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    Worth it to start bitcoin mining with RPi now?

    I made ROI on my Antminer U2. I mined other SHA256 coins like P$ (Solomine + Pool) , Zetacoin, Mazacoin and even threw it on the BC Multipool for a tiny continued interest stake once a day. All in all ive made about double what the unit cost me, but ive mined a lot of coins and changed coins /...
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    The Altcoin Thread

    I understand more now, but I am still, for lack of a better word... bamboozled! I'm no longer mining for the sake of converting all proceeds to BTC, im slowly building a portfolio of coins that I feel have long term growth potential looking forward. Ive always been interested in PTS, but my...
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Thanks for this. I just started mining on YPOOL and I have to admit that im a bit confused. From what I understand, PTS are now one in the same with Bitshares, and that you could convert PTS to Bitshares during a certain timeframe / block. It would appear that that time is now over, however this...
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    Most basic phone possible

    Hey [H], I realize this may not be the best place to ask but I thought it wouldn't hurt. I am looking to "downgrade" from my iPhone 4 and get the most basic cell phone / plan possible. I'm not looking for another smartphone or switching to Android / BB / WP et cetera. Ideally I would like a...
  5. S double LTC rewards for 1 week

    At this rate I will have mined my 1st LTC by the end of the promotion! I'm totally serious here guys :cool:
  6. S double LTC rewards for 1 week

    Currently being at 1.25 isn't so bad. Clevermining has been between 105-97% LTC profitability today and I imagine other multipools are having similar issues. 2X was great, but 1.25 is still better than any other prospect that I can see at the moment.
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    DedicatedPool - "We are not a bank" - Bye coins

    I mined BC there, and just like every other pool they have a signup page with a TOS agreement. Whether or not thats applicable here is irrelevant. For lack of a better analogy, that makes them like an employer to me. They provide a pool where I perform work at, they pay me based upon how much...
  8. S double LTC rewards for 1 week

    It was fun while it lasted. Rewards were halved after the 25 g/hs mark, and by this morning it didn't make sense to keep on mining. On the plus side of things, I now have 0.5 LTC!! :p
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    The Altcoin Thread

    I really have a soft spot for DOGE, it was my first crypto and I made a great profit on it. I bought my R9 290 with DOGE from, even now the thought that I mined a new graphics card is kinda crazy. I cashed out some of my DOGE between 150-200 to invest in other coins and have some...
  10. S double LTC rewards for 1 week

    I just signed up and im getting 100% rejects (Low Difficulty Share). Mining between 850-860 k/hs. What am I doing wrong? edit - Problem solved, I was mining on their BTC pool using scypt... Whoops!
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    stilts bios's are back

    It would be great to have the better timings with all ROP's functional, is The Stilt still actively developing these?
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    stilts bios's are back

    Thanks for the info! Gaming is secondary to me, so I decided to give the Stilt BIOS a try.... Initially started with the V3C 1.17 BIOS. Flash was successful, but mining caused the driver to crash after a minute or so. I went to the V38 1.2 BIOS next and ive been running about 10mins now without...
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    stilts bios's are back

    I wanto to try this on my 290, but not sure which version to pick. Can I still game while using this BIOS or are they just for mining only?
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    GTX750Ti... wait a sec...

    Will the difference in VRAM on these cards (1 vs 2GB) have any effect on mining performance?
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    R9 pricing

    This line is pure brilliance. Keep on keeping on brother!
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    Are the Corsair CX series a risk?

    I just picked up a CX750 modular for $70+ tax at Best Buy last week. I had an older Antec that worked great, just didn't have enough juice for my new GPU. Since installing, its been solid. Ive been mining 24/7 and haven't had a single hiccup besides overclocking components too far, but that...
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    ATI Radeon 4850 512MB Sapphire brand, this was the best video card of all time IMO. I bought the card new at release (Late 2007/Early 2008) and just took it out of service last week in 2014! Ive went through so many different CPU's and Motherboards over the years, but the trusty 4850 never...
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    New PC - video card not starting

    Try flushing out the BIOS by unplugging the machine and removing the coin battery from the motherboard. Leave it for 10 mins or so. If that dosen't work re-seat your components, especially your ram! I spent the last day going CRAZY trying to get my computer to boot with similar issues as yours...
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    How is Windows Vista Ultimate these days?

    Glad im not the only one! Still running Vista Business x64 and it works great for me.... 2500K @ 4.8 R9 290 16GB Ram
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    Open GL drivers for Intel HD Graphics?

