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    Wow battlechest $10 & Wrath expansion $10

    If anyone is wondering about the changes to the zones, mmo-champion has a large gallery of the charred and cracked landscapes that silly dargon wreaked havoc upon
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    Wow battlechest $10 & Wrath expansion $10

    I don't mean to junk up this thread, but if you combine this great deal with some of the perks that come with recruit-a-friend, you can power your way through levels while exploring the cool new changes they made to the world. Warning: all mmo's should be played with responsible moderation but...
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    I need this because I'm tired of reading captions in L4D just to prevent myself from getting mauled by witches and tanks...also because I discovered the Dubstep genre of music and $5 headphones from radioshack don't cut it D:
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    UC Davis Students Win Microsoft’s U.S. Imagine Cup

    I am now placing a bid for the domain "/". I will put one ad on the front page and be a billionaire!!
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    Ebert Calls Kick-Ass Movie "Morally Reprehensible"

    I have not read the comic and I went into the movie theater with my only expectations coming from one of the early pg-13 trailers. With that said, I was blown away by this movie. Myself and all of my friends were almost on the floor laughing at some of it's best moments. I've seen it 3 times now...
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    5 fresh!!
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    XFX 4890 1Gb only £999!!!

    In for 3
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    Kingston Launches Ultra-Secure USB Flash Drive

    I'd assume so but, it doesn't appear that this has the sweet self-defense mechanism the Ironkey does :P. Supposedly, the iron key fries major parts of the encryption circuitry if you enter an incorrect password too many times in a row.
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    COD:MW2 - What do you consider your best MP moment?

    ^ I was there :D. Compared to snowknight my best moment isn't that great but my favorite recent one is when I was sitting in that small corner in Rundown that has a climbable wall across it. I had laid a claymore on the other side of the wall to protect my back when a player with a riot shield...
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    I've got all five scrolls still. PM me your email. How do I generate the links that others have been posting?
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    Free month of World of Warcraft via scroll of resurrection.

    mrorange43 got it so this deal is gone. :D. /thread
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    Free month of World of Warcraft via scroll of resurrection.

    I'm considering re-activating my W.O.W. account but, while on the account manager site I noticed someone can get 1 month free by inviting me back. It's been over a year since I last made a payment and I never bought the Burning Crusade expansion so I believe I meet all the requirements. To...
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    FAH SMP Install problems

    I had the same problem when they updated the core exe overnight after I downloaded it. Having the most updated version as mentioned above solved the problem for me :D.
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    A Program that Limits FPS?

    You could try setting your monitor's refresh rate to 60 as well? but, I've still had input lag even in that scenario.
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    Sony Losing Money on PS3 Slim Hardware

    Well, unless they bought the HD-DVD accessory drive, they're SOL.:D And you can use that drive with your PC over usb anyways.
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    HOT! Novint Falcon Bundle for $100 (Normally 200)

    Unlike a mouse, the Falcon has a really complex and "realistic" feedback system. It even comes with demo applications that display floating spheres of different substances that you use the Falcon to interact with, and can feel the different viscosity of each substance. I think most of the games...
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    Notfred vm error

    FahMon shows the ppd's of all the VM's being roughly the same as they were before I added the gpu client but It's reporting all ppd calculation with *'s next to them. The gpu client is also the only one with a green status indicator while the 4 VM's are yellow (despite all of them progressing...
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    Notfred vm error

    With those environmental variables I was getting 2% cpu usage by the gpu client and 900ppd. Without them I get anywhere from 5-12% cpu usage with a ppd of 1600.
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    Notfred vm error

    Ugh. After deleting just FLUSH_INTERVAL and rebooting, It's now taking 3X as long per frame and went down to 600ppd. I think I'm just going to delete all those settings and reinsert the ati dll's.
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    Notfred vm error

    Whoa whoa whoa. After following that guide, my gpu client is now moving at half the speed it once was. I'm topping out at 900ppd on it right now. I realize the guide puts great emphasis on using catalyst 9.4 drivers but I assumed that was because of the posting date of the thread. I'm running...
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    Notfred vm error

    Wow, thanks again Zero. I'll do that right now :D
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    Notfred vm error

    Thanks for the info. I just got a 4850 in today (was previously running an x1800) and I would like to get it in on the folding action too, but I don't know the best way to mingle it with my cpu clients. I set it up with the windows GPU2 console client with default settings + verbosity 9 for now...
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    Notfred vm error

    I thought the Linux smp client didn't scale well past 2 cores. I know I saw that in more than one guide but maybe that information is outdated. I'm running Win7 64bit right now on my i7 without any overclock and am getting roughly 7000ppd with my 4 VM's. How many ppd are you getting with just...
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    Seagate Receives Outstanding Safety Factory Award

    Those are just spare jumpers and the tool to attach them.:D
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    Notfred vm error

    With the setting of 1024MB, I got the same error around the 50% mark for all 4 VM's this time. As long as this doesn't carry a risk of losing WU's, I think I'll just try to ignore it. :(
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    Woman Killed By Tree, iPod to Blame

    I think we're all missing the point here. The trees are attacking!!! They're starting with our strongest and fastest first. Don't risk going outside...and....enjoying nature. Nevermind, I think all of us here will be fine.:D
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    Notfred vm error

    Alright I set the memory size and rebooted. I'll cross my fingers when these new WU's hit 100% tomorrow :). Thanks for all the helpful advice Zero. Are there any other VM setting tweaks I should know about?
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    Notfred vm error

    I have the memsize set to auto. When all 4 VM's are running my total system ram usage peaks at 5.11GB out of 6GB that are available. This is probably in addition to the ~1.8GB that appears to be used by windows at idle. Should I reconfigure them all to have a forced memsize of atleast 1024MB to...
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    Notfred vm error

    At the exact instant two of my VM's running smp clients hit 100% on they're WU's, they started outputting the following. attempt to access beyond end of device hda1: rw=1, want=2096656, limit 2088387 I looked briefly for help on resolving this error but, so far, all I can find is one person in...
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    HOT! Novint Falcon Bundle for $100 (Normally 200)

    It's about damn time the price on these things went down. Maybe now people will actually pick them up and try them out with the source games that support them.
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    25 ft HDMI cable... 10 bucks

    Great deal OP!! I'm recommending this to a friend that just got a new hdtv :)
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    2 Free Tacos @ Jack in the Box

    Don't do it. This is 4 hours of gas waiting to happen.
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    Jamba Juice - any smoothie buy 1 get 1 free!

    The question is do you show them the coupon before of after they make it? Last time I used a free coupon for ice-cream at Baskin Robbins, I got scowled at by the manager and was haunted by what he might have done to the cone when it was out of my view.
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    Windows7 64 bit, i7 920 only 50% cpu usage

    I plan to but I'm still using the stock heatsink until I have the funds to pickup the megahelems. I'm hitting 84C full load but at all stock voltages so I could probably get 3Ghz at a lower voltage and minimal temperature gain. As it stands right now I'm at 2.8Ghz b/c of Turbo-mode and barely...
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    Do Gadgets Make You Lonely?

    I'm gunna go read a book by myself and write some snail-mail letters :D. That'll show those anti-social gadgets.
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    $32k Gold SFF PC

    in for 3!! Thanks OP. Now I can finally have my Triforce of folding!