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    The Age Of The iPod Is Over

    Agreed. Unless you are jogging and need something like an iPod shuffle, you're money would be better spent on a Fiio X3 as opposed to some other flavor of iPod for DAC/DAP for 200 bucks.
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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    ...and start running to put this suunto ambit2 I got for Xmas to good use.
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    Steam, Origin DDoSed?

    Nice excuse. ;) My colleague sitting next to me just used the same one to buy 6 games.
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    The First Zombie-Proof House

    This blew my mind. A zombie apocalypse used to genuinely scare me until I read this. Now, I kind of want it to happen just to see if this works. :D
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    Apple Sues Samsung For Copying iPhone / iPad

    What's next? Suing unicorns for being magical?!
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    Portuguese Government Using Honeypots To Catch Pirates

    Considering how the economy is over there, I would have to agree. We've got the CRTC over here and a stinky honeypot back at the motherland trying to police the internetz. Esta merda esta fudido.
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    Canada Minister Says Internet Billing Ruling Flawed

    Konrad Von Finckenstein gave everyone a good laugh trying to argue this nonsense last night. Teksavvy went back to selling their original services including unlimited. I don't believe this will be changing anytime soon. :)
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    Canada Imposing Usage Based Internet Billing?

    This pretty much sums up what's happening over at Teksavvy. Everyday hundreds of users were jumping ship from Bell over to us. Better pricing, no contracts, a 200G cap with our cheapest service proved to be more than fierce competition. To think this switch could be made with NO cost to the...
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    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year [H]!!!
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    CoD: Black Ops Most Pirated Game of 2010

    Just like reading about the support for FOV in black ops? I usually do some research to see if there is support, and then download it to be sure. FTR I have purchased those games that did offer it, even the mediocre games.
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    Canada is Most Web-Addicted Nation

    As an Teksavvy employee, I support this. :cool: No contracts or hidden BS. It is easily the best company I have ever worked for! /plug
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    Mystery Object of the Day

    Project Harp getting an upgrade would've been mine.
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    CoD: Black Ops Most Pirated Game of 2010

    I'll download a pirated game to see if the game offers native eyefinity support on my pc. I spent 60 bucks on Bioshock 2, a game that was released long after widescreen gaming was introduced. I was bioshocked when I realized there wasn't widescreen support.
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I need to look into something like this as an alternative to my ps3. Cinivia is becoming more of a pain with all these Sony Pictures releases these days. :p Thanks man!!
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Pulled the camero out of the garage to start it today, so I took a couple of pics. :D
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I treated myself to a fully loaded 2010 Camero SS this year.
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    UN Wants to Regulate the Internet

    You beat me to it. :(
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    25% of PC Users Disable Antivirus Software

    Is the hassle of blocking scripts and ads, starting task manager to end proccess, port forwarding, etc. really worth not having a simple av on your oc'd i7 box? Can you honestly notice it's even running these days?
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    COD Black Ops Eyefinity Support, yes or no

    I've been using Dopefish's Widescreen fixer and it works great. I'll roll the dice on this one...again.
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    AMD Radeon HD 6870 & HD 6850 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Great review [H], as always.
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    For someone just going Eyefinity (3x 1680x1050), 1x 5970 or 2x5870?

    There is a benefit in having the the extra 1GB when running crossfire cards at high resolutions. It's when the GPU's aren't as taxed that you can see the memory being utilized when you crank up your settings. This seems to be more the case at higher resolutions like 5760x1200 though. I'm not...
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    For someone just going Eyefinity (3x 1680x1050), 1x 5970 or 2x5870?

    I'm sure at some point there will be, even though it's been proven with the 5800 series that the extra GB is useless .
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    [H]elp Your Fellow [H] Reader

    #9 gets the vote.
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    Catalyst 10.9 Out and Now Available Through Steam

    I had a vague idea as to why this was happening. Thanks for the thorough explanation. I haven't had my DP monitor flicker on me in a a couple of days now so I'm thinking 10.4a is correctly adjusting the clocks. I'll probably end up modifying my bios at some point if there is a future driver...
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    Catalyst 10.9 Out and Now Available Through Steam

    My displayport has flickered and failed with every driver since 10.4a for me, 10.9 being the worst of the mess of drivers. I was beginning to think that perhaps my bizlink adapter was on its way out, but yesterday I reverted back to 10.4a and I haven't had a single flicker yet. The flicker...
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    iOS 4.2 beta 1 Released

    I haven't used iTunes in years, and since I bought this iPhone it's just like this. Every time I use it I need an update. I've never had a program update like this. It's worse than my AV.
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    Yay Buttons!

    I won't disagree with this at all. Although, there will always be times that the kids will be able to get away with playing these games or watching TV for hours. If I had a fat kid, I would buy them a Kinect instead of a PS3 so that if they do want to play, they can't sit for hours to do it...
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    Yay Buttons!

    I thought I was bad when I used to play WoW for like a day straight. :p I agree that you won't be able to play long sessions but I can see playing more than once a week. If your playing with a couple of friends and having to alternate turns might prolong these sessions too. I'm not putting...
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    Yay Buttons!

    That's the problem right there. Before gaming people were fit and much more active. I understand that things change and you should get with the times but more and more fat kids pop up these days who just happen to sit at home playing video games all day. Yes, you can control this and do these...
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    Favorite GPU you have owned?

    The 5850 brought me back to PC gaming. Eyefinity changed things.
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    Looking for a card for 2560x1600

    No, I flip between my eyefinity group and HDTV all the time. The profile manager has worked very well with me. There has been a couple of times the hotkeys didn't work, but was resolved with a reboot. Plus you can always access them manually through CCC if need be. If you're thinking of...
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    World of Warcraft Running On iPad—Streamed

    I didnt think you could ever be worse than wswswsadwswawad back peddling until now. This would be handy for the days you're running late and want to check your auctions, mail, etc. from work though.
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    Watch For Mysterious Data Usage On Your iPhone

    Maybe not quite their HQ. It's purely speculation, but isn't it almost always when it comes to the NSA? :D
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    If I got another 4850 could I max sc2?

    If Blizzard needs to patch it somehow to make it work don't count on anything for about a decade or so. :p My 5850 handles it just fine, max settings, 8x AA and 16x AF, and I get about 30-40fps avg at 1680x1050. I could give you a better comparison if there was eyefinity support, but that...
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    ASUS EAH5870 V2 STALKER Edition Video Card Review @ [H]

    Great review [H]. I have to agree with others that the release of this card is very late to the game. Any informed gamer would wait for the 6000 series release at this point.
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    GTX 480 SLI on water

    That's a tight setup. Nicely done.
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    Uber High-Tech Touch Screen Stove

    Besides being electric, this thing is a really cool concept. Using surface area to full potential, cooking many multiple items at once, never overcooking using the weight calibrator. This would be handy for big partys. You could get all your food on the table in one shot fresh off the...
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    ATI CrossFireX Application Profile 10.8a Performance @ [H]

    Is this becoming some sort of theme in this thread? How many people need to tell Spiko this?