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    Leaked Intel i7-6700K Benchmarks?

    Yeah, after waiting so long I pulled the trigger on an $80 Xeon X5660 for my comp (replacing a i7-920.) At this rate, I'll prolly change platforms in 2018 - 2020 sometime... bleh!!!
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    Grand Theft Auto V Single GPU Performance Review Part 1

    Would love to see 280x CFX (as I'm rolling with a pair of 1st gen 7970's) if you can eek them in there in part 2. Love the game, but yeah, it seems I have to really lower the settings to get it close to playable on Eyefinity. :(
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    [FS] x58 PC Part Out

    PM sent
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    Bitcoin Prices Spike on Euro Woes

    Check for yourself
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    Bitcoin Prices Spike on Euro Woes

    Bitcoin miner here. Look... I'm making roughly $1600 a month now and have been profitable ever since I found out about Bitcoin in 2011. I invested in BFL, should have invested in Avalon, yadda yadda... I learned the hard way about how this market works. But I still LEARNED. I'm tired of...
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    GTX 680 vs. Radeon HD 7970 - Multi-Display Showdown @ [H]

    Guess I missed that part about 3rd party utilities.
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    GTX 680 vs. Radeon HD 7970 - Multi-Display Showdown @ [H]

    Great Review, thanks for this. I'm running eyefinity 3240x1920 and getting another 7970 is a no brainer for me. Also, have you tried Radeon Profile Tool to help with the microstutter on these cards? Might be something worth checking out.
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7870 GHz Edition Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Posting up cause XFX is blowin up. Hope before my next LAN, this thing'll be showin up.
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    I, for one, would LOVE another 7 series card. PICK ME!!!!
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    Ten Years Ago Today In Tech

    Had this exact board. 2500+ Athlon XP-M, DDR400, and a 5900 (flashed to 5950.) Was a SWEET setup, unfortunately... as time marches on... it eventually couldn't keep up. And this was my last AMD build since I started building computers (about circa 386 era.)
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    "Pirateat40" Makes Off $5.6M USD in BitCoins

    Those who got out in time got the best of it... :) those who didn't... well... :-/ Made some money while it was running, ended up being down about 16 coins. *shrugs* I figured meh.. but thinking about it... that's going to hurt when each coin is worth $1000+.
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    Bitcoinica Users Sue for $460k in Lost Bitcoins

    Can't complain. Bitcoins have paid for most of Rockstar and Gir systems in my sig. As well as... 5x 890FXA-GD70s 5x AMD 145 CPUs (3 unlocked into dual core chips) 5x 2GB Ram 10x ATI Radeon 5830s 8x ATI Radeon 5850s So yes, of someone decided to play hard and fast with 40k worth...
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    PDXLAN #20 July 13-16 Portland, OR

    Yo, check out, they have monthly lans (aside from July and December) Also headed to PDXLAN tho... going to be awesome!!!
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    Hard Gaming Diablo 3 BattleTag List

    Add SulSeeker#1252 I also do live streaming at If you add me in game, please leave a note saying you're from the [H]ard forums, or I won't add ya. 60 DH 44 Barb 32 Monk 10 WD & 6 Bank toons
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Video Card Review @ [H]

    So what you're saying is cheaper standard edition 7970's in 7 to 10 days!!! I like this.
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    FS Sapphire 7970 3GB

    PM Sent
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    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    Simply because they're awesome.
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    7900 price cuts incoming

    You know... there's a giant pink elephant in the room (ok, maybe it's a baby pachyderm, BUT....) Bitcoin!!! Well, most of us leave our computers running anyway right? I'd rather mine make money while it's sitting there and I'm sleeping. GTX680 = 41.5 months for it to pay itself off (tho...
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    6770 or 5770?

    5770 - 6770, 800 Shader Core 6850,960 Shader Core 6870 - 5830, 1120 Shader Core 6950, 1408 Shader core 5850, 1440 Shader core 6970, 1536 Shader core 5870, 1600 Shader core. Remember, the 6k series were designed for 32nm, TSMC skipped that node, so AMD cut the chips down and reworked...
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    6770 or 5770?

