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    Issue with Emby app on FireStick

    I am somewhat sure this is a problem with the Emby app on the FireStick but I wanted to check to see if maybe somebody else had the same problem. I recently set up an Emby media server at my home and have it working with my Pixel 6., Samsung S7 tablet and my Roku stick. However, it doesn't work...
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    Windows applications Patch/Update software

    I was discontinued in 2018... I was not previously familiar with KC Softwares but SUMo and DUMo appear to be pretty good options from what I have read thus far. I will give them a...
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    Windows applications Patch/Update software

    I am curious if anyone has any recommendations on good software for scanning your PC for out of date software apps and assisting with keeping them updated. I have tried a few in the past that were lacking but do not recall the exact names of them. I just want something rather simple that will...
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    What is the best AntiMalware that is light on system resources and still good

    I use a combo of Bitdender and Malwarebytes on my main PC and just BD on all my others. I have never had any issues with viruses that were not the fault of my own. The main reason I used BD is that I was able to buy a large bulk of non-expiring licenses for BD about 5 years ago. Each key is...