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    The best $10 I ever spent.

    I remember getting the 40$ orange box and it had like HL2, DODS, CSS, TF2, Portal and a bunch of stuff, I don't even remember. I've gotten years of playtime out of TF2, CS, CSS, DOD, DODS. I still play DODS here and there. Valve is still great at making games that people still play years down...
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    Need to shoot some macro photos

    I'm glad it helped! Yes, the macro tubes you posted are fine, they're the manual focus ones (meaning they don't have the little connectors for electricity) so they cost less. The only down side if you'll need to focus and expose manually, so if you're not super used to that, you can always...
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    A Picture I Took 2014 - Contains NSFW Images

    These were shot using a Nikon D5100 (crop camera) with the following lenses: 18-250 mm Sigma lens: 10-20 mm Sigma lens: 70-300 Tamron lens + macro extension: 50mm lens + macro extension: Inverted 18-55mm lens:
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    Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens Lightsaber

    In case anyone's interested, here's a 3D animation I made with an updated design of the infamous lightsaber from the latest Star Wars trailer:
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    Need to shoot some macro photos

    This might be a little late but I have lots of experience with doing Macro for cheap. Here are your best options for any DSLR (I use Nikon but this applies to Canon as well) for the least money in order of what I would recommend, but first, here are some small samples of the results you'll...
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    Silly 1440p question

    Hi there. Unfortunately, that is not the case. When playing any 3D game, the 3D items will remain the same size relative to your screen, but the screen will just use more or less pixels to display them. The only difference you will notice is more pixelated edges and larger pixels, but since...
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    I agree. Lots of people are gay and just fit in normally. They're not kept out of any conventions and lots of anime conventions are full of gay why have your own and stand out/alienate straight people? If any place was called "StraightCon" it would get 0 funding and sponsors...
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    Microsoft Apologizes for "Big Boobs" Coding Gag

    Someone explain to me how the words "big boobs" out of context are offensive and to who. I guarantee you none of the over-sensitive s who would find the word "boobs" offensive has ever seen it in the code or would have any idea how to find it. Shame on Microsoft for apologizing instead of...
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    mkv premiere pro? mkv => dv avi?

    Use uncompressed if you want no compression. :P "Super" is also a good free converter which works with practically all knows audio and video formats. Also, more info from Wikipedia: "Software support A range of software has native Matroska support. Those include media players such as...
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    Talking On Phone While Walking = Bad

    Doesn't beat the guy texting while walking INTO A BEAR! hahaha
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    How Do You Convert a Movie to 3D, Anyway?

    Cause people are naive and don't mind paying full price twice for the same product, lol. 2D to 3D is as simple as applying a filter in Photoshop unless you're actually re-shooting everything using a 3D camera (which has 2 lenses and records two streams, basically like the left and right eyes)...
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    Violence Warnings on Video Games May Harm Free Speech

    Forget free speech, that is just a blatant lie! Games are millions of times less likely to cause violence or aggressive behavior than eating or speaking. Writing that smoking can cause lung cancer on cigarettes is perfectly accurate, but you can't just make shit up.
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    Walmart To Let Cash-Only Customers Shop Online

    Maybe they meant 0.2%...there's no way people have no bank accounts, I don't think I've ever met anyone over the age of 16 who doesn't have at least one.
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    What ever happened to unreal 3 engine?

    Every style of visuals you see in any game currently out is doable in the Unreal Engine 3...Download the UDK, import a HL2 map and it'll look exactly the same if you use the same textures and lighting. The engine has nothing to do with the art style developers go with, it allows you to do...
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    Hollywood's Gentler Post-SOPA Strategy

    They can start by not calling it theft, lol.
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    Free video editing software that is downloadable

    Windows Movie Maker can do that and so can all video editing programs. Just make sure when you edit someone else's video of Youtube will Trim your account. :P You need to own the rights to the videos you upload or they'll get blocked and you'll get banned after you do it 3 times.
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    Hot: 42" LG 42LK450 LCD. Makes Perfect PC display with 4:4:4 support $449 Free Ship

    I got the higher end model of this one with which is 120hz, 2.4 ms, 150k:1 contrast and it's great for movies. You can turn the picture smoothing to High, Low or Off if you find the super smooth animation "fake". That's because it smooths 24 fps movies and makes them 60 or 120 fps, so they...
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    How Louis CK Is Spending That Money

    I'm really happy for Louie, he's a great guy and he's smart. He doesn't just tell jokes, he likes shooting and editing video so he did all the editing and planning himself. He sold it this way to cut out companies like Ticketmaster who take a big chunk of ticket sales, have Ticketmaster-only...
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    Trillion-Frame-Per-Second Video

    The bottle one wasn't CG. Of course they can do a trillion, they're only recording one pixel in height! For anyone who does high-speed shooting, you know that the faster you shoot, the more light you need and the lower the resolution gets. They simply record one line of pixels each shot...
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    4k screen for $11k

    Yeah it's the next thing since the Red and other new digital cameras shoot at 4K already. Super expensive TV right now but they'll be mainstream in a few years. I think once the new consoles come out, hopefully with 4k support, they'll become pretty popular.
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    Fastest speeds in the nation. Now What?

