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    [WTB] laptop or tablet... and Small PC/MAC

    [WTB] laptop or tablet... and Small PC/MAC need one for my sister for her school use... her 16 years old Gateway M255 (max outed!) got to go! & Ivybridge NUC needs to die! [Laptop/Tablet] requirements: - Thunder bolt 3+ or full feature Type-C - 8th+ gen Intel or Mac - budget ~$200 ***...
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    [?] ASUS P7P55D + i7 860+ 32GB?

    i got 4x 8gb working with i7
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    problem with my coffeelake refresh build and performance issue

    i am currently in china and domestic boards are very cheap (Domestic means china brand, not taiwanese brand; ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte so on are TAIWANESE brand, hence, the carries higher price tag, think of VAT TAX, however, Domestic board are very cheap) my board is ONDA B365ITXSD4-ITX board, I got...
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    problem with my coffeelake refresh build and performance issue

    update! 1) it was the pcie extension cable that is the problem 2) PS3 emulation needs 8 threads, as result, even though i3 9100 is more powerful but i will need to get at least i7 9700 or better i7 10700
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    problem with my coffeelake refresh build and performance issue

    1st build coffeelake refresh from scratch ..... since haswell era.... ok... i have been rusty, last my last complete build was back in haswell era and now i ran into few problems... I have following: Intel i3-9100 Onda B365 DDR4 ITX DDR4 2400mhz 16GB x2 Nvidia RTX2080 TI for some reason...
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    nothing here

    I will take the monitor pc combo
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    [WTB] Apple TV 4K

    [WTB] Apple TV 4K let me know what you got!
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    FS:2 x 4TB WD Red Pro HDDs & Ubiquiti Edgerouter X

    I have a turion x2 iTX board been seating for way too long
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    [Quick Fire Sale] Xeon E3-1225v2 w/ Mobo and 16GB DDR3 ECC

    Sold let it die
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    [FS] lots of Ram, HDD

    Up and update counts
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    [FS] lots of Ram, HDD

    Kill this one
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    i thought T530 require 1.5V DDR3 Sodimm.. . i have either too
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    Tesla Model S Stolen with a Tablet

    wait until they need to charge it with super charger, it will be logged and tracked and disable through the charging port
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    [WTB] official apple lighting to HDMI adapter

    [WTB] official apple lighting to HDMI adapter I bought few 3rd party version, but the lag is way too much, tried the official once and lag is only 10ms
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    [WTB] iPhone 6S plus/7 plus maybe 8 plus

    [WTB] iPhone 6S plus/7 plus maybe 8 plus Let me know...
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    ($600 Shipped) Apple Macbook Pro Retina 2013 9.5/10 Condition - Female Owned

    When I see female own....first come into my mind is water damage/spill .. As most I repaired are female water damage... Same going to my wife and daughter...water damage goes hand to hand...
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    WTT: DDR3 for Raspberry Pi | WTB: SoC ITX mb & AM3/AM3+ Opteron

    I have avantech AIMB270 industrial ITX with i5-540m very low power
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    [WTB] 8GB DDR3 Sodimm

    Let me know what u got
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    FS: Fujitsu Lifebook P702 and 3 sticks of 8gb DDR3L SODIMM

    Do you still have the 8gb ddr3 sodimm?
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    [WTB] mobile Sandy bridge quad

    Let me know now...
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    Roborace Autonomous Hillclimb Run at Goodwood

    Looks to me they done the path planning prior test run.... With pre-planned map it more of virtual rail, I won't consider as autonomous vehicle
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    The Ryzen V1000 is Perfect for Gaming

    DP1.2 can daisy chain... now a day you dont need multiple physical RAMDAC per display... i have 6 screen daisy chain
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    KIller Robot Dogs Protect Your Loved Ones

    remapped 2D SLAM.... not impressive....
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    DONE - board for E5-2637v2 (or for sale E5-2637v2 +32gb)

    i wanna dip on that 4x 8gb reg DDR3!
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    Canada Facing “Brain Drain” as Young Tech Talent Leaves for Silicon Valley

    I am a Canadian and put this way, any engineering job in USA is always 20% to 40% higher pay in USA I worked in Michigan and pay is about 20% higher base on the number + 25%~40% exchange rate difference, you are looking at least 50% pay raise... Also much less tax in USA I am paying 64% total...
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    [WTB] nvidia GPU for 50$

    since my Titan died i have been relying on the HD4600 graphic... been 2 months now, cant take it anymore anyone has kepler or better for around 50$? i am located in Fremont CA, i dont mind borrow it for 2 weeks until i go back to MI to pick up my temporary card (GF650)...
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    I need 2x of those anyone have laying around?
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    Latest MacOS Update Disables DisplayLink

    DisplayLink product also includes usb3.0 monitors
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    [WTB] 3770S 3470S 3570K 47xxTE Haswell and Ivybridge with HD4x00+

    [WTB] 3770S 3470S 3570K 47xxTE Haswell and Ivybridge with HD4000+ i need low power cpu with HD4x00+ for both Ivybridge system and Haswell System
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    F/S: surface book 256gb with Nvidia gpu

    i7 or i5? what are the rest of specs? ...why not just posted on the 1st thread..
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    [wtb] ebay gift card

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    [wtb] ebay gift card

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    [wtb] ebay gift card

    let me know/
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    [wtb] quad core haswell cpu

    bump, i can use most of the xeon and i7 47xx (low power is fine)
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    [WTB] GPU Full height bracket/connector... VGA+DVI+HDMI/DP

    [WTB] GPU Full height bracket/connector... VGA+DVI+HDMI/DP blah... i just throw away a big bag of those for the single slot low end video card... and now i need full height bracket/vga connector... it can be : DVI+HDMI+VGA DVI+HDMI DVI+DP+VGA DVI+DP if you have that vga conenctor, great!