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    Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious New Failure

    What. You don't have 200 txt files full of random PowerShell, Cisco commands, and other random scripts? What if you remember just one part of the command? Search is great for that. If it actually works like it used to.
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    Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious New Failure

    Actually that's all it needs to do.. Just end the current process so it can spawn with the reinstalled one that will magically work Though I agree with your sentiment lol, would be nice to just have a simple search built into the start menu
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    Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious New Failure

    There's actually an easy fix for this. Some PowerShell command that reinstalls cortana and all windows store apps. Then killing cortana in task manager and you can search again. Go to method 3, may as well reboot after
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    Threadripper 3990X 64C HEDT Outperforms Dual Xeon Platinum 8280 CPUs Costin $20K

    Comparing this to an Intel/esxi combo... Unless your on latest esxi with vsphere 6.7update3 using the better optimized performance mitigation kernel option, guess what happens when an Intel cpu is over 70% usage, you lose performance... 30% if you max the CPU out or 1% for each percentage over...
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    Optane persistent memory

    If you have an Intel cpu (certain models) and an m.2 drive using Intel optane drives there's an option to use some of it as system memory (tricks the OS so it sees it as memory anyways). Also supposedly it will survive a reboot and no data lost
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    Threadripper 3990X 64C HEDT Outperforms Dual Xeon Platinum 8280 CPUs Costin $20K

    This makes me want to toss all 5 Intel servers into the recycling pile, which still doesn't add up to 128 cores
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    CacheOut is the Latest Speculative Execution Attack for Intel Processors

    You also have to take into account any performance hit from additional software patches. For instance Chrome could have a different fix, vmware, Microsoft, sql server.
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    Intel Is Patching the Patch for the Patch for Its ‘Zombieload’ Flaw

    It's going to be non-stop whack a mole since they can't fix the original spectre vulnerability, supposedly the 10th gen series has a fix in hardware? Either way this won't stop until they end of life all of their processors
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    Cisco Appoints AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa T. Su to Board of Directors

    I really hope they come out with a 10k switch model with the 7nm+ Zen chips. The Intel processors they used for 9k was def a step up, but they are so loud (and heavy) compared to 3k models. Plus with all those threads the virtualized app space will be much bigger (you can run a lightweight...
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    Intel Drops PCIe 4.0 support for Comet Lake

    I wonder if ampere will be pcie4 or if they will somehow pass pcie5 specifications
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    Intel Drops PCIe 4.0 support for Comet Lake

    Supposedly it helps when your GPU has limit vram though that's only helpful for lower end cards or laptops
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    FBI: Nation-state actors have breached the US

    Okay, but you are still not understanding application whitelisting. Even if remote code is downloaded, de-serialized, or any other method, every file on every computer and it's hash value is given explicit permission if it's allowed to read, write, or execute. Changing a dll in any way will...
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    FBI: Nation-state actors have breached the US

    Why don't you actually read the exploit and see the list of dll's with associated sha hash It says quite clearly it's used to download other programs into the network or modify the dll. Guess what a whitelisting application could prevent? All of that.
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    FBI: Nation-state actors have breached the US

    Or just use a whitelisting program.. typically makes it near impossible to execute random dll's
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17, 2020

    Well it is a major title to support ray tracing, maybe they need to optimize for upcoming consoles
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    Bose is closing ALL retail stores in US, Australia, Europe and Japan

    I work at a company that sells bose among other things. If you were bose why keep maintaining expensive warehousing logistic systems when other places have 1-2 day shipping across the country with their own customer service.
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    MS update Tuesday: to fix an extraordinarily serious security risk

    That's very common and achievable with a level 2 & level 1 tech I would simply find the dism command needed to uninstall the patch, send it to all computers simultaneously and reboot. Or automate with a script if physical access needed to fix. Run script and move on. But agreed never blindly...
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    PSA: Windows 7 support ends tomorrow, Jan 14, 2020

