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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Amazing quality, great OC and great support = Corsair
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    FREE Clock Thermometer - WestLaw

    "Your submission has been received" "We'll ship you your gift as soon as we can."
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    free i-pod

    A mod should close this thread. It is NOT a hot deal.
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    free i-pod

    You have to complete 6 of the offers that they have. Its not just about emails. They dont say upfront that you have to complete six and not just one like i thought. They show you NINE "deals" and you have to complete the required six within 6 months to get your gift. BTW most of the...
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    Free $25 dollar gift certificate from

    good deal, thanks
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    Free - Kellogs Smorz food thanks
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    Free 25 digital prints---Target

    Awesome! thanks for the link!
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    the X10 firecracker start kit is free again!

    order one, thanks
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    Belkin 500VA UPS Battery Backup $15

    Thanks, Great deal
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    Free Crest SPin Brush

    Site seems ok to me. go to, link to, click special offers at upper right and voila! you get the link posted above.
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    24 NiMH 2000Mah AA rechargeable Batteries for $23.70 (again)

    anyone tested these versus some name brand (energizer, duracell) rechargeables?