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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    They're similar to WD Red NAS drives, not identical but close enough. I picked up 9 and now I want a couple more but they're back at $200.
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    Most of the BestBuy sales have been pretty short, I setup Slickdeals alerts for it, waiting for 8TB @ $130
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    Deal expired at 1pm EST I think.
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    Wargaming Seattle is Shutting Down

    A ton of my friends were working there, so it's sad to see them close down. Fortunately I've been told that they were given a really good severance package, even people in QA.
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    Google and Facebook are Already Accused of Breaking GDPR Laws

    Not going to happen, telemetry is essential to software development these days and is integrated into every single online service/app/whatever you currently use. And it's not stopping people from upgrading... I think the issues with the updates are a far bigger concern than telemetry. Steam...
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    Verizon Launches Startup Offering $40-per-Month Unlimited Data

    Is that really even LTE at anymore? I clocked my T-Mobile at 210/30mbps the other day (outdoors). I usually turn off Wifi because LTE is usually faster (I mean my home internet is only 100mbps!). T-Mobile starts throttling at ~50GB which I think is more than enough for cellphone usage.
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    Microcenter WILL SHIP DEAL! Inland Professional 480GB SSD $79.99

    Seems like most companies are still pushing TLC ... Samsung 970 EVO, WD Black, etc. Both of those being very fast drives... If you want speed, you shouldn't be buying a SATA drive anyways.
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    Microsoft Releasing New Xbox Game Controller for Disabled Later This Year

    This new Adaptive controller acts just like a normal Xbox One S controller (i.e. it uses Bluetooth or Proprietary Xbox Wireless protocols, and basic HID over USB as well). If people can manage to get the Xbox One S controller working on Linux ->, then they could make this Adaptive...
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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Changelog

    And their experience will be worse as a result, hence... still dumb.
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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Changelog

    Games in the 80's and 90's were written by a couple of developers and *do* have bugs (don't be naive). Console developers had the knowledge they were running on a single and unified device. Windows runs on millions if not billions of different hardware configurations. It would literally be...
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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Changelog

    Yes, diagnostic telemetry is exactly the same as Facebook's data mining (and sharing). You're so sweet to point that out.
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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Changelog

    You don't know what data your games are collecting when you are running them outside of a sandbox. Sony got caught installing rootkits for their stuff, FlightSimLabs got caught dumping Chrome passwords for "anti-piracy" reasons. Yet you still trust game devs to run un-sandboxed... UWP and AppXs...
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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Changelog

    So you trust game developers with your data more than Microsoft/Google? Better be safe and just unplug the Ethernet. Doesn't matter how many beta testers they have, or how much money they pay for them. Software is imperfect and written by humans. Shit goes wrong, telemetry gets it fixed faster...
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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Changelog

    You're missing out :) Literally everything you use connected to the internet has some form of telemetry. All those (internet connected) games you play *also* have telemetry. They also have more access to your system when run outside of the UWP sandbox. Telemetry is integral to internet...
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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Changelog

    It's reinstalling Windows OS components, but the rest of your machine will be untouched. They call it "in-place" upgrading. You can't downgrade from a newer version, but Windows makes a full backup of your previous install so it can restore if necessary. I use the insider program so I get new...
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    GameviewAR Lets You Watch AR Esports Replays

    Not even sure it's even a great idea, just finding an excuse to use AR. Who wants to sit around and watch games on a 5" screen and have to physically move the phone around to see different perspectives?
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    Go Big or Go Home Plex Server

    I realized I also replaced the original fans in the NORCO 4220 with some quieter ones. I live in a loft and the server sits in an open closet on the 1st floor. So there's nothing blocking the sound between our bed and the server. If it was stuck in the garage or some other closet I probably...
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    Go Big or Go Home Plex Server

    I also bought a Supermicro board w/ 2 5520s for pretty cheap. It came with some obnoxious 2U heatsinks that I finally replaced with some 4u Heatsinks from Supermicro and they are whisper quiet and keeps it < 60c under full load. Bought them from Supermicro directly (was actually the cheapest...
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    Go Big or Go Home Plex Server

    Remote access. I can go on vacation and access my PLEX server. Friends and family can access it from their homes with almost zero effort. Nearly every device has a PLEX app and they just make an account and I add them as a friend. I like it a lot, and felt it was worth the $150 for the lifetime...
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    New Tool Detects If Your PC Is Vulnerable To Meltdown And Spectre

    Windows 10 has the functionality built in via a powershell module... not sure how easy it is to grab/test on 7/8. --Accept prompt to install the NuGet provider if requested Win + X + A Install-Module SpeculationControl Import-Module SpeculationControl Get-SpeculationControlSettings --If...
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    Your Chromecast or Google Home Might Be Screwing Up Your Wi-Fi

