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    Laptop for business use

    I'm looking to spend around $800-1k on a solid business laptop. I do IT work, so I want a quick system but not concerned with gaming or storage size really. I'm mostly concerned with mobility and durability. Currently my favorite is the Lenovo Yoga 13, so if anyone has experience with that...
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    So.. which gaming headset will work best with my Claro Halo w/ headphone amp?

    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to audio and how it works with PC gaming, but about a year ago I ended up purchasing a nice sound card and pair of headphones based on some recommendations I saw on a forum. I ended up with a $250 Claro Halo soundcard and a pair of AudioTechnica M50s with a...
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    Need some help picking a new laptop..

    Thanks for the advice. I was pretty much set on the HP Envy 14 Beats laptop until finding out that they no longer offer a 1600x900 display. I had an Asus previously with a low res screen and I absolutely hated it, so this steers me away from the HP Envy unless they change this. I plan...
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    Need some help picking a new laptop..

    Looking for some advice for a new laptop. It will be used for school for the most part, but I still want it to be capable of gaming. WiDi would be cool, but not really necessary. Mainly I don't want it to be some big bulky desktop replacement, so something 15" or smaller would be best, as...
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    2007 Post Your Workstation

    Wow that Antec 900 case looks amazing. Very clean and nice. Would like to know what all you did. I like the desk you have also. Edit: Found the worklog for your rig. Checking it out. :)
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    2007 Post Your Workstation

    Nope. Army Soldier. :) The way it's run now I wish I went Marines though... and thank you.
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    2007 Post Your Workstation

    Here's my current workstation.. will update when I get back from Iraq and get a real case.. :)
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    My e6300 / 680i do not like me - Advice for newbie overclocker

    To start off, I have been doing my research and spent way too many hours this past week doing my best to diagnose these problems and figure it out for myself. I would like to see what help I can get posting my situation, any advice would be much appreciated. I have built a few computers in...