    A year old, but yes, it's very fast, how did it turn out? Wouldn't this be faster than most hard drives can save at? I think it would just be limited to 40-80 MBps or whatever your drive can do anyway
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    Norwegian Retailer Pulls Violent Games in Wake of Attack

    Oh and let's also ban all television sets, all movies and TV shows, shoes, clothing, food, computers and paper, since he used all of those. Clearly they turn you into a murderer! Protect the children at all cost!
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    Norwegian Retailer Pulls Violent Games in Wake of Attack

    You know who else played WoW and CoD4? Tens of millions of people who've never shot anybody. Clearly violent games make violent people since 0.0000001% of gamers have shot people. Smart move.
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    Toyota System Can Sense Pedestrians

    Awesome. Some companies like bragging about their crap and calling it a world's first before they even sell one car that uses it...meanwhile, other companies have been selling them for years and just kept quiet about it.
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    Toyota System Can Sense Pedestrians

    They did, they're called eyes and ears. :P People shouldn't be given more devices in order to be stupid and unaware of their surroundings, they should just be more careful.
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    New Report Suggests Battlefield 3 to Bypass Steam

    Boy EA sure cares about PC games and I'm sure this won't be a typical console port like everything else out there. :rolleyes: EA is just doing everything in its power to be able to say, "see guys, PC gaming is dying, that's why all our games are shitty console ports with auto aim"!
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    IE Wins Malware-Blocking Tests

    Yeah ok, trying looking at porn for an hour using Opera and then do the same in IE and tell me it's secure. :rolleyes:
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    Tribes: Ascend Also Going Free-to-Play

    Yeah that's where things are going. Gunbound did it years ago, League of Legends has been doing it and the second Valve started with TF2, everyone took this seriously and they're joining in. Valve knows about keeping clients and making money long-term with their games, unlike 99% of American...
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    Apple: Samsung Request Is Harassment

    Yeah the people at Apple really are a bunch of hypocritical dicks. They'll shuve someone then go crying home to mommy after they get shuved in return.
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    Apple Sued over Use of iCloud Name

    iLoveStealingNamesCauseIDontGiveACrap should be Apple's next product. What a bunch of assholes. They just go around using other people's name and ideas without even bothering to ask for permission. They really are the disrespectful bully in the industry right now. I can't believe people...
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    Hurt Locker Makers Suing a Record 24,583 People

    If it wasn't for the pirates 90% of the people who saw this movie would have never heard of it. Piracy is what spread the word for this tiny good movie. They really should calm down, most people who pirated it would not have spent a cent on it since it wasn't even our in theaters everywhere.
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    Music Beta by Google Full Walkthrough

    So basically it does exactly what the Zune HD did?... I can create playlists on the fly from any song (it would select similar songs from your Zune and online and make a playlist), I can see artist info and pics automatically, etc.
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    YouTube Copyright School Kinda Sucks

    Aweful. I love how Youtube's next 5 videos are ALL using other people's images and videos! Talk about hypocrisy! They post the "top 5 viral images"...made by others...and edited by Youtube then posted as their own. Real classy.
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    New Startup Shoots for the Moon

    Oh great, so now they'll give up pieces of useless rocks and charge more than they do for crystals because they're "Moon Crystals(TM)"! And then we'll have wars over who owns what part of the moon. Some company will just go there and claim 3/4 of it as theirs for no reason what-so-ever and...
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    Prepare to be Mooned Tonight

    I got home at 11 PM and filmed the moon since it was full and the sky was very clear. I really didn't notice a difference in size at all (from Montreal), it was just like every other full moon I've seen just a bit clearer. Usually I see a bigger glow around it cause of clouds. False alert.
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    CNN: Gaming Leads To Mental Health Issues

    This just in, kids who spend 30 hours a week playing Soccer instead of studying tend to do worse in school. Also, kids who spend 30 hours a week volunteering at homeless shelters instead of studying tend to do worse in school. And so on and so on... It really offends me personally when...
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    Bizarre Tech Job Interview Questions

    I think that if you answered "1" or took the time to think, it would show them what kind of person you are, how you think, etc. I don't think getting it right is the point of that question. I do like that for those software engineer/programmer jobs, they actually had math questions, because...
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    Steam Sale Saves Developer

    Valve just has it right. They're just about the only major developer right now which still realizes that free updates = sales. (Epic gave up on that long ago, although the free UDK is great) The guys are Nation Red and Killing Floor (one of them even replied to the article) are on the right...
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    Steam Hardware & Software Survey

    Oh my god, look at WinZIP dying away down there! Like half the people have WinRAR now. I remember the days when WinZIP was the big boy in town...but then file sharing got more popular and RARs took over, lol. uTorrent is really up there too, so we know what gamers are into!