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    This Link Crashes Chrome

    Google didn't follow the spec: RFC3986 - Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax Implementations must not percent-encode or decode the same string more than once, as decoding an already decoded string might lead to misinterpreting a percent data octet as the beginning of a...
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    Managed Gigabit Switch - Rack Mounted Portable

    Catalyst 2960x series are all less than 19" depth Not sure if it meets your price range though. There is also the 2960g @ 13" deep or Amazon used...
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    Basic to Intermediate Networking Book

    I would say the free Stanford University Intro to Computer Networking class is.what you want. Or you can do Professor Messer Net+ videos. Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) is pretty in depth, but with a Cisco slant.
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    Will a single Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L switch share a single gw-wan for all its VLANs?

    Only if you are trying to trunk VLANs. When you plugged in the three ports into the Cisco switch, did you set each switch port into a different native VLAN? If not, then you created a switching loop as they are all in the same VLAN (broadcast domain). You don't need a VLAN capable router...
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    Will a single Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L switch share a single gw-wan for all its VLANs?

    Can you create portshield interfaces as gateways for each vlan? You will have to wire them individually to the switch. 4 vlans will use 4 ports on your sonicwall and 4 ports on your switch.
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    Shrink Hard Disk (SCSI) in VMware Workstation?

    D'oh. Add a second drive of the right size. Boot off of a livecd and clone the bigger drive to the smaller. You may have to reinstall the boot blocks.
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    Shrink Hard Disk (SCSI) in VMware Workstation? Tried this?
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    Shrink Hard Disk (SCSI) in VMware Workstation?

    20GB is the filesystem size. Give us the size of the partitions/disk inside the VM: Example: # fdisk -l /dev/sda Disk /dev/sda: 21.5 GB, 21474836480 bytes, 41943040 sectors Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size...
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    How to configure a static route?

    On the router put in a route: IE. From route to to get to On the router put in a default route: IE. Route to for all non-local...
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    Will a single Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L switch share a single gw-wan for all its VLANs?

    Add the following static route to your sonicwall: Route to whatever IP you assigned vlan1 interface on the switch. Also be clear when you say ping vlan1. Which device on vlan1: switch vlan1 interface or sonicwall? Without a static route on the sonicwall, it will send ping...
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    Network Patch Panel Help

    Try to maintain as much twist in the pairs as possible. One way is to use a flat blade screwdriver to open up the middle enough to fit inside the block. Other than that, looks good.
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    How do you label small cables?

    They also make heat shrink labels. I have a DYMO with 1" diameter white heat shrink label. Print, slide over cable, shrink to fit. I also have .5" labels for network cables. They make various sizes. Check their website to see the various options.
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    Raid card not recognized (Intel RMS25PB080)

    Tested Hardware and Operating System List (PDF) page 7:
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    Question About LACP / IEEE 802.3ad

    Only the switches performing LACP need LACP support.
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    Are portable drives prone to corruption?

    When is the corruption occurring? Use Teracopy with verification to copy the files to the USB drive. Write down the checksum of the file. Make sure to eject the drive properly (Safely remove hardware) or power off PC before removal. At this point the files on the drive should be okay. As a...
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    kernel intrusion detected alert

    Unplug from the internet? If you are connected to a world wide network, you are going to get scans. The important thing is to make sure the firewall is up and that you have no internet-facing open ports. Run an internet firewall test (Shields Up) and if you pass, you should be ok.
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    Some questions about running ethernet in a house

    Personally, I would do it right the first time: 1) Find a common wall up to the attic or a IDF closet 2) Rip out the drywall from basement to the attic/closet. Either do a small section or do it 4ft wide to fit a full replacement sheet within the studs. 3) Run several 1" ENT in the wall...
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    Routing help requested

    Traceroute from H3 to your target address and show us the results. Then from the target host, traceroute to H3 using the correct source interface/IP and show the results: traceroute -i Do you have a route back to from You put a static route in...
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    Free email addresses?

    How many members? Namecheap will forward to another account for free once you "buy" the domain name. Ex: Get Then forward to, etc.
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    Routing help requested

    What is the return path? (ie: How does N2 get back to N1) What are you pinging? What does a traceroute show?
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    Building a new house - how would you wire it up?

    Depends on if the CAT6a has the plastic spline in it. 4 cat5e and an RG6 may be pushing it for 3/4" ID conduit. I'd do two conduits, one for network and one for CATV. I don't go more than 50% conduit capacity max. Terminate POTS with RJ45 jacks at both ends. Jumper it from the telco...
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    Building a new house - how would you wire it up?