    Maybe try these.... If those don't work, then go to your laptop...
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    KOTOR II $5.25 - Target B&M

    Going old school for this one! Was browsing through my local Target today and found KOTOR II on sale for $5.25! This was in NY so as always YMMV. I know the game has been re-popularized as of late with the restored content mod being completed and the KOTOR collection now hitting store...
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    No OSD / FPS Counter Software Working - Radeon

    Did some more hunting around and found a solution to the issue. Apparently certain Catalyst driver sets after 12.2 may not contain a file named "atipdlxx.dll". If this file isn't installed everything will work fine, but programs like RP, AB and ATT will cease to function. The fix is as...
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    No OSD / FPS Counter Software Working - Radeon

    Brent - Uninstalled and reinstalled all mentioned programs. I also tried installing with administrator privileges; same result. Luke - The 4850 is now a legacy product and because of this the card is no longer supported in the monthly driver releases. I double checked and 12.6 is the latest...
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    No OSD / FPS Counter Software Working - Radeon

    Running old school here, pertinent information as follows... OS - Windows Vista x64 GFX - ATI Radeon 4850 512MB on latest Catalyst avaliable (12.6) Ive been using Radeon Pro for a while now, but somewhere along the line it just stopped working. This also includes ATI Tray Tools and MSI...
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    AMD price cuts on 7900 and 7800 series!

    Not for nothing, but I feel that ATI / AMD has really played their cards well this generation. When the 7970 was released it was the fastest video card money could buy and it was priced accordingly. They were first to market, and with improvements such as the GHZ Edition and now the 7950 with...
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    best free antivirus?

    Yes it does.
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    Amazon DD sale is ridiculous! 150 games on sale!

    I had A LOT of issues getting the game to run at first. Here's what worked for me.. * Disable DEP & Temporarily disable AV client. Install the game as administrator. * Install the game to a directory without spaces. I used C:\Games\LANoire Games been decent thus far! Good luck!
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    Best $50 budget card HTPC & light gaming

    I would look around for a used 4850 / 4870. You can find them all day for <$50 and they can still hold their own, even in today's modern games.
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    Forced to prioritize games for smooth play

    Just make a custom batch file per game, and launch from that. Here is an example of what I use... NET STOP "PRINT SPOOLER" /Y NET STOP "DYNDNS UPDATER SERVICE" TASKILL.exe AWC.exe TASKILL.exe OBJECTDOCK.exe TASKILL.exe WINVNC.exe TASKILL.exe TOPDESK.exe TASKILL.exe EGUI.exe START...
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    XFX To Sell ATi Based Video Cards

    What a crazy world we live in!
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    Crysis Warhead perf

    Specs : AMD Opteron 165 S939 @ 2.3GHZ ( It was a crummy overclocker :( ) AMD Radeon 4850 512MB 4GB Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR1 lol Anywho, I have a custom config for regular Crysis that I modified for Warhead. IMO it looks just as good as "Enthusiast" and runs me at 1920x1080 @ Well...
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    Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

    The x1600 is an awful card. I know because I have one lol. What resolution are you currently running? You are using the Low Spec config right? I made a ultra low spec config, but haven't really tested it much. If you feel like being a guinea pig try it out, and let me know how it works for you...
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    Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

    A full explanation of these variable can be found in the MadBoris tweakguide over at the In Crysys forums. Also I have made additional revisions to both configs in the OP. Low Spec now has a few more eye candy effects at no...
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    Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

    I have updated the OP with config revisions for more FPS, and a Low Spec , Med - High Range config!
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    Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

    Some people have mentioned ugly shadows, I have updated my second config above to fix this. To those who already are using the config here is what you can do to get better shadows, and a couple more FPS! Delete the following lines from the config. e_shadows = 1 r_ShadowJittering = 1...
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    Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

    See the first post for the latest updates!
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    Low Crysis FPS? Try My Config!

    So I am sure you have seen a million of these threads already, so ill keep this one short, and sweet. I was working with Cuban Legends CFG, and was unsatisfied because the low configs lacked the visuals that I wanted, and the higher ones killed my framerate. I worked with his medium config...
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    ATI HD 3870 In Stock Now Hurry!

    WOOT GOT ONE!!!!1
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    3DO owned both the PS1 and Saturn!

    Crash and burn was one of the most amazing games I had ever played at the time. My friends at the time all had Super Nintendo's, and when I got the 3DO it was like the second coming of christ. Jaws dropped to the floor, it was incredible lol.