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    World's Largest Potato Gun

    The sound of it firing will be used for Quake 4's railgun. It's also the sound of unadulterated awesomeness.
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    NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Video Card Review @ [H]ardOCP

    Which is why my eyes scream bloody murder whenever I'm in a theater. Can't wait for 48 (47.94) FPS screens.
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    NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Video Card Review @ [H]ardOCP

    Awesome review guys!!!! Exactly what I wanted to see... Nvidia getting the best of AMD this Please please please by the crap out of these cards... so i can get my hands on more HD 7k series cards. :D Also I want my price matching to kick in, cause you know 7970s are going to drop...
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    Anything better than my 4890 for under 150?

    Hey! Thats not nice! I need me bitcoins! *pssst* Listen to this man. In all seriousness... bitcoins are profitable and people are DUMPING hardware right now for FPGA's and 7970 cards. Getting ready to sell 4x5770's, a 5830, and 5x 5850's this summer and replace all of that with 3...
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    Gigabyte GV-777OC-GD1 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I still think there needs to be an 800 core card, a 1536 core card, and there's still that mysterious Sapphire card with 2304 cores... *shrugs* Maybe AMD is waiting on Nvidia to play their hand.
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    WVGlan Feburary 25th (Eugene, Oregon)

    That's right folks, once again, the good folks at Comfort Suites has graced us with a place to frag! The date is set, Feb 25th, 2011. Like always this is a B.Y.O.C. Event, but squatter boxes are available upon request for only $5.00 more. LAN is a recession friendly $10.00, and gaming...
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    PDXLAN Feb 17th-20th Portland OR

    Oops... going to 20
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    Damn... totally read that as 6990 (as in Trifire), sorry man. Never post a reply @ 5am when you just got off work and are tired as hell.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I'm getting 400 Mhash from my 6950 (unlocked) @ 900 Mhz You're doing something wrong... more than likely have crossfire enabled still... The 6990 should be able to do 800 alone. Check your settings and make sure you have 3 versions of Phoenix running, 2 for each chip on your 6990 and...
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    Hey AMD, you have my $1100, Can i have some official drivers?

    Honestly.. I HOPE and PRAY team green pulls something out of their collective a$$es with Kepler. this is turn would push the 79x0 cards down to more reasonable prices, and no more competing with 580's and such. I'm happy with my 6870CFX setup but I'm not much of a gamer anymore, and these are...
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    Apple Invents Solution To Foxconn Suicide Epidemic

    In other news... Foxconn forecasts greater earnings next quarter due to lower employee churn and training costs of new employees.
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    GeForce GTX 680 To Launch In February?

    I want new Nvidia cards out just as much as anyone else... and I also hope they ARE faster then the competition... If only to push down the price of the 7970's, 7950's, and 7990's. Yes, I have a vested interested in getting cheap ATI cards.
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    Is Bitcoin Making a Comeback?

    Anything above $2.4 is profit for me... let it ride!
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    Is Bitcoin Making a Comeback?

    Just so you guys know... any ATI card bases on GCN doesn't look like a good Bitcoin miner card. We're more than likely going to see Nvidia and ATI high end cards fighting it out for the gaming card, and any ATI 7xxx cards still based in VLIW4/5 fly off the shelves as mining cards. I for one...
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I like Corsair cause their stuff flies!!!!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Awesome card!!! I'm going to get one Since I just got Eyefinity for Xmas, Moving out a pair of 6870's, so it's a worthy upgrade for me. My only question (and I know I'm going to get hazed for this one but...) what's this things Hashrate for us bitcoin users?
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    Ultimate Homebrew Racing Simulator

    5 screens allow true 180* view... so you can see who's beside you as you're both entering a corner... something that happens often... and may be JUST outside of the view on the 2nd and 4th monitor.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    In for one... to upgrade my GF's comp.
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    Siri Backlash Threatens Apple’s Future Magic

    This. And I hate Apple.