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    Nintendo Warns It Won't Make More Retro NES and SNES Consoles

    Honestly, Nintendo NEEDED to kill these to protect their IPs. They were easily hacked and simple to add any game from the platforms onto. I bought both happily, and immediately modded them to have huge game libraries on tiny consoles. Same thing with the PS Classic. I love the idea, but until...
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    Amazon Announces Record-Breaking Global Holiday Shopping Weekend

    Seems like those boycotts didn't do a thing. I love shopping via Amazon, but they really need some competition. They are the Wal-Mart of online shopping.
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    Microsoft Announces xCloud Game Streaming Service

    I don't think this will be a main release, because they will leave a ton of money on the table for those with internet connections that are too slow or don't have the bandwidth for this. I have a DSL connection, and downloading games is the only real option. I'm doing good to be able to stream...
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    "Sex Robot Brothel" Blocked by Houston Government

    Just put a camera in each room, record it, and now it's not prostitution, it's porn.
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    Take-Two CEO: Game Streaming’s Latency Problems Will Be Over in a Few Years

    Bandwidth isn't the only issue. Wide swaths of the United States have no access to true broadband, heck many areas top out at 4G service, and many don't even have that.
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    An Analysis of the Take-Two Interactive Lawsuit Against a GTA V Cheat Creator

    This has already been covered in a court of law. Nintendo tried to claim that the Game Genie also created a derivative work, and lost the case. Granted, the reason why they lost was because Game Genie just intercepted code sent to the NES, not creating a new work but just modifying the...
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    SpaceX Will Fly 2 Private Passengers Around the Moon

    Best of luck to them. It's a huge distance, plus dangerous. Something I would still love to do regardless.
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    Air Leak Found in International Space Station

    I am so happy that this is the first reply. I immediately was wondering why it wasn't duct taped.
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    Diablo III Eternal Collection Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

    I'm actually excited for this one. I love the PC version, but sometimes can't play it due to being somewhere with no internet access. Switch version fixes that.
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    Speedier Broadband Standards? Pai’s FCC Says 25Mbps Is Fast Enough

    Ping ms 77 Download Mbps 2.62 Upload Mbps 0.67 Sure, go ahead and raise it. It's not like we can even hit the current target anyway, lets shoot for the moon. We have reached the point where my cell phone, with 4G LTE, is officially faster than my home DSL line. And where I live, DSL is all...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Being Made as an Action Game, according to New Job Listing

    Hard pass. It's NOT a remake at this point, especially if its an entirely different genre. Want sales? Give us the same gameplay and battle system with modern graphics, than throw in a few new dungeons and some new items, armor, weapons, and materia. Done.
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    Nintendo Asks GitHub to Shut Down Game Boy Emulator

    A common misconception. A quote from should help clear this up though. "As a general rule, for works created after January 1, 1978, copyright protection lasts for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years." Considering none of...
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    Chrome, Firefox Rein In Memory-Hogging Websites

    rein [rān] NOUN (reins) a long, narrow strap attached at one end to a horse's bit, typically used in pairs to guide or check a horse while riding or driving. VERB check or guide (a horse) by pulling on its reins. "he reined in his horse and waited for her" Perhaps you should stop critiquing...
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    UK Promotion: Free Kingston SSD with Purchase of Select NVIDIA GTX 1050, 1060 GPUs

    If that comes to the US, I might be interested in a 1050 with a 240 gig SSD, replacing my 120 gig SSD and 750 TI in my current system. Yea, I'm a bit out of date.
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    Nintendo Asks GitHub to Shut Down Game Boy Emulator

    They aren't going after the emulator, they are going after the ROMs being hosted. The emulator itself is fine, and as long as it only was hosting public domain ROMS, or allowed users to upload their own, they would be fine. It's the copyrighted content that is the problem, and they are in the...
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    If amazon were to have a free ebook rental program, thats fine. As of right now, they have a ten dollar a month ebook rental program that doesn't have a lot of major releases on it. Meanwhile, your local library typically either has the major releases, or will take requests to get those...
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    Google Discovers That Old Keys Are Better Than New Keys for Security

    Works great til you forget your key at home, or on the bus, or on the plane, or just accidentally drop it, or the flash memory inside dies, etc
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    Walmart Patents Audio Surveillance Technology to Record Customers and Employees

    "For example, the sensors would pick up on how many items are scanned" Umm, that's already done via the register? Why do we need an audio pickup for this? "how many bags are used" Why do they care how many bags are used? They are dirt cheap where I work, and we don't keep track of our bags...
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    District 9 Director to Helm new RoboCop Movie

