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    Dragon Age, Mass Effect Sequels May Be Heavily Influenced by Anthem

    I think it's called a ransom. EA: "If you don't buy Anthem, we're killing DA and ME!" Well, not that I honestly care about the next iterations of DA or ME...
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    NVIDIA’s RTX Speed Claims “Fall Short,” Ray Tracing Merely “Hype”

    [Shower Thought] RTX 20xx series is intentionally gimped/bad so that they can clear the glut of 1080 series stuck in the warehouse? [/Shower Thought]
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    Analyst Insists That Japanese Games Are Irrelevant

    Yes yes, stay away from my eroge.
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    Intel Core i9-7900X CPU Reviews

    While I wait for AMD to get Ryzen optimised and Intel to work on their new platform, I just ordered a X5660 off ebay to upgrade my ancient i7 950!
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    BlackBerry’s Worldwide Smartphone Market Share Hits 0%

    Seeing that a couple of us have BlackBerries... how is that 0.0%? (maybe "< 0.01" instead? like in stats) :banghead: And I'm waiting for new Mercury because I love PKB phones.
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    YouTube, Disney Ditch PewDiePie over Anti-Semitic Comments

    And nothing of value has been lost
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    Fujifilm's GFX 50S Medium-Format Mirrorless Camera Costs $6,500

    My body is ready... Kidney for sale.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Yes. A new weapon in the Pokemon Go thing. And yes, get off my lawn. ;)
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    Mini LCD Display to show only system stats?

    Yes, they have stopped updating the original Power Grid. But they are working on this instead They call it the Roccat Swarm. I'm pretty excited for the new interface though :)
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    Mini LCD Display to show only system stats?

    How about a cheapie tablet plus Roccat's Power Grid? While I use this combo for playing Elite Dangerous, the Power Grid does have a tab that shows system usage and other useful tabs.
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    backpacking w/ a DSLR - tips?

    For the focal zoom section of the lense, I use a larger ziploc bag to allow some free play. My experience is that the more varied the zoom ranges (for a general purpose zoom lense), you will need a larger bag give allowance for adjusting focal lengths - you need to experiment with that. A...
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    backpacking w/ a DSLR - tips?

    Have had some experience in photography in less than ideal environments... I do heartily recommend ziploc bags and gaffe tape (lots of them). Besides using gaffe tape to seal up the camera and lenses against dust or water (not entirely water proof), gaffe tape is rather effective in downplaying...
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    Lack of decent high end professional (business) Windows Laptops?!

    I'm using a T440s with specifications that are a little different from what I see on US markets. T440S 20ARA00QSG i7 4600U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD (apparently an OEM version of the Samsung 840 Pro - MZ7TD256HFAV) GT730M 1GB HD non-touch 1600 x 900 res (I assume it's a TN panel) w Win 7 Pro 64-bit I...
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    WhatsApp Won't Compromise Your Privacy For Facebook

    ^ That escalated quickly.
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    Need a new MMORPG

    Eve Online /thread
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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    Different folks different strokes. I think it's really interesting to read about the differences between camera brands and technologies (advantages and disadvantages). Ultimately each of us have a different rationale in our choice of cameras. By the way... Fujifilm4lyfe! :D
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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    While Metabones is "supposedly" working on a Canon-X Speed booster adaptor, some Fuji/Canon users are using Kipon adapters. You lose the AF and IS, but supposedly makes you readjust your thinking by forcing you to go...
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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    And stupid cheap as well. I have never encountered such quality and small lenses at bargain prices. I sold my huge camera bag and shrunk it down to a very small one now. I'm no fan of huge knockers in white/red trim or black/gold trim.. unless they wobble in the most excellent fleshy way.
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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    Thanks IdiotInCharge :) X-Trans makes me lazy with post-processing. Shoot and print is my motto.. more so when I do it professionally for art gallery projects and faced with tight deadlines. I absolutely refuse to post-process unless it's about cropping or resizing for 300dpi prints...
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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    I don't understand the bit about "stabilized macro lens". 1. Mirror slap has always confounded me when I photographed micro organisms... my X-Pro1 seems to have alleviated that issue. 2. Any vibrations are reduced with weights on tripod or having a macro-focused rail/tripod system. 3. Remote...
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    Has anyone switched to a mirrorless camera?