    Run this from each room to your MDF: Terminate in each room with this: Single gang: Dual gang...
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    What to do when wireless channels are saturated?

    How about non-tech methods? One off the top of my head is WiFi blocking paint on the perimeter walls. Bad news is that it may also kill Cellular service depending on the frequency. But you can fix that with a cell repeater. Eventually 5.0Ghz is...
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    Start/Stop OpenVPN Question

    Add start to the front to run in the background and add a ten second delay: start "OpenVPN" C:\PATH\OpenVPN-GUI.exe --config client.ovpn ping -n 10 >NUL 2>&1 || ping ::1 -n 10 >NUL 2>&1 Robocopy 1 Robocopy 2 taskkill.exe /F /IM openvpn-gui.exe
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    Patch panel termination on home network Just one example. But yes, the official spec is big money. So are real cable certifiers. Ultimately up to the contract you had with the installers. If all you asked was to pull some cable, they did their part. If you asked for CAT6 certified...
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    Patch panel termination on home network

    WTF :eek: Make them redo it, hopefully they left enough of a maintenance loop to fix it without a repull. Pulling the sheath back more than 0.5", especially what they did, it is no longer CAT6 certified cable. The individual pairs are twisted so many turns per inch (each color pair is a...
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    (stupid?) Question assigned from college Cisco course

    Show us what you have first. Your Layer 3 logical topology can be done with various Layer 1 physical topologies. I can give you all the answers but what good does that do you. I can give you a fish or I can teach you to fish as the old saying goes.
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    Upgrading, but which? Intel / Samsung / Crucial?

    Intel 730 if you really care about your data since it has power-loss prevention (will not corrupt your data if there is sudden loss of power).
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    wireshark: how to determine which "Switch" is the culprit?

    Go into each involved host and switch and check the ports along the path for errors, dropped packets, etc. Congestion or dropped packets are a sign of overloaded queues. It can be Fast Retransmit, Fast Recovery, or Congestion: You...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Back on topic. Here is my latest creation: 2 HP DL160 G6 4 HP MSA60 2 - Intel 730 240GB 48 - 4TB WD RED Setup as: HP DL160 G6 with ESXi installed onto 16GB USB Thumbdrive attached to 2 MSA60 via Dell SAS external flashed to LSI firmware. Dell SAS external passed into...
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    APCUPSd on Linux Guest to Shut Down ESXi

    Redirect stderr and stdout to a log file to verify there are no issues and try using a full pathspec for the plink command.
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    What Am I Doing Wrong? Self-Signed SSL Cert Import

    Here is how I did it using openssl: --- Creating a CA that you install as a Trusted Root Authority --- 1) Setup CA folder structure: mkdir CA chmod 0700 CA mkdir CA/certs mkdir CA/private echo '1000' > CA/serial touch CA/certindex.txt 2) Create openssl.cnf configuration...
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    Wall-Mounted UPS: Why so hard to find??

    If it can't go down, you need this: Plug one power cord into the wall (generator or UPS if you are paranoid), the other into an UPS. Then you can power down one UPS, change the battery, bring it back up all...
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    Please help me figure out where my storage has went...

    You can image your current drive to a bigger one and not have to reinstall anything. Just saying as an option.
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    Who wants a new storage showoff thread?

    So my single server with 24x 75GB SAS drives would be okay? :D
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    How much do you test your RAM?

    After two years and no errors I think it is safe to say your RAM is good. :D
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    Received a free lightly used MSA60... need some advice!

    Depends on what you want to do with it. I have 2 MSA60s hooked to a Dell SAS 6GB HBA External reflashed to LSI firmware. Running FreeNAS with 24x 3TB WD Reds set to 4 striped RAIDz2 for 48TB storage. Since you only get SATA 150 speeds out of it (MSA60 limitation) not very fast but fast enough...
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    Tuning raidz2

    Build a raidz2 pool with 10 drives and try it again. You should have 2^n data disks not including parity. Since you are just testing, just make a raid 0 pool and a raid 10 pool for comparison.
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    Cheap PRI to SIP box

    Cisco 1760v max RAM and DSPs with a T1 voice card for about $300.
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    2 Hard Drives not showing up properly

    If they were in a RAID previously, did you remove them from the RAID or just disconnect them? They may have stale metadata on them. RST will still show them as RAIDed until you remove them using RST. Then clean them with diskpart if using Win or dd clean them if using Linux/BSD. Be careful...