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    Nintendo Wii's in Stock...

    My friend went every day to Best Buy to see if they had Wii's in stock, and he only managed to get his hands on one last week. This is in Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
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    Cell Phone Games

    I have found the best games to be BlockBreaker Deluxe, it's a well done breakout clone, and it is fun to replay, and Tetris. I ride the bus for an hour every day, and I haven't become bored with those two for about 6 months now. I also bought Lemmings, which although only has 30 levels, is...
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    Making a 20ft long USB extension cable!

    A while back while searching for a 50 foot USB cable, I ran across something that said the USB spec doesn't allow for cables longer than either 14 or 16 feet without being amplified.
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    FEAR Combat - Surrender to advertisers?

    I also reccomend, just give them any address, and as soon as dodgeit receives the email, they'll creating an inbox which anyone can access. So let's say you give, just go to Dodgeit, type enrickey, and any emails sent to it will be displayed. The...
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    Need some good 5.1 headphones.

    Do you really need 5.1 headphones? I find that no matter how hard they try, the audio positioning doesn't really work. A good pair of 2 channel is always my favourite.
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    The "unlocking content" annoyance

    I have F-Zero GX for my Gamecube, and I've been having fun with the three circuits that it has (3 x 5 maps = 15 maps total for multiplayer). Just recently, my brother started playing the single player again, when he discovered that if you beat all the levels on a certain difficulty, it unlocks...
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    Zen Vision:M owners

    Define noticeable. Some players like the iAudio X5 have a 1/32nd of a second gap, which, thanks to man's great ears, is noticeable, but it isn't annoying or anything. The only DAP which is fully gapless is the Rio Karma, but it is no longer manufactured, and it is very difficult to find.
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    Just bought TI-89 titanium calculator...need recommendations

    Well, there's TI's excel program, that lets the calculator read excel files. I find that very usefull. And there's always Tetris, the program that forced me to rely on other people's notes for history. (My record is 183 lines, without pausing)
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    whats better, gma 950 or geforce 4?

    The Dell would probably still be better at games. I would just give it at least 512mb of ram, to make it run a little smoother.
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    Adding a string to a listbox with a comma in it?

    You might want to try putting it in single quotes, so ListBox.AddItem ('Burke, Joe') I know in PHP that double quote makes the program process variables, and if it reads commas as a variable, then that could be what's happening, but with single quotes, it doesn't process the string at all.
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    Prey - 360 or PC?

    You probably don't know this, but the Doom 3 is known for being almost completely bug free, so that shouldn't be a problem with the PC. How do you have to spend time tweaking? Ask it to autoselect settings, and there you have it. The graphics are supposed to be the same for both. If you have a...
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    Civ IV issues

    Before the patch, it would lock my system after about an hour of play. Not just the game, the system would be hardlocked, couldn't ctrl+alt+delete out of it or anything. With the latest patch though, all my problems are gone, and it's an incredibly fun game. If only the explanations where a bit...
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    Buying Toca3 worried about Starforce

    I have installed many StarForce games without any problems, don't worry about it. The problem is greatly overexadurated. Would game companies really release more than one game with it if so many of their customers complained? The only reason it's being removed is because people are hating it for...
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    I am having a major dilemma.

    Well, I always order my parts online from a store called NCIX, which happens to be in Vancouver. They tend to have some very nice prices, so I would give them a look.
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    Looking for a new computer.. been out of the game too long

    If you sell that system, you better get enough money to afford you a motherboard, harddrive, optical drive, maybe a floppy drive, if you have a soundcard, that too, and a case. If you cannot sell it for that, don't bother. Upgrading is probably the best route. 64bit right now is kind of a...
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    Whos gonna camp out for PS3

    He means ~$1500 profit...
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    Teh "up" button in Vista

    From the screenshots I've seen, can't you just click further back along the breadcrumb trail?
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    Setting Get HTML Variables Externally

    Get variables are passed along in the URL. Look at the URL for a reply over here: The variables start after the question mark. The variable do has the value of "newreply", the variable noquote has the value "1" and the...
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    Getting rid of my router

    Right now, I have a DI-604 wired up to my home network. Performance is obviously sub par, and any kind of p2p application kills network speeds. I have a bunch of old hardware lying around (Pentium 3) and I was wondering if it would be possible to turn it into a router of some sort, maybe have a...
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    M4A + Windows Media = ?

    One solution that I have found to that is RealOne. I know some people hate it, but I find that it isn't really that bad. Using RealOne, you can send .m4a files to Rio players, it converts them in the process. After they are on the player, you can use Rio Music Manager to save the files back to...
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    Do New Games Still have the option for 800x600?

