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    YouTube Updates Its Strike System

    Did you hear a whooshing sound? You didn't read my whole post did you? Saying ' everything is a conspiracy ' is one of the oldest saws in the book , and the first nice tight example that pops into my mind when the concept of normalcy-bias rears it's head. Ultimately the YT strikes system...
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    YouTube Updates Its Strike System

    Any endeavor that has two or more individuals working together towards a common goal is by definition an 'conspiracy' , so ( almost ) everything is , in actuality, a conspiracy. But wry word-smithing aside; when groups of people are working together toward common goals that infringe, sublimate...
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    Electronic Arts Stock Falls 14% After Missing Q3 2019 Earnings Estimate

    This is the important bit; " ...kill game studios..." . i would add to that sentence: ' kill game studios and the career professionals and core teams who's creativity ignited or created a particular niche ' A single individual is rarely the sole creator of a viral product that resonates and...
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    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Says EPYC Will "Double the Performance Per Socket"

    Also A.I. ( deep learning at this stage...but still ) in games would seem to need server type cpu architecture ( for multiple instancing problem solving ) married to graphics heavy cpu architecture for games that are 3 or four years out. Imagine an NPC that was running real time multiple deep...
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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    Yes, i wonder about the focus group they use at CBS that like a preachy Mary Sue ( which makes any type of character arc impossible ) as a lead character. But to add a bit to your financial info on STD ( again did they do that on purpose: STD? really? no focus group for the name contraction?)...
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    Resident Evil 2 Gets a Demo This Week

    You hit the nail on the head there. Sadly that's the joke, Capcom in 2019 might ( might I say, but I do have hope ) be ( and this is one of those are you going to bet the farm? moments ) able to deliver a consumer experience that actually produces a POSITIVE result. This in direct contrast to...
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    Resident Evil 2 Gets a Demo This Week

    Perhaps the fuss is the ideal of playing a game that is fun ( because it was designed when hardware forced core game elements to be fun or fail ) . Or the fuss could be about Capcom understanding WHY there is a retro gaming undercurrent ( always ) present and that simple ( cheap ) re-masters...
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    Half Life and Portal Writer is Back at Valve

    An old friend of mine that use to be an Army Ranger ( 13 missions on his coin when he broke his back after having to cut his static line at about 60 feet off the ground at about sixty miles an hour while taking fire in a pine forrest ( hey mike , remember at the tourney in Stockton when I tried...
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    Bethesda is Asking for Essays in Ban Appeals

    The threat of legal action seems to be the only thing that gets a rise out of them. This whole , almost surreal, situation with bethesda and FO76 makes one wonder if it's not some really elaborate performance art experiment disguised as a game release / professional business and their true goal...
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    Bethesda is Working on a New Fallout 76 PVP Mode

    At a guess it already is . Some are speculating FUPM76 ( FUPAYME76 ) is a test platform for TES6 and Starfield MMOs ( shit ) , but the facts we are seeing do not track that logic ( i.e. What , exactly was the intended purpose of Fu76's creation ? what Primary objective was it to fulfill and...
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    Discord Store Announces 90/10 Developer Revenue Split

    "platform conglomeration" ...ahh foresight; did you know Edison tried over 300 methods to produce the carbon filament electric bulbs and failed every time , then Tesla suggested he roll it and then Edison created the ( EXTREMELY ENERGY INEFFICIENT incandescent ) light bulb that became "normal"...
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    Discord Store Announces 90/10 Developer Revenue Split

    I did not like the 'permanently shackled to Steam' when I "buy" something concept when it was new ( has it been 15 years ? ) , and I still don't like it , but one must give Valve the credit for forging the spearhead of what history will certainly point to as the real beginning of functional...
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    Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture

    Are you experienced? currently trending on youtube' for gaming' ( @#22 ):
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    Bethesda Details Fallout 76 Patch Schedule and Faces Backlash Over Bags

