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    How small can I go for something that will run Win10 and Chrome?

    any 1 liter "business" computer such as the Lenovo M72 Tiny HP 600/800 G1 or Dell 3020 micro. Lenovo's from the Ivy Bridge CPU will be under $ 100. It is possible that there are computers in the form of an HDMI stick (for example, Intel Compute Stick with Z8300)
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    ThinkCentre M73 Tiny CPU upgrade

    The i3-4350 processor of course works in the M73 Tiny but it required the use of Intel XTU. On the standard settings, after turning on the OCCT, it quickly reached the power limit and reduced the clock to 3GHz. It helped to set the Intel XTU -0,150V voltage core offset. Now in OCCT the loaded...
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    ThinkCentre M73 Tiny CPU upgrade

    M73 Tiny with i3-4130 (HD4400) Cinebench R20 764 3Dmark Firestrike 579 720p/Low avg/min fps tempreture up to 86C Dirt 3 61/52 Bioshock Infinite 27/19 Mtero 2033 26/7 Dirt Rally 34/28 Tomb Rider 43/33 OCCT up to 92C An interesting fact is that the similar year-old HP 705 G1...
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    ThinkCentre M73 Tiny CPU upgrade

    I have M73 and i3-4130 The CPU clock speed does not drop when OCCT is under load. It is 3.4GHz on all threads. The temperature reaches 90 degrees C. I bought an i3-4350 for around 10USD which has 3.6GHz and a better iGPU HD 4600 and we'll see if it works.