sponsored By Charter Says Charter Is Great

    Haven't had many complaints with Charter over the years here in St. Louis as far as qualify of service goes. They have recently upgraded service twice in the past two years from 30 to 60 to finally 100Mbps. I think the price is artificially high, but when AT&T is your only local competitor...
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    A Virtual Tour Of The USS Enterprise-D

    How would they get the cameras around if it was smaller? All the shots would be close up angles! (I know, realism buzz kill.)
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    Former Mt. Gox CEO Charged With Embezzlement

    Lucky him it is only Japan. They are not known for their prisons. Will probably be a field day even if he is prosecuted.
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    eBay Sends All Your Information To Any Bidder Who Asks

    Ebay's fees have bordered on ridiculous for the last few years. All of these online auction sites including Amazon rake in money for acting as an intermediary. I find a little legwork selling on non auction sites has been a better deal for me. So much so that I have recently closed my Ebay...
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    Don't Buy A Steam Machine

    The only way Valve could get me to buy a Steam Machine is to bundle HL3 with it. No HL3, no buy. Your move Gabe.
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    U.S. Plan to Cede Internet Domain Control on Track

    This is one of those issues that cracks me up. All the proponents for limiting government control of things are asking for the government to keep control of something. You can't have it both ways you crazy right wing government hating dudebros!
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    Inside The Post-Minecraft Life Of Billionaire Markus Persson

    Nah, islands are bad with the whole warming/rising oceans. Would much rather have a mountain hideout.
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    FCC Votes To Protect Net Neutrality, Reclassify Broadband

    What a joke. The ISP's are the problem. They hold a monopoly that allows them to make up to 99% profit. If there was actual competition, Title II wouldn't be necessary. Right wing stooges have brought the gov't bad bandwagon again. Thankfully for once, the majority of people aren't getting...
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    2014 Couldn't Escape Slumping Game Sales

    I stopped buying PC games at retail when they all started requiring Steam installs anyway. What is the point of buying the disk when it can never function as a standalone game. When I want something new, I always check GOG first. If they don't have it, I wait for a Steam sale. The great...
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    GTA 5's Misogyny Must Be Addressed By Its Creators

    Fixed. It is funny that you point the finger at "liberals" when it tends to be the religious right who gets up in arms over this. Us "leftists" are just trying to have a conversation, not start a "War on Videogames".
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    GTA 5's Misogyny Must Be Addressed By Its Creators

    It doesn't matter that I don't let me daughters play these games, it matters that as a society we view that the actions in these games are okay as entertainment. Again, I am not advocating banning this material or forcing someone to change based on my beliefs, I believe in freedom of choice. I...
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    GTA 5's Misogyny Must Be Addressed By Its Creators

    Reading this thread makes me scared for humanity. I think what most of you are missing is that activities like this in a game do desensitize children to violence, but then again so do movies which is why I parent and don't let my daughters play these games. Though in the end don't think as a...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Have 16 Free DLCs

    It might ring hollow if CD Projekt Red didn't have a history of providing updates and add on content for free on the two previous games. Not once have they charged more for content on a game they have released.
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Have 16 Free DLCs

    I stopped pre-ordering games back during the first Xbox days. Never thought it was worth it. Witcher 3 I pre-ordered just on principle alone. These guys are gaming gold right now. They like making games and they don't nickel and dime their fans. This is one of the two primary reasons I buy...
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    U.N. Panel Reaffirms That Climate Change Is “Irreversible”

    I usually try to avoid these articles because of this. Scientists are no longer debating global warming, only politicians and religious fanatics are. The real problem are there are too many politicians and religious fanatics. My solution would be mass sterilization, but that would get all the...
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    People Trust The NSA More Than Google

    The difference being that Google isn't mining your info to gather evidence for prosecution, at least not yet anyway.
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    Michigan Joins List Of Tesla-Hating States

    Good job spitting out republican propaganda and union stereotypes. Most of my family including cousins are union electricians or truck drivers. 1. Union workers are hard to get rid of because they are hard working and stick up for each other. Would you rather they disband so corporations...
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    Get Dragon Age: Origins For Free

    Their verification email system....
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    Get Dragon Age: Origins For Free

    What is wrong with origin.... There verification email system hasn't worked properly in half a year. You can't back up your purchases. (This is a problem with Steam also. Thank you GOG for spoiling me.) Downloads and updates are slow and regularly stall out where Steam and GOG are...
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    Why So Many People Are Watching Twitch

    With two (amazing) kids and full time work along with doing another degree, I barely have enough time to just play games. Aside from that, I don't think I have the patience to just sit there and watch someone else play.
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    Twitter Will Delete Photos Of Deceased Unless Its Newsworthy

    My brother is a Ferguson police officer and pictures of his child ended up on twitter when the riots started with threats being made. We contacted Twitter and they said the postings fit within their guidelines. If unauthorized pictures of a minor fit within their guidelines, who is actually...
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    Intel Discloses 14nm Manufacturing Process Technical Details

    Quoted for truth. This combo in a nice 13 or 14 in laptop would make for some awesome portable gaming.
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    2014's Starting Salaries for College Tech Majors

    Quoted for truth. I have a CS degree(actually dual major in both International Business and Computer Science). The accreditation ABET or whatever the acronym is mandates I believe a minimum of 36 credit hours of pure programming. I call BS on the original poster having an accredited CS...
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    Amazon Halts Preorders of Some Disney Movie Discs

    Having a three year old daughter, I can definitely say that Disney is ridiculous with their DVD pricing. This is exactly the reason I don't buy Disney films for my little one. Disney's loss. I don't usually support Amazon, especially with the book thing because I do feel they are pushing the...
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    AMD Announces New A-Series APUs

    Where can I actually buy one? I have been waiting for these to pop up on Newegg, but I haven't seen most of what AMD has announced actually hitting stores, especially these 45W/65W desktop processors. I want to support you AMD, but stop with the paper launches. Your pissing of even your long...
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    Crytek In Financial Trouble?

    I am not sure I understand why this would have a huge impact on Star Citizen. Yes, engine support would be non-existent, but I imagine that they now have enough experience with it to at least produce a working game regardless if Crytek is still around.
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    Steam vs. Everyone Else: The Best Gaming Deals?

    I pay more and get every title I can on GOG just for the no DRM factor. I only buy games on Steam when they are dirt cheap. I only own one Origin game, Mass Effect 3. The DLC prices are such a rip-off for that game, it has completely turned me off to that service.
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    Official Destiny E3 Trailer

    A PC release of this would be nice or I will just pick it up for my 360. It isn't anywhere near enough for me to shell out $400 dollars on a new console that I would much rather put into my PC.
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    Official Destiny E3 Trailer

    That was my thought also. Even the way the characters moved, the lighting. Their staff must be reusing and reworking a lot of the Halo assets. This could go either way. Halo had fun co-op. That was the only reason I played it as the story lines were pretty mediocre. Though since this...