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    Ransomware Encourages Victims to Subscribe to PewDiePie

    I think this jerk needs to change his name to "pigpie" but that would insult pigs, but so what?
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    Disney Completes Fox Acquisition

    The new Amazon of entertainment, and by the look of what the studio is producing, a soulless future will be enjoyed by all.
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    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    I would love to see the mega corps broken up. It's fairly obvious to anyone over 60 and not on the consumer path to glory and wealth, that the megacorps take wealth OUT of peoples hands. Things need to change or I will be supporting a hunting season on fat greedy corp executives. Bezos making in...
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    Yes, cashless stores should be banned. Cash will go by the wayside soon enough if current influences have their way, and that will be a sad day for the overpopulated planet ruled by those few with all the hard assets.
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    Tim Cook: Apple Is Working on Future Products That Will "Blow You Away"

    Personally, I'd like more assurance that there will be a future I can live in. I don't need to be "blown away" by more stuff, esp when so grossly overpriced.
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    Yahoo Trims 15 Percent Of Workforce

    I hope they get it together. The new home page is a dial down for the brain and their mail is effing up. Having had yahoo mail since it started and never having had a problem, ever, I am loathe to get another email address.
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    Mad Catz Chairman, CEO, General Counsel Resign A Day Before Earnings Report

    I enjoyed the rat 7, or was it 9, but they were not durable. I had the side buttons break too often.
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    Steerable, Motorized Cyborg Spermbots Take on Infertility

    If you think about it, I don't think the species itself would want those that cannot reproduce to now be able to. Adoption is healthier all around, but this is about wanting a particular product, and this looks like some more expensive science that can and will make it happen.
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    Former Google VP: Machines Emotionally Intelligent In 2016

    Gez, who cares about feeling machines. The rot at google are drunk on their vast wealth. Give AI a miss and remember that humans need involvement, especially now at this critical time when it looks like we'll topple ourselves off the top of the stack fairly soon.
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    What Should Yahoo Get Rid Of?

    the talking heads, all of them.
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    Leaked Fallout 4 Footage

    That capture looks like crap. My modded FO3 looks way better. Maybe I'll get it when it goes on sale.
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    Failing Infrastructure Endangers Drinking Water Systems Across US

    Once we were great, a nation for the people. We can see this is no longer the case, for a variety of reasons. The fact that infrastructure is not being addressed says only that taxpayer dollars are going into other pockets NOT benefiting the citizen. The future for the citizen looks miserable...
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    Microsoft Looking Into Windows 10 DVD Player App Problems

    I junked it after making 10 my permanent OS and deleting my old trusty 7 OS and it would not play a video from that moment. Using Power DVD for a month for free and waiting for Microsoft to give me a working player for free. 14.95 is bogus. I'd buy Power if I wanted to buy a player.
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    NY Health Insurer Hacked, Over 10M Possibly Affected

    The term "healthcare" in modern America is an oxymoron. It's not healthy, more like a large leech sucking the lifeblood from the working citizen. There is no care either, except by individual doctors and nurses whom the corp has disemboweled. Thanks to all the traitorous pols who made sure the...
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    AMD, Roy Taylor, the Nano, and the Press @ [H]

    I have been loyal to AMD when the cards were ATI. I have to admit I've been leaning toward the green team for a while now. I hate the proprietary tech from Nvidia, but AMD just seems to be foundering on real commitment, and then there are the constant driver issues which seem to point to big...
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    What Bill Gates Is Afraid Of

    we need that large decimation of the population for some sort of real future not like Neuromancer.
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    Oregon Changes Tax Rules to Lure Google Fiber

    Oregon, once an ecologically aware state is now living totally on it's rep. There's nothing there but money grubbing rot in office, just like everywhere else in the nation. Fuk those people who want to give a gazillion dollar corp a tax break.
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    Are Smartphones Making Our Children Mentally Ill?

    as I watch people on their smart phones the devices look more like shackles to me.
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    U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 Trillion Overseas To Avoid Taxes

    This should be a criminal offense, considered a betrayal to the nation. These assets need to be seized, but then government is so thoroughly corrupted that they to betray the nation and suck up to the corporate wallets like the traitors they are. Corporate values, eclipsing human values to a...
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    Foxconn Expects Robots To Take Over More Factory Work

    Now more than ever, with corp consciousness permeating human relations, we need to breed up and have that passel of kids watch the robots manufacture goods for the one percent.
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    Want Fiber? Do More To Get It, Google Exec Tells Cities

    Google has become just another new money cesspool of greed and lust for power. Typical. And how fast the corruption took over! Gotta love greed fueled capitalism.
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    Fortress Fallout Dev Receives Cease & Desist From Zenimax

    I think the title says it all.
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    Developer Won't Comment On The Order: 1866's Five Hour Length

    Depending on if the game looks good or not, I just wait. I paid full price for FEAR when it came out, bought it for $5 yesterday.
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    While I do not spend as much as I would like at Frozen CPU, these folks are top notch and I have always, without exception, been happy with their products and service. SAo glad they will be around still.
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    FAA Allowing Companies To Start Claiming Territory On The Moon

    I laid claim to the entire moon decades ago, before America ever landed on it. The contracted agreement was with the Almighty Himself, as He was the other party. The Hosts were witness. I have assurances that MY property will be vigorously protected from any corporate incursion. Everyone knows...
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    Microsoft Unveils Project Spartan, the Browser After Internet Explorer

    Does this mean "Spartan" like "no ads" or no huge space sucking design features? Just simple space waiting to be filled with my proscribed information?
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    Alien: Isolation - Video Card Performance Review @ [H]

    I wonder what the 780's and 7990's and a few other older cards would compare. it would be nice to see, even once on any site, an inclusion of older cards in testing. Not everyone can always stay current.
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    Larry Page: Google Has Outgrown 'Don't Be Evil'

    be big brother. like money a lot too.
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    Facebook Said To Be Near Launch Of New Ad Network

    more ads, exactly what is needed on this earth.
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    Bungie Leaving Disconnected Destiny Players Stranded

    The practice of putting out an incomplete product then "patching" it has become common practice. It's not really any different than say, buying a refrigerator with a freezer that only gets down to 42 degrees, but getting a coupon saying that, within a couple months, there will be someone out to...
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    Stephen Hawking: God Particle Could Wipe Out the Universe

    The garbage in Washington will wipe out the nation first.
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    Paedophile Snared As Google Scans Gmail For Images Of Child Abuse

    Fuk google. There are plenty of other ways of getting the pedo's off the street, but this goes to show you how huge money totally perverts normal humans. Fuk Google.
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    Hotel Fines $500 For Every Bad Review Posted Online

    That hotel is a dump, plain and simple.
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    Former NSA Director Wants $1M A Month For His Services

    This is why the guy got into government for in the first place, to increase his value to the private sector with glad handing skills and green grease distribution from the fat corp wallets. This is one reason whgy were a failing nation.
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    Yahoo Not Ready To Scoop Up AOL

    The title indicates what I will say to yahoo should they suck up that trash AOL.
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    A First-Person Shooter Unlike Any Other?

    this may be something, but what?