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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    I know what! Lol the Samsung series 9 that is close but not there, barely faster CPU but took a major leap back in the GPU department and oh no! it cost more.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    ^^ This, when I search around for the market that Apple has devices in, most of them dominate the market in terms of price, performance, battery life, build quality, usability and best of all weight and thickness. I search around for a thin, light, powerful 15" laptop, with great battery life...
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    Apple Refunds $100 To iPad v1.0 Owners

    I dont think anyone has. That and at the very least everyone one knows of the 1 year upgrade cycle while other manufacturers can do a month or six month release.
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    FS: Dell U2711s: $650 Shipped

    where do you get these geez.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    I do I believe it is the same or faster, because it uses the Cortex A9 eagle at its core, but no one is sure of anything yet because this will be the first device released I believe with the A9 correct me if I am wrong.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    Works perfectly well on my HD videos through AirVideo.
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    EVO Shift... Why?

    Would it matter right now out of a few games? I think android still doesnt have gpu hardware acceleration support so the evo shift would be faster would it not?
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    Google Pulls 21 Malware-Infected Android Apps

    Ha, most of these apps are obviously bad. Most of them are spelled wrong too.
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    The most efficient PSU on the market from Enermax.

    Man these 80+ Plat psus are really making me regret my purchase of my only* 80+ gold seasonic x-760...
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    The iPad 2

    I tend to agree. The Xoom looked like the end all be all of tablets for the next 6 months and I would gladly have put out $500 for it because it has FLASH lol. But 800 as the only unsub price is not my cup of tea. I can get a new core i7 computer for that price.
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    The iPad 2

    I asked in another thread but ill ask in this one too speculations or actual figures on RAM? If its 512mb I am going to smack them.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    Sadly same no bump. What I need to know is the friggin ram. My iPad has actually exhibited plenty of ram problems when running a few games.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    Anyone know how much ram? Didn't say in the engadget live blog.
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    The iPad 2

    Yes, honestly a $500-600 XOOM would do it for me. But they dont have one at the moment. Also I was expecting a April Launch not march, was going to sell it sometime this or next week...
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    The iPad 2

    I need to sell my iPad 1 lol any takers?
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    I was expecting at least some iOS updates. I still want to get the iPad 2 but I am kind of disappointed. At least they have WHITE.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    wow disappointment...
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    O.o steve jobs is at the event.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    I live in the now, HTML5 video is pretty sparse at the moment and I cant watch 90% of the stuff I want to with out an app or at all. Anyways I am looking forward to iOS 5.
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    Apple Slams Microsoft's 'App Store' Challenge

    Man people hating on the iPhone in the [H]ard|Forums is pretty wide spread. Has really no basis because I never had a problem with the iPhone 4 and it overall was a MUCH better phone than the evo. I have both so w/e. Anyways I do agree that app store is very generic.
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    Battlefield 3 Trailer

    It has a campaign this time I am guessing nice! Do want, havent had a good large scale FPS MP that I liked in a long time.
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    New iPad today what do you expect?

    I love my iPad and I just really want more memory and battery life on it oh and flash support that will never come. Typing thismpost on it right now. I will probably get the new iPad too as it is the only one reasonably priced as a wifi only device with great battery life.
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    FS: Verizon iPhone 4 16GB

    hmmmmm spend money on this now or wait for the iPhone 5. Or get both idk ill have to see.
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    AMD Radeon HD 6990 Details Leaked

    maybe but I dont have room for 4x 6970s in my case or motherboard.
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    AMD Radeon HD 6990 Details Leaked

    wow those slides at the end are crazy, stating nearly perfect scaling with 2x6990s. If that is true then I might just justify getting 2 of them....
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    Knighthood for Steve Jobs Blocked

    haha I agree, Jeremy Clarkson should be knighted.
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    Kingwin LZP-550 550W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Wow makes my seasonic X-760 jealous.
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    FS: Dell Ultrsharp 2408WFP.

    Bump! PMs replied to.
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    AMD Radeon HD 6990 "Antilles" Sneek Peek @ [H]

    I hope this is around $500 I can only hope. If it is I can justify the price and I will be buying it first day.
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    More T-Mobile USA Subscribers Flee

    When I had T-Mobile in houston it wasnt all that great that was 4 years ago, and I have since moved to a place where T-Mobile can't even get 3G. I tested Sprint, AT&T and Verizon last summer and Verizon won out, although more expensive at least I can use the damn service.
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    FS: Dell Ultrsharp 2408WFP.

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    Vega's Quad-SLI 3GB GTX580 sub-zero liquid cooled build

    good god even if I had the money I couldnt justify it. This is truly [H]ard.
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    The Life and Awesomeness of Steve Jobs

    I call shens. Show me because I spent a month looking for a tablet that cost $500ish and had better specs than the iPad where NONE existed. Seriously Galaxy tab is a freaking joke, and all the archos tablets please dont amuse me. XOOM cost quite a bit more for a similar specs except for the...
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    2560x1600 30" LCD vs. 2560x1440 27" LCD

    heh, I wouldnt have gone for a 27" if I didnt get such a good price for it.
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    More T-Mobile USA Subscribers Flee

    really not due to their crappy service? I had T-Mobile 4 years ago it was crappy then and still crappy now in the areas I am around. Not to mention they lie so bad on their commercials nationwide 4G my ass when they barely have 3G in many parts of Texas.
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    Nook Color Dead Pixels

    Ditto. It is unacceptable to me to buy a product with and LCD and have even one dead pixel. Specifically if it is a small device and I will be looking at it up close.
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    What games make good use of eyefinity?

    Huh did not know that. Yea I am having problems with my 24" 27" 24" setup because landscape mode on all three makes it really long and the view needs to be changed. I will try it out once I get back in town. Has PLP support been added yet?
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    Dell U2311H for $250, U2711 for $900 shipped [DELL eBay acct]

    Just saying if you needed a opinion. WorldExclusive is selling refurbished ones for 650 shipped. Insane price.
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    Dell U2311H for $250, U2711 for $900 shipped [DELL eBay acct]

    I recently got a U2711 for a great price and I can say that for the price I got it for its the best monitor I have ever bought.
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    Who here plays HoN?

    I wanted to get a list of people who play HoN on here that dont outright suck because I am quite tired of people who don't know what they are doing and ruin the game. But also want to play with some people on Hard. my sn: sgtcurry