    My 9800PRO is still chugging along with newer games, but for CoD2, I had to run it at 640 x 480 *remembers what it was like getting UT2004 and putting details on max, the good ol' days* Anyway, most games definitely support it, so don't worry.
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    Call of Duty 2 Zooming Lag

    You could always reduce other graphic options then.
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    Ipod hard drive

    That article was written as satire and posted on, a site where nothing is taken seriously.
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    Advertising in games?

    There are some ads which I would actually enjoy such as if a character was drinking a can of Pepsi rather than Blurp Cola. If the ads in a game were varied enough, so that it wouldn't get repetative (ie: NFS:U where the ads alternate between Cingular and Best Buy), rather, have it so that there...
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    Could bad memory make my Boss' PC randomly reboot?

    I had that exact same stick die on me as well. Funny thing is that Corsair even promotes overclocking their RAM, I called them up and told them that I was getting errors, so the guy asked me to read a couple things from BIOS (voltage, FSB, timings). He then asked why I wasn't overclocking my P4...
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    Easiest way to turn 4x3 picture into a 16x9 (Directions for my mom :-P)

    Picasa, is free, and should be more than enough to do it.
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    CIV 4 lan game with 1 copy of game?

    Civ IV doesn't have any cd keys... Yeah, the load 'n swap trick works, as it only uses the disk for verification.
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    No Games Under the Tree this year.. :(

    I got Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. I'm quite happy. I also received the copies of Viewtiful Joe and Soul Calibur 2 for Gamecube that I ordered off of eBay. While all these games are old, I can still enjoy them, and the...
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    NOD32 Virus Scanner

    Through peronal testing, I actually prefer Kaspersky to Nod32. While Nod32 scans really quickly, Kaspersky has better virus definitions and I also find that Kaspersky has a smaller memory footprint.
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    Buying PC games on ebay from Thailand?

    If you notice the last paragraph of the article posted, then it is entirely possible that it is legit. If the guy bought it for half price due to it being lowered, then he could easily sell it for a very lucrative deal over eBay. Just make sure that it the game isn't in Thai.
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    Civilization 4 Manual

    I got the manual on a 3rd CD, but printed, all I received was a tech tree, and a stupid "Quick Start Guide" which just says to look into the manual for more info. I am disgusted by how little this game came with. It was one of my more expensive purchases recently, videogame wise at least...
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    Civ 4 Crash to Desktop

    On my computer, the game hard locks the computer (Can't even turn on the keyboard's caps lock light) and I have to reset. It happens at random intervals, sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes two hours, the game isn't perfectly coded, just have to wait for a patch. Thankfully it autosaves every three...
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    take a look at my layout

    I find the header to be a little to small, I would sake make it a bit thicker, would be easier on the eyes.
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    How much do you charge to build and maintain a website?

    I'm not 100% sure what that means, but I think that you are talking about how the code goes to a new line in the middle of a paragraph, if so, that is because when I was coding it, I didn't like scrolling. Thanks to what little knowledge of C++ that I had, I quickly learned some PHP and have the...
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    How far off? Semi-virtual reality helmet/gun

    I'm thinking Force Feedback. Force Feedback isn't just rumble, where the controller shakes when you get hit, it makes the controller actually move, so when your "sword" hits the other "sword", you feel the controller flying in the other direction. While it isn't even close to accurate, it is...
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    PHP vs JavaScript date functions

    What you are talking about is what tables are actually intended for, to hold data, not for layout. So yes, you would use a table for a calendar.
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    kyle pwns ati hah nice job

    So, if company A made a videocard for $500 that was black, and company N made a card twice as powerfull for only $250 but green, you wouldn't buy the videocard from company N? And if you ask why I am bashing your personaly preference, well, I would also bash the personal pereference of anyone...
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    business website: what web proggies to use?

    Ok, Dreamweaver is to HTML what Visual C++ is to C++. It supports syntax highlighting, and code cleanup, therefore making your code much easier to view. It also supports "simple" editing, which I find more of a hassle than just coding by hand. HTML and XHTML are nearly the same thing, only...
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    business website: what web proggies to use?

    I recently learned how to do it using notepad (well, notepad2, so that I had syntax highlighting), and I learned everything in two days, maybe 6 hours of work total. My site is I found it incredibly easy to learn, and I feel really good knowing that I didn't use a...
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    Freeware XHTML editor similar to HomeSite

    I always enjoyed Notepad2.