    I should test this, I just bought a TP-Link AD7200 and a ChromeCast and my WiFi has always been spottier than my previous router. It works great after first boot (very fast speeds/low latency) but within a week or two the 5ghz will just completely shut off or there will be other intermittent...
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    Today only - Up to $200 off Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headsets w/controllers

    I'd say try it for yourself instead of relying on a handful of random reviewers making decisions for you. I can say none of those things are true when I used them, but that's also just my experience. I had more issues with Rift/Vive than I did with WindowsMR, which is why I already sold them...
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    Today only - Up to $200 off Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headsets w/controllers

    Should cancel and buy off eBay: They float around ~$250 for Dell or HP
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    Today only - Up to $200 off Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headsets w/controllers

    Why would they be not worth the price? Higher resolution, far easier setup, portable (can be used outside/in large environments without sensors), lighter weight, more options for comfort (some people choose different brands because they fit their head better). WindowsMR HMDs are supported on...
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    Used Rift or Windows mixed?

    Uh that's not true at all. I've played Space Pirate Trainer on SteamVR w/ an Acer HMD, I even played Robo Recall through Revive on an Acer HMD. It's just an OpenVR driver for WindowsMR headsets. SteamVR support is being released publicly next week: November 15th...
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    Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset

    They've already announced support for SteamVR (later this year), on top of having native MR UWP apps available upon launch. There's videos of people walking around outside with the Windows MR headsets, something you could never do with a Rift/Vive. One guy had a backpack computer and must have...
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    Samsung Officially Unveils $499 Odyssey Virtual Reality Headset

    Same underlying tech as HoloLens, so yes. Captured video is juddery because they give rendering priority to the HMD, it looks smooth inside the HMD.
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    do i need a microsoft account for gears of war 4

    How is it a closed platform? It's Windows, just like Win32 was. The main difference is now applications are sandboxed and have more restrictions on what they can access/do. This is a net-good for users. Appxs are just zip files, they can be opened up and modified like anything else on your HDD...
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    do i need a microsoft account for gears of war 4

    Why would you think using UWP means games have a built-in expiry date? Why would they be locked out? Because the developers stop supporting the servers? The same would happen with Win32 apps. Appxs are just zip files. They're not some scary voodoo
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    C++ Eclipse Question

    std::array is still on the stack, it just has added functions for convenience and won't implicitly decay to a pointer, but is no different (in memory) than a c-style fixed size array. You're putting too much data on the stack when you declare it inside of "main", so you're hitting a stack...
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    Some numbnut is injecting malicious code into my website. Encrypted code. Anyone able to decrypt?

    Doesn't look encrypted, looks base64 encoded though. Along with some charset mapping at the end (psuedo scrambling) I wrote a quick c++ program to unscramble it to base64, then used Base64 Decode and Encode - Online to decode it from base64 to UTF-8 Here's the pastebin: [C++]...
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    warm - LG 34UM95-P 34" 5ms GTG QHD UltraWide IPS Panel w/*Free TLoU PS4 bundle $900

    You wouldn't. It's just a bundle to get a discounted monitor or PS4 (sell off the other one). Or if you wanted both, you save ~$350.
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    warm - LG 34UM95-P 34" 5ms GTG QHD UltraWide IPS Panel w/*Free TLoU PS4 bundle $900

    They did this a couple weeks ago at $850 but for the 34UM94-P. That was significantly better deal (hope nobody buys this thinking it's the same thing). Difference between the 34UM94-P and 34UM95-P is the warranty. 94-P came with 3yr warranty, this 95-P only comes with 1yr warranty. Also the...
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    Website: Can I block access to all countries but the US?

    I'm not too familiar with web stuff. But I do remember something called a .htaccess file which let's you adjust these settings. I believe this is in the root of your HTTP server. So inside there you could block IPs you don't want...
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    Compile Error/Class Definition

    You forward declare LinkedList1, but you use it as a member object (not pointer/reference), so the compiler needs to see the full definition before hand (needs to know the size of the type among other things). Instead remove it altogether if you don't need it. It doesn't really make sense for...
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    Learning threading

    Well to be honest, multi-threading itself isn't difficult. Especially when there's no conflict of data/read writes like in the case of ray-traced rendering. You just create a bunch of threads for each tile/pixel you want rendered and they go off and do work. Because none of them should be...
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    General c++ linked list question

    You have to use not [\code] From what I can tell it's because your while loop tries to read in one more "node" even though it already reached the end of the file. So you should be testing for that with inFile.eof(). So in the end you end up with 1 extra node at the front of your list with...
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    Post Your Speedtest 2015

    $38 USD a month in Singapore, pay for 150/75. I could get 1000/500 for $40 USD a month if I wanted to sign a 2 yr contract but I'm leaving in a few months so no point. I'll be sad back in Seattle unless I find a place with a connection. The ISP in Singapore actually...
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    C++ and Linked List Question

    I was keeping it simple to demonstrate the most basic implementation of a linked list in C++. It sounds like he's a beginner, so no need to bring in templates, shared_ptr, weak_ptr etc.