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    FS: Lenovo P50 Thinkpad

    Tried PMing ya but no response...
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    McAfee Full Disk Encryption?

    He was somewhat of an independent contractor to my knowledge and it is his personal computer that he used for work. He used to work as a financial adviser so full disk encryption was required by his company. It's an Asus laptop, not a business class machine issued by corporate so I'm uncertain...
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    McAfee Full Disk Encryption?

    A colleague of mine has a laptop from his previous job that was encrypted with full disk encryption. He knows the password but the laptop itself died. He said he believes the encryption software came from McAfee originally but I have no access to the information due to not having the software...
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    FS: Motherboards, CPUs, Servers, Rack gear, and Networking Equipment

    Shipping from Tucson, AZ. Prices do not include shipping. All items shipped USPS Priority or Fedex depending on the item. Heatware is available under Coolrunnings. Prices are OBO. Payment through Paypal. Photos are available upon request and are taken before items ship. Please no thread...
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    I am interested. The other CPU fell through. How much for yours? Got any Heatware?

    I am interested. The other CPU fell through. How much for yours? Got any Heatware?
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    WTB: Windows 8 or 8.1 Pro

    [/COLOR]I need a single, unused license for Windows 8 or 8.1 Pro. It needs to be a fully legal copy, not a sticker ripped from another machine or some such. Need it asap. Please PM if you have one available! Thanks!
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    2U Supermicro Dual Socket 2011 CPU Server with 24 hotswap bays

    I am selling my high-performance lab server. Supermicro X9DR7-TF+ Motherboard. This is the highest end socket 2011 board out there! It has 24x RAM slots, supports dual v1 or v2 2011 CPUs, 2x Intel 10G network ports, and has an onboard LSI 2208 RAID controller with 1gb on-board cache. It...
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    WTB: Lenovo Thinkpad T420/T430

    Still in the market...
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    FS: Server + Home Lab Gear Switches, 64-128gb kits of RAM, Servers, etc.

    Sorry. Raid controller sold. Updated with new prices and removed sold items. BUMP!
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    Western Digital Is Trying to Fool You

    Had crap luck with green and blue series drives for years. Really like the blacks and some of the reds though.
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    Samsung Magician 4.8

    Works awesome for hyper-v guests on my workstations!
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    WTB: Lenovo Thinkpad T420/T430

    I'm looking for a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 or T430 that is in excellent cosmetic condition and has a 1600x900 screen. I don't really care about the hard drive (unless it's an SSD) or RAM because I plan to upgrade both. Looking to pay < $350 shipped... PM me if you have one for sale! Thanks!
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    FS: Server + Home Lab Gear Switches, 64-128gb kits of RAM, Servers, etc.

    Reclaiming my garage and selling my excess server gear! All is tested, known working, in good condition. All servers come with both sets of RAILs included. All prices are OBO but please no extreme low balling or thread crapping. If you see this post and like what you see, please bump! If you...
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    FS: Asus G75VW & Lenovo W530 Notebooks

    Bump for a great seller and an awesome W530. Thanks! Love the laptop!
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    WTB: Windows 7 Home OEM License

    I'm looking for an OEM Windows 7 Home License cheap. Anyone got one for sale? Needs to be legit and unused.
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    FS: 1366 mobo/cpu/ram combo + 64 core Server

    Bump! More items sold!
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    FS: 1366 mobo/cpu/ram combo + 64 core Server

    Added a bunch more server gear. Make my family happy: help me reclaim control of the garage!
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    x58 - SSD - CPUS - NICs - & Much Much More -- Clearing out entire office of gear!!!

    Bump for a good seller. People, check this before eBay!
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    FS: 1366 mobo/cpu/ram combo + 64 core Server

    Price drops! C'mon folks. Gotta pay some bills here! Make a deal!
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    FS: Quad 16c Opteron CPU/Mobo

    Oops, sorry. Didn't realize there were different rules for this section. Deleting my own thread here.
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    FS: 1366 mobo/cpu/ram combo + 64 core Server

    TTT. Prices are OBO...
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    FS: 1366 mobo/cpu/ram combo + 64 core Server

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    FS: AMD Opteron 6376 16 Core CPU

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    FS: 1366 Server motherboard/cpu/ram combo

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    64-Core 1U Server

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    Wanted: Some who can reflash a motherboard

    If you find someone who can successfully do this, please pass their contact info on to me as well. I don't have one needing this yet but really would like to have someone to call on when I do!
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    WTB: Macbook Pro 13 Mid-2010 Lid

    A friend of mine has a Mid-2010 Macbook Pro that's in nice shape but he just broke the screen and the corner of the lid is now severely bent. I'm looking for an excellent condition lid for a 2010 Macbook that includes the LCD and whole lid assembly. PM me if you have one for sale.
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    WTB: Macbook Pro 2011-2013 Model

    Looking for a good deal on a Macbook Pro 2011-2013 model with no dents, deformed aluminum, or major wear. Don't care about hard drive unless it's SSD. Looking for something in the $700 range + or - depending on condition, series, and what it comes with. Need it asap. PM me if you have one for...
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    WTB ASAP: Asus P8H77-M or similar MATX 1155 motherboard

    I'm looking for an Asus or Asrock 1155 motherboard. Has to be MATX. Looking in the area of $50 and needs to be guaranteed non-DOA in good shape. Also needs the io port shield included. Don't need a box or anything fancy. No interest in Gigabyte products. Need this ASAP. PM your price shipped to...
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    FS: Laptop Hard Drives 250/320/500gb

    Bump. Open to offers people!
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    FS: Laptop Hard Drives 250/320/500gb

    I have been replacing all the hard drives in my laptops and my customers with SSDs as of late and have accumulated dozens of fully working 100, 160gb, 250gb, 320gb, and 500gb SATA laptop drives. Most of the drives are pulled from Thinkpads. These usually have low hours on them and I test them...
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    LACP on ESXi 5.5

    I feel your pain there. Enterprise licensing sucks for those of us using these at home!
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    Samsung 840 EVO Performance Restoration on a Mac

    The last point was this. By default, Apple only enables TRIM on Apple-Branded products. If you install a 3rd party SSD in a Mac, TRIM will not function by default. There are pieces of software that modify the Apple kext (Kernel Extension) files to allow TRIM to function on a Mac. However, these...