    Well your company is either small or in the minority to get 100% of computers off win 7 and servers off 2008 r2. Perhaps you don't have a single legacy application, lucky
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    PSA: Windows 7 support ends tomorrow, Jan 14, 2020

    Except every single business & government agency. Also there's still 3 years of extended support if you pay the yearly fee or use azure vm's I have no doubt someone will find a way to slipstream the updates through shadier means, but yea "end of life"
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    Zuck: We’re going to get a ‘breakthrough’ in tech glasses this decade

    There's already a contact lens going through human trials that is able to recharge itself right on your eyeball
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    Videocardz: EVGA preparing GeForce RTX 2060 KO

    Very slow progress, bought a new msi 1070 oc edition for $260 before the insanity with ethereum started (open box discount)
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    AMD’s Lisa Su: ‘We will have a high-end Navi’

    At the very least it'll lower 2080 ti prices. Who knows when ampere will be out in volume and at what price point
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    Surface Book 3 - Intel stomps AMD

    Intel is still very much superior for laptops. Current AMD laptop chips are zen+ based since they will be one gen behind desktop parts. So you are not going to see the IPC gains that ryzen 3000 showed
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    Google Stadia Port Troubles Blamed on the Linux Kernel Scheduler

    Azure can be running anything. Any networking component runs in Linux, doubt MS has any say in that regard.. you'd be crazy not to use Cisco virtual routers (or any competitors virtual router/switch/firewall). Anything run in a docker... is using Linux. MS released PowerShell for Linux and...
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    Switch From Windows to Linux

    Pi-hole, install it on your smallest computer and shove it in a closet
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    Nvidia Ampere Purportedly 50% Faster Than Turing At Half The Power Consumption

    Supposedly they'll come out with 2080 ti super before these cards come out
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    Intel discrete GPU struggles: won't compete against NVIDIA or AMD

    I'm skeptical Intel will ever release a discrete GPU, it'll just turn into another AI chip of some sort.
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    Nvidia PhysX 5.0 Announcement

    Pretty sure AMD's FEMFX is also based on the Finite Element Model (FEM) Microsoft's updated DX12 features also come out in 2020 along with new consoles. Probably not a coincidence. Maybe they'll call it DX12.1?
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    Night mode could actually be worse for your sleep pattern, study finds

    Also blue light has a smaller wavelength, and therefore more energy. So it makes sense to filter out the highest energy source from going into your retina.
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    Night mode could actually be worse for your sleep pattern, study finds

    My phone has a tiny 1440p screen... Night mode is more for saving battery life. For actual night time use, blue light filter mode is better for your eyes.
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    Top six CPUs in passmark... AMD

    Wake me up when Ryzen 4000 exists
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    Core i5-10600 Pops Up In 3DMark: Small Clock Bump and Hyper-Threading

    Add a two and it might make sense.. i3 became i5 i5 became i7 i7 became i9
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    John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 to Release On Same Day

    Wow lots of keanu movies.. Also upcoming cyberpunk game
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    Researchers achieve quantum control of an oscillator using a Josephson circuit

    One day... How computers work will stop making sense to 99% of people Um.. LED lightbulbs are a result of "quantum tech". Also your phone, GPS, Wi-Fi. I'm just gonna stop at those. Another interesting fact... Einstein was German, and certainly not a Nazi.
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    AMD CPUs pass 20 per cent share milestone in Steam survey

    Yea.. Nobody buys processors because of Windows 10..dumbest argument I've heard. Even in OEM channels they stopped selling windows 7 a while ago now. Considering there's still not many designs based on Ryzen 3 from Dell and HP the rising costs argument is also moot. Businesses won't change from...
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    Team Group Releases T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4 Memory with Mirror Finish

    So basically you need to vomit led lights everywhere
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    Chinese smarter than everyone

    I don't see why you can't take shots and discuss the latest scientific papers :p
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    Core i9-10980XE Review Roundup

    What are you using instead of premiere?