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    DDrescue help please

    Thank you both I've decided to wait (not much of a choice) and it is now @ 2,855 GB I'm guessing this is going to 3,000 or 3.072 ? Who knows what then ?
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    DDrescue help please

    Thank you both for your replies. I was following a tutorial that unfortunately didn't mention the 3rd drive needed for the logfile :( It's been 4 days and 2 of 3 tb have been recovered, however,that was done if the 1st 2 days. If it continues at this rate, it might take about a year for...
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    DDrescue help please

    Hello guys! I'm trying to copy data from a failing 3TB seagate drive (yes one of those defective seagate drives), using the following comand from a rescue disk: sudo ddrescue -v -r 3 /dev/sda /dev/sdb logfile 1: Where is the logfile being created / stored ? ( i didn't specify a 3rd drive as...
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    P8P67 Deluxe 2600K W7 64-Bit

    I though about the PSU, I'm using a seasonic beast, 1050W...I will see if I can get my hands on another Thanks for the suggestion Recently, I got a 7970 OC VGA, and really don't know if that's when the issue started....
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    P8P67 Deluxe 2600K W7 64-Bit

    Hello everyone! I've had this setup for 3 years now (I think) Overclocked @ 4.8ghz with anywhere from 1.295V to 1.330V maximum Never had an issue with it, until recently For about 1 month now, windows refuses to resume from standby I updated all possible drivers, moved the paging file...
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    WTB: Intel LGA 1155 Motherboard, I like Asus

    Hi! I'd like to buy an LGA 1155 P67 Z68 Z77 Motherboard I like Asus, hopefully a pro / deluxe model Shipped to NJ, ASAP Thanks!
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    WTB: 2600K > 4770K, AMD 7950 > RAM, Motherboard

    Got most things, just need the CPU now
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    WTB: 2600K > 4770K, AMD 7950 > RAM, Motherboard

    A few offers already, but nothing sure yet
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    WTB: 2600K > 4770K, AMD 7950 > RAM, Motherboard

    Done :) Thank you all! Hi! Looking to buy a 2600K or similar, would like a good overclocker if possible
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    WTB: Power Supply Good rating

    Got one Thank you
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    WTB: Power Supply Good rating

    I'd like to buy a good power supply for a server build, something efficient Mainly looking for something with @ least 4 sata plugs, 500 watts or less would do Shipped to NJ Thanks!
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    WTB: Radeon 7950

    Please pm me with offers...... Thanks!
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    WTB: Very CHEAP PCI-E low end card 4770, GT 210 /220 240

    I need something that can handle lots of club penguin, angry birds and the like. The current GMA 950 can barely handle this much intensity :) Thanks!
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    WTB: ATI Radeon HD 5850

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    WTB: ATI Radeon HD 5850

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    WTB: ATI Radeon HD 5850

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    WTB: ATI Radeon HD 5850

    Looking to add 1 more for a CF setup for use with Tridef 3D game play. I already have an MSI HD 5850 which can be overvolted / overclocked Shipped to NJ Please PM me...
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    6foot4geek's part sale

    Bump for a good seller!!!!!!!!!
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    What is the name of this theme or dock? Thanks!
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    Has Intel fixed the Sandy Bridge S3 sleep bug ?

    This is pretty cool information. If asrock can find a way around the PLL + standby issue, why wouldn't MSI, gigabyte, Asus not follow? I have my 2600K running @ 4.8ghz 24/7. Don't push it higher because it requires PLL to be enabled and I NEED standby to work properly. BTW, pic in link...
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    WTB: DDR1 768MB or 1GB PC2700, 2100 3200...

    Shipped to NJ.... PM Me! Thanks!
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    FS: Q6600 GO IP35 Pro G.Skill PC2-8500 2X2GB 1066mhz

    Hey guys! Only selling to those with confirmed addresses... IP35 Pro, FULL RETAIL with box and accessories (except for SATA cables...) $80 shipped G.SKill RAM F2-8500CL5D-4GB​PK PC2-8500 DDR2 1066 mhz 2X2GB KIT (2 kits available) Retail with box $70 shipped Q6600 G0...
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    Hey, I may want the 500GB HD, where are you shipping from?

    Hey, I may want the 500GB HD, where are you shipping from?
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    WTB: Notebook Laptop 2.5" HD 320GB or 500GB

    PM me! ...Shipped to NJ! Thanks!
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    WTT: ATI MSI HD 5850 + $$$ for your GTX 470!

    Hey guys! I'd like to trade my MSI HD 5850 OC, (NOT THE TWINFRSTR) for a GTX 470 or ATI HD 6870! I need it for my HTC setup and 3D is a must with the GTX 470 and Nvidia 3D Vision. I'll add cash, 1 or 2 games I own, you name it... PM Me!
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    WTB: 2.5" IDE Notebook HD

    Shipped to NJ. PM me!
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    WTB: Laptop RAM 2X1GB PC2-5300 667mhz

    Shipped to NJ! PM me!
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    FS: Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi E6400 MX1100

    Hi! All prices include shipping. Logitech MX1100 Brand new, unopened $40 shipped Logitech MX100, open box, mouse is practically new, tried it for 1 day and didn't like it $35 shipped Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi All accessories included, except for the SATA cables $70 shipped...
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    WTB: HD4890 GTX260

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    WTB: HD4890 GTX260

    My VGA just died, need to replace it with something better than my old 8800GTS 512MB... PM Me!
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    WTB: LG Dare Verizon