    (clears throat, and pay attention I am only doing this once; using best Grand Moff Tarkin voice:) 2018 will be a year long remembered; it saw the end of the Star Wars fanbase and will soon see the end of the Fallout franchise
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    Bethesda Details Fallout 76 Patch Schedule and Faces Backlash Over Bags

    It's also called 'bait and switch' and is illegal .
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    Bethesda Reportedly Offering Refunds for "Fallout 76" on PC

    .. ahh the light bulb goes on , we shall see, but I do remember this same exact overlay being applied to the StarWars franchise after TLJ and then Solo bombed ( and let us not forget EA/star wars recent blunder) . I do think user opinion is important when trying to make projections, humans are...
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    Bethesda Reportedly Offering Refunds for "Fallout 76" on PC

    yep, and bean counters digits to figure how and when the microtransactions are phased in , but I disagree with you on one ( perhaps two ) point(s): ..."their flagship remains "good""... NO. This and FO$(4) have now collectively, irreparably damaged the brand. A fallout whore is not someone...
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    Bethesda Reportedly Offering Refunds for "Fallout 76" on PC

    ...all things already mentioned and ; client side collision detection , and ,already, two patches weighing in at close to 100GB I think that hits it right on the head. Did they achieve what they conceived of? Somewhere along the line someone's hubris and obvious echo chamber certainly...
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    Bethesda Reportedly Offering Refunds for "Fallout 76" on PC

    Appropriate analog; MEA a game a year and a half after launch is "selling" for $8.99 or less Oh how quickly one forgets.... , read through those posts. You can watch with eerie familiarity Fan enthusiasm drain into the black hole of...
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    Fallout 76 No Longer Has Its Frame Rate Tied to the Physics Engine

    I would assume the sister banging goes back a generation or two, has become become normalized , and this , what is it ?, 100GB of new release patches is the wedding gift from the last generation to the next ( generation of six fingered mouth breathers ) About that, I am starting to wonder if...
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    Cliff Bleszinski Swears Off Making Videogames Forever

    It's not about being a fan boy , it's about recognizing talent and knowing where and on what to spend your irredeemable time. Spector has managed to reliably pump out exceptional content again and again , but if I were to ever meet him I would tell him , " don't get cocky kid " ( because, as...
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    Cliff Bleszinski Swears Off Making Videogames Forever

    What blasphemy is this? One should ALWAYS take notice of the name Warren Spector; Seek Ye it out from under dust or loam, from any vagaries the mists of time have veiled around your life for the inner eye of the Spector will illuminate the absent spaces in your mind that you didn't know were...
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    Disney+ is Coming in 2019

    'Disney +' ; for the six people that don't already own ( the entire Disney catalog and ) a pirated copy of Frozen. (Disney youtube channel ( which is free ) has 3.6 million subscribers, statistically one can count on ten percent of that number to actually buy the product. So at ten bucks a...
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    Trusted Reviews Donates 1 Million Pounds in Settlement Over Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak

    Just hunch, but this might be something personal. Didn't you guys run an article here about how the take-two brothers got 538 of the 715million RDR2 made ( so far ) , and they are in/from the U.K.? I mean , the lid was kept on really tight while RDR2 was in development. So much so that most...
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    Fallout 76 Will be Lootbox Free

    (..slowly hides devils horns behind back while raising Halo over his head...) Translation: Scraping plan A skipping plan b entirely and moving directly to plan C Translation: We are already VERY VERY worried about how this game is losing altitude and are currently ripping out everything and...
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    "Very Doubtful" Obsidian Will Make Another Fallout Game

    Agreed , though , I would add; " ...feel like it was made by a .." sheltered, pampered trophy for participation type " ...teenager...", ... I , personally would not expect to find a lot , or even any of those types in the tough radioactive wasteland , unless they were food or slaves , but...
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    "Very Doubtful" Obsidian Will Make Another Fallout Game

