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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    And here's another case where someone's account was compromised... Looks like Mtgox will be down for a while with all those rollbacks
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    Looks like MtGox is completely down now...
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but it's only until my new parts come in. This one already pulls over 700w at the desktop... And that's without mining! I'm just afraid to see what it pulls while mining and folding...
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    I can't find Scythe Gentle Typhoon fans anywhere.

    It looks like Performance PCs has a variety of them from $15 to $21.50
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    14 Month Old Rig Questions and Problems.

    Try running Intel Burn Test. You'll know if your system is stable really fast.
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    FS: BNIB 2600K

    PM sent