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    FS: Palm Pre Plus (AT&T)

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    FS: Palm Pre Plus (AT&T)

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    FS: Palm Pre Plus (AT&T)

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    FS: Palm Pre Plus (AT&T)

    Selling an almost new Palm Pre Plus for AT&T. Bought it NIB off someone else here on the hardforums, used it for about a week and a half, decided it wasn't the phone for me, and picked up an iPhone 4 instead (which is why I'm selling it now). Comes with retail box, touchstone wireless charging...
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    FroMeo's FS/T Thread: Updated as needed

    hey...I can't see the flickr link
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    can anyone post color calibrated settings that are working for them? I've been fiddling for the afternoon but I can't seem to get the green levels where I want them to be
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    just got mine in the mail from tigerdirect....putting it through it's paces right now. No major issues / dead pixels out of the box though :)
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    FS: Xbox 360 Pro w/ 15 Games & Accessories!

    I'm interested in both guitar hero's if you decide to part. good luck though!
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    FS/FT: 500W PSU, Thermaltake Tsunami

    Hi, I'm looking to sell or trade these two items. 1x Used Thermaltake Tsunami, link: $60 shipped (it's heavy) In decent cosmetic condition, no major scratches or blemishes. Missing one of the expansion slot covers in the...
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    TV under 600 for college students

    me and my roommate bought a 32" vizio lcd at the beginning of last year for $600. it's an excellent screen for the price, especially if you are using it for HD content
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    Logitech Harmony 550 49.99 @ amazon

    great deal, just bought one for my dad
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    Any dead pixels? I'm pretty hesitant about getting open-box displays on newegg...end up getting something that someone else returned for some reason or another
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    What are some REALLY scary PC games out there?

    honestly the most scared i've ever been in a game was in HL1 when out of nowhere a headcrab jumps at you when in a vent. I literally threw my mouse at my screen. The fact that I wasn't expecting any scares from that game, plus that I had never seen a similar implementation in a game really...
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    Red Alert 3 trailer

    I still play RA1 over hamachi with a few friends. Whole franchise went to crap after that when EA bought westwood :(
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    we had the 32" Vizio LCD for our college dorm room this last year. TV picture quality is so/so, speakers aren't great, VGA input is a little flaky. Everything else is really solid though. Xbox via component and watching 720p movies from my computer over DVI were both great. As long as you are...
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    WTB: 939 Mobo

    I have an epox 9npa+ i'm looking to sell. It does not have onboard video. PM me if you're interested or need any further details
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    WTB: First Generation Logitech G15

    first gen has blue backlit keys
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    Quick AHCI quesetion.

    alright, thanks for the reply
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    Quick AHCI quesetion.

    I recently built a system on the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM. I've installed Windows on it with the SATA ports in native IDE mode. Would there be any negative effects if I were to switch it to AHCI mode? I just want to double check before I do anything stupid and wipe out an install...
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    WTS: 939 stuff, proc, mobo, ram

    No, the board does not have integrated graphics.
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    4 days before GTA IV and I get this

    just out of curiosity, how old is your 360? Is it a falcon?
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    The best 780G/nv8200 board?

    I just bought the Gigabyte board....been very satisfied with it for the last few days I've been using it. It's got a good price, nice feature set (don't see many other boards this price range with optical spdif + firewire), and it's not some 2nd-tier brand. i'd definitely recommend it if you're...
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    WTS: 939 stuff, proc, mobo, ram

    Hi, I'm selling most of my socket 939 rig. 1x - AMD Athlon X2 3800+ Manchester, stock HSF - SOLD, recieved 1x - Epox 9npa+ motherboard - SOLD, recieved Comes with IO panel, driver cd, quick reference manual, rounded IDE...
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    45TDP chips @ newegg

    I noticed the 4050e and 4450e chips are now available at newegg. I'm having a hard time finding reviews/benchmarks for them. Is a 4450e comparable to a 4400+? Is there any difference other than the TDP rating? I am currently building an HTPC, do people think the $15 price premium for the energy...
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    FS: LIKE NEW XBOX360 w/ 5 games 2 controllers!

    does it come with cables? will it work on xbox live (i.e. not banned)?
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    tips for selling hardware

    thanks for the replies everyone. i found a few places to buy them really is murder on the shipping though. tigerdirect charges $10 standard to ship bags O.o
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    tips for selling hardware

    Hi, I'm new to this selling thing, so I want to make sure I get it right the first time. I'm looking to sell my motherboard, graphics card, RAM, and processor. I am missing all of the original boxes, so I'm looking for tips on how to pack everything to make sure nothing gets damaged in transit...
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    Do you keep your boxes?

    I had all my boxes saved in my room, but I came back from college to find that my mom had thrown them all out. Now I'm hoarding them in my college dorm
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    HOT - intel's 4/20 Price Drops

    i'm in the same boat as you