    Being using Fuji's X-Pro1 since it was released. It's a lovely piece of kit - it suits my professional work (art reproduction for publishing processes) and interests (flowers). Prior to the X-Pro1, I was on a Nikon D200, Fuji S3 Pro and S5 Pro with a bunch of prime Nikkor lenses. Fuji X-Pro1...
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    The Retaliation Begins: Google Profiles Get Schmidt-Faced

    I'm keeping his image on for at least a month. :D
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    AMD Announces Proposed Sale and Lease-Back of Singapore Facility

    Funny. I drove by this place once and I wondered whether it was abandoned.
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    /Vader Noooooooo , Gearbox acquires Homeworld IP.

    Running on Win 7 64-bit... You have to run Homeworld (and Cataclysm) in compatibility mode set at Win NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5) and Default OpenGL mode. No special settings for Homeworld 2. Just install and be merry!
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    Eve Online Help. New Player. Guides? anything?

    Stopped playing for a year, but I remembered blasting through security missions the lazy way. Drake! Fly in a straight line, poop missiles and keep the shields up. Easy as pie.
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    Hands-On With The Oculus Rift

    I'm sold when the consumer version is released. Reason: Chris Roberts' Star Citizen + Oculus
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    An Open Letter to EA on SimCity

    That sounds promising, Skripka. I will look into that as well as I am looking for a city simulator that is a little more modern. A SC4 modder recently released a launcher ( I don't have Eyefinity, so I am not sure whether it...
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    An Open Letter to EA on SimCity

    I can help with that... You can get the latest NAM package (for Windows) here: The biggest update for this package is the draggable fractional angel road system the NAM developers came up with ->...
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    SimCity V (2013) - screens/artwork and information

    Looks like I'll be holding onto Simcity 4 for a long time :) A little help from + some NAM = Simcity 4 is a little more lovable then the new Simcity. Hey, it helps when Simcity 4 is still available on Steam :D
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    FS: Steam Game: Borderlands 2 $20

    PM'd you :)
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    Macros Lens vs .......

    You can try a third-party bellows and just use your 50mm f/1.8 instead - It will give you 1:1 and more :) Based on a guide for a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 on a Nikon PB-6 bellows... Ratio 1:1 @ 52mm extension of bellows @ 54.3mm working distance Ratio 2:1 @ 103mm extension...
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    Diablo 3 Offline Single Player Petition

    And why are u playing computer games while driving? :confused:
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    CPU to pair with H67 for HTPC/light games

    Funny, I just picked up the i3 2100 with a Asus P8H67-M for my HTPC. Awesome combo and affordable as well :)
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    Still a POS, in my opinion. I'm glad I moved on.
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    Senators to Unveil the 'Ex-Patriot Act'

    [OFF TOPIC] Many years ago, it seemed like a popular thing to aspire to owning a green card or even a US citizenship. I don't know about now. To be honest, I kind of like the "freedom" I get in Singapore, instead of being forced to drop my pants at the airport all the time. To clarify my...
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    Senators to Unveil the 'Ex-Patriot Act'

    I still think he could have picked a nicer country to go to. Hint: I'm a Singapore citizen.
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    1 free gb for dropbox!

    Awesome fun :) Needed hints on some of those though. :D
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Hmm... why should the review include the 7970? Price point-wise, the review did a stellar job of comparing those that are relevant. Performance-wise, I could switch to the 7970 reviews and compare the data sets. Sure, the video drivers may be a little dated, but it gives me an indication how...