    While waiting for the New California servers to cool off a little bit I stumbled upon a post about : Fallout 1.5 resurrection ( ) , Have you played it ? ( it seems to be set between FO and FO2 ) , it might be exactly what you want ..
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    "Very Doubtful" Obsidian Will Make Another Fallout Game

    And you are not alone. 'Vintage' games are a palpable undertow that the elephant developers would like to be invisible because they have not figured out how to monetize them properly. Even Nintento that has been selling you the same MArio games Over and pver again for the last 20 years , haven'...
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    Six Years Later, Star Citizen Is Still Raking It In

    '2948' release , and if the funds continue to roll in at the same rate as they have been the total budget for making the game would be a shade under 32 Billion dollars ($32,000,000,000)
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    Promising Star Wars: KOTOR Fan-Made Reboot Gets Shuttered by Lucasfilm

    dude Lucasfilm is the one that sent the cease and desist: SO this is totally kraykray KK lashing out at fans , a smart business person wold have realized a) that a huge and rather expensive chunk of development was done for free...
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    Promising Star Wars: KOTOR Fan-Made Reboot Gets Shuttered by Lucasfilm

    let's see, Lucas arts, once upon a time a developer people held their breath in anticipation for acquired by Disney and inducted into EA is now a developer that one holds their breath while walking past has started going out of it's way , and by that I mean actively reaching out , to piss off...
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    Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm Deal Extended for Three Years

    We can look on the bright side of it ; red Box kiosk rentals just got a three year extension ( because KK at the helm guarantees they will have low cost material to pedal ) , and GIANT bonfires , plane and car wrecks, people falling down ( and/or being hit in the nuts ) and stuff imploding are...
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    Apple is Giving Users a Trust Score

    Some of apples new and upcoming features will be ; The Apple-Youth ( initiative ) : to help teach children how to to improve and keep improved customer scores The Apple-Core ( initiative ) : to encourage customers to increase their own scores by informing apple-core of other customers score...
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    Netflix’s “The Witcher”: Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt, Minority Sought for Ciri

    Well , yes, but unfortunately for you; they are sad in the same way as Frank Castle was sad about his family. That much fresh air might take the sad people away from their whiskey (warm, neat, and out of a dirty glass of course ) long enough to let a little osbriety in , this might even...
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    Netflix’s “The Witcher”: Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt, Minority Sought for Ciri

    1)Susan ( fail her way to the top ) Rice hired on at the board of netflix. 2) GOG anti-DRM from the word go. Ideologically , historically, this tryst is combining molten salt with dry ice. If Cd Project Red has become one of the infected I am dumping netflix ( really close to doing that now...
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    Dragon Age, Mass Effect Sequels May Be Heavily Influenced by Anthem

    This is what happens when Qualified talent is driven out , and replaced with ( at best ) noticeably unqualified "talent" and ( at worst ) "talent" that is hired specifically to be malleable or expendable ( and of course really cheap ) in the hunt for profit through social engineering a 'mass' of...
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    Dragon Age, Mass Effect Sequels May Be Heavily Influenced by Anthem

    Michael Gamble, lead producer on Anthem. “If you remember back to the ancient times we released a game and that would ((sic) 'be?' ) the story for a set of characters, and we released DLC that enabled us to tell unique bits of story afterwards. “For Anthem, where we’d all like to see us head...
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    BioWare’s Casey Hudson Hints at New Dragon Age and Mass Effect Titles

    Padding, it was perhaps, but some people like a little padding. It has something to do with pushing a cushion or something I personally liked wandering around looking for little bits of junk; could it have been more interesting? Yeah , but the game was pushing a lot of new gaming frontiers...
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    Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able to Get Refunds

    One can only exponentially increase feeding off whales for soo long, and if we have an; chris " get the fuck out of my way, this blow won't snort itself " roberts and he is paying his ( is it really 500 employees?? ) less than 65,000/yr on average they are already out of , or almost out of...