    I guess I am one of the weird guys that liked the 2014 movie. No, it wasn't a hyper gore, balls to the wall action flick in 80's style, but on its own it was a good film, and one of the few Robocop movies that could actually be a family title. That being said, I absolutely loved the first two...
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    VR in Hollywood Direction

    The book Ready Player One was a fun read. The movie wasn't bad, but for those who read the book, it has quite a few moments where you just wanna yell "BS" at the screen.
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    Kim Dotcom to Vacation in the US Maybe

    Insane. Megaupload was more or less a cloud drive, although MANY people took advantage of it for piracy. Kinda like what they do now using Google Drive, or Dropbox. Are we gonna go after them as well?
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    Medium Says You're Using Your Mouse Wrong

    I tend to stay away from articles that tell me the way I prefer to do things is "wrong".
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    Valve Working on Something “Better than Steam Spy”

    Honestly, this seems like dirty play by Valve. Killing an API used by a major site, than developing their own version. Valve could have either worked with the site or bought them out entirely instead of cutting them off just to make their own version. Yea, the devs behind Steam Spy are cool...
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    Gigabyte Graphics Card Shipments to Fall 20% in 2Q18

    Meanwhile, I am still waiting on the 1050 ti to drop to a reasonable level........
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    NVIDIA Swamped with Extra Inventory

    Still just hoping the 1180 releases in July, there's a price drop on the 10xx series, and I will be able to buy a 1050 ti at MSRP. Barring that, hoping maybe I can pick up a 1050 "refresh" version that has the 3 gigs of RAM onboard, since I only own a 1080p monitor hoping that would be enough...
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    Nintendo E3 2018 Press Conference Stream

    They are still developing games for the system. Luigis Mansion (Gamecube port) is still on the way, along with WarioWare Gold and Kirby Battle Royale. Other notable games include Dragon Quest 11, Shakedown Hawaii, Shovel Knight King of Cards, and Steamworld Dig 2. The system may be on its...
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    Yahoo Messenger Is Shutting Down on July 17

    I'd like to add Facebook Messenger to the list. The usage that thing has is insane.
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    Apple Depreciates OpenGL and OpenCL in MacOS

    My point is that the general public will buy anything, no matter what it actually is. Perceived or potential value sells, even if there actually is no value.
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    28 - Core Intel Demo Questioned on Cooling

    Intel is knee jerking, and will be for at least another year. AMD was smart and took their time to develop a chip that would compete after the disaster that Bulldozer was. Intel should step back and push their R & D teams to develop something competitive in a 3 to 5 year timeframe instead of...
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    PUBG Losing Players at a Furious Pace

    I refuse to support the game. Any company that tries to stifle competition is one step away from suing their own players like Digital Homicide tried to do.
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    Apple Depreciates OpenGL and OpenCL in MacOS

    Other companies have gotten away with this. They company that makes Cards Against Humanity sold a product calleed Bull$hit, and people bought it up. It actually sold out, because people thought that they were getting an exclusive card for the game. They literally got a box of bull feces...
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    PUBG Sues Fortnite

    So instead of making a better game, their idea is to stifle all competition.
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    The Cynical Brit Passes

    Man, left us way too soon. I love his WTF is (game name) series. He's leaving a hell of a legacy though.
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    Freedom From Facebook Call for Breakup

    Not putting a lot of faith in the idiots that decide the best way to form an anti-facebook movement is by making a facebook page.
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    HuniePop and Other Adult Games Facing Removal From Steam Store

    Just make a category for adult games, verify the age, and call it good. Oh wait, they already to that. What's the problem?
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    Steam Controller has Hidden Bluetooth LE Support

    Honestly, I really like the Steam Controller. There needs to be some changes, but the dual touchpads are great for a lot of FPS games and for RTS games that normally require a mouse. The biggest downside is that there is no D-pad, which hurts for fighting games, but it does have some nice...
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    NASA Advisers Say SpaceX Rocket Technology Could Put Lives at Risk Coming from the same organization that killed everyone onboard Columbia and Challenger due to negligence, I don't really take a lot of weight from their words on safety.
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    Is the Mining Craze Over for Now

    It's a little early to call. 1050 ti is still 190 to 210 in most stores, still waiting til I can get one for around 130.
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    Amazon Goes In-Car Delivery

    "this is great for busy families where one car can be left at home as a delivery locker" I dunno how their family works, but for ours, many times both of our vehicles are on the road, as one parent is working while the other is taking kids to sporting events, doing grocery shopping, etc. Also...