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    WTB - 1156 H55 mini-ITX mb's

    I actually just now got my Gigabyte H55N-USB3 working with a 875K. I do need another mb to use with a G6950 cpu I have on hand. Let me know what you need for the mb - I/O plate. Thanks, Rich
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    FS: BNIB EVGA GTX 960 FTW Gaming ACX 2.0+

    4GB or 2GB? I have a running EVGA P55 LE motherboard, all accessories and a i5 760 cpu installed for trade if interested. Can provide pic's and screens running if desired. Rich
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    WTB - 1156 H55 mini-ITX mb's

    In need of two mini-ITX 1156 H55 motherboards to complete two older tech builds. Prefer Gigabyte, but will consider any. Thanks, Rich
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    WTT CPU and Motherboard

    Got the same here...why you need to change? Lots of life left in that hardware. ;)
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    It's Offical: No New AMD GPU's for 2013

    HWBot needs to die anyway lol...
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    Eurogamer gave FarCry 3 10/10

    If you have an overclock on the cards try running them at default before giving up. Some have reported wacky behaviour with clocked video.
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    I need a 1366 processor.

    I have an extra 920 DO if interested.
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    FS: Intel Q6600 G0 CPU

    Pm sent -
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    wtb: 775 cooler
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    WTB: Q6600

    Woop -
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    Eurogamer gave FarCry 3 10/10

    Yeah, gpu utilization is nearly 100% in game...never seen anything like it. Two GTX 460's in SLI have no problem OC'd tho. Something odd about the newer cards.
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    Eurogamer gave FarCry 3 10/10

    You will get a lot more out of it than most much to see and do even playing it thru the second time around. ;)
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    Eurogamer gave FarCry 3 10/10

    Anyone else into the Trials and pasting your name on rocks? :p
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    What's the game you could play over and over?

    Far Cry 3 is going to be high on my list for many things to do and places to see.
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    Thoughts on this monitor

    So far I'm liking this ASUS with 144Hz... :)
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    Eurogamer gave FarCry 3 10/10

    I especially like dying in a fire, then re-spawning still on fire lol. Still working on those rocks...
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    Thoughts on this monitor

    Looking to upgrade my seven year old Dell 24" to this ASUS for the game rig... Better choices or deals for the money out there?
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    laptops and much more for sale

    Can you post any pic's of the Dell? Thanks.
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    Hitman Absolution Official Thread

    I'm just goofin with the game after the first run-thru and having a blast lol...
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    FS: Evga SR2 w/Dual E5620 Xeon cpu's

    SR2 motherboard comes with two Xeon 5620 cpu's installed and all accessories (unopened). $900. shipped US SOLD
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    SR-2 Optimization Thread

    Small problem here - Trying to get this SR2 running...reports both cpu's in bios but in Windows cpu # selection is greyed out in cpu-z as well as Eleet. Both cpu jumpers are to the left on the mb...what am I missing? :confused: EDIT: Figured it out...must use Win 7 Pro or Ultimate. :rolleyes:
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    Ubuntu Desktop Installation Guide for F@H

    Thanks cactus - So, Nvidia drivers work just fine for this OS I take it? :)
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    Ubuntu Desktop Installation Guide for F@H

    Is it possible to Fold with gpu's using Ubuntu? Hate seeing all those slots sitting there idle...
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    3DMark11 Score 13966
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    WTB: 780i / 750i motherboard.

    PM sent -
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    decent netbook for nice price
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    i3 550 Overclocking

    You can easily get these chips over 5GHz with decent cooling. Any of Gigabyte's cheapest mb's will suffice.
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    FS/FT 5600MHz 2600K

    Change of plans - Made a trade with a 580 Fermi for a 980X and sold my other two 2600K's today, so I will be keeping this chip a bit longer now. Thanks for looking! [CLOSE THREAD]
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    FS - Two 5.3GHz 2600K cpu's

    Sorry Jen - Last one sold on another forum. :( All cpu's sold! ;)
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    FS - Two 5.3GHz 2600K cpu's

    One cpu sold - Batch # -B243 ;)
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    FS - Two 5.3GHz 2600K cpu's

    Both proven 5.3GHz chips regardless of mb used. $280. US each shipped. EDIT: Both cpu's sold -
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    FS/FT ASUS 580 Fermi Less than three weeks old and rarely used. Primarily looking to trade towards another 980X...if no interest generated will sell outright for $430. US shipped. EDIT: SOLD
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    E8600 @ 4.5ghz, is the bump to 2600K worth it?

    Yes, I did a bunch of tests with the dual cores for my game clan and while most did ok, the quad cores are noticeably smoother, at least in BlackOp's. If you un-park the cores it will really perk up mouse response as well.
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    E8600 @ 4.5ghz, is the bump to 2600K worth it?

    I have three 2600K' which clocks to 5.6GHz and two others which clock to 5.3GHz regardless of mb used. I recommend the Biostar TP67XE now that it is available once again. If you would like to consider a trade with your e8600 I might part with one of the 5.3GHz cpu's. PM me for details. ;)
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    Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K and 2500K Processors @ [H]

    I'll take it when you are finished with it. ;)
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    FS/FT 5600MHz 2600K

    Also for those that wanted to see HT enabled, a quick slop run of A3 worth 5 points on the Bot without even trying...
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    FS/FT 5600MHz 2600K

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    FS/FT 5600MHz 2600K

    Temps are nothing with these chips when used with cold water or a Boreas TEC as I do. 56X is about the limit I have found so far with the mb's I have available. It ran a Unigine Heaven v2.5 at this clock just before the validation.