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    FS 512gb Samsung 2230 nvme for Steam Deck pm 991

    Bump, price dropped
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    FS 512gb Samsung 2230 nvme for Steam Deck pm 991

    Bought this used on ebay around Jan 2023, a random listing. Has been flawless in my Stam Deck ever since but I upgraded to a 1tb. Comes as a drive only. Asking $35 shipped paypal.
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    FS: XFX 6900XT 319 Merc Black

    Bump and price lowered
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    FREE* blown up Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers (*just pay shipping*)

    The amp is in the main satellite speaker right? I think these kits can get these back on the road.
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    WTB-The Last of Us PC game code

    To be fair guys, this is remastered version of the game, so it's not the same old code base. Also AMD has free game with GPU these days for TLOU; so likely a lot of GPU buyers have a code
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    FS: XFX 6900XT 319 Merc Black

    This is a very nice card but it's too much card for me right now. Bought this maybe a month back off the forum and hasn't seen much use. This is the non xtxh model, which I found out is a good thing due to throttling issues in the newer revisions. Comes complete with box. Asking $470...
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    FS: XFX 6900 XT

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    Sold: Switch OLED - Flawless Condition

    BUMP and price drop
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    Sold: Switch OLED - Flawless Condition

    *SOLD* Switch OLED - white controllers with all boxed contents - crade/charger are even unused. Flawless condition with a glass screen protector since day 1. I hate to admit it but basically got into a Steam deck and never looked back. Asking 285 shipped. I take PayPal or Venmo or zelle.
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    FS Xbox One X 1 TB, Nintendo Switch and Ipad 7th gen + accessories and EKWB FLTs

    Sorry to interject, my brain hurts when reading this. alf is basically asking if the game is in cardtridge format or if it is tied to an account or on a card with a scratch off code.
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    Corsair AX850+15 cables (many unused) for parts or repair

    Corsair wouldn't warranty it?
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    Patriot viper steel 16gb ddr4 4000 B-Die + EK Vertical GPU Mount

    Bump prices lowered a few bucks
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    For Trade: RTX 4080 (Trade complete)

    Damn dude, I am in the wrong line of work
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    WTB Uncharted AMD code.

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    Patriot viper steel 16gb ddr4 4000 B-Die + EK Vertical GPU Mount

    Pretty nice affordable B-Die ram, downsizing so this can go. These are about 6 months old and are around $98 on the zon. Never overclocked, just ran out of box timing. Asking $60 shipped. PayPal g&s EKWB vertical GPU bracket, not gen 4, pretty sure gen 3?? It is used and in good shape...
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    WTB Cell Phone $130 to $150 shipped.

    TMobile Galaxy s9+?
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    Bump price drops
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    Sold: MSI GE66 Raider 15.6 1080p 144hz 11800H RTX 3070

    I got this laptop in a trade, it is a nice laptop but a few gotchas that I will disclose. Basic specs: Model is GE66 Raider 11UG-445US Manufactured 2021 / 10 Intel 11800H RTX 3070 8gb 1080p 144hz anti glare display All works great on it, speakers, webcam, can't spot any dead pixels. Comes...
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    Ok both gpus are still available.
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    Bump - 3070ti is pending; added Ryzen 3600