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    Review the game you finished recently.

    I do wish they would give a Remastered treatment to the both the original as well as second with expansion. And a remaster like StarCraft Remastered rather than the butchery that was Warcraft 3’s attempt.
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    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    I've had AT&T U-Verse Gigabit since it rolled out in my area a number of years ago. At least a year ago they started offering 2.5 and 5Gbps here as well but for the price increases on them I haven't jumped to one yet. Honestly at this point I'd probably rather pick up like a Verizon 5G Home...
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    Retro 3dfx Voodoo1 and Voodoo5 5500/6000 Builds

    That's a very neat idea. Wonder what all it would take to get them working on my Canopus cards since they aren't a reference design.
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    Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon (From Software)

    Going to need to keep following along to this as I don't really want to commit to a preorder yet, but would like to reward From Software for finally giving AC another go after so long. Trailer I saw the other day did make it a bit tempting but was also put off by the collector edition...
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    GALCIV IV is now early access

    I think I might have played III at some point. Maybe it was either on Gamepass or was a free Epic game at some point in the past year or two? I still occasionally fire up Civ4 and 5 just struggle to get into other 4X turn based games. I'll see if I can check out some gameplay videos sometime...
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    Dolphin Emulator coming to Steam

    I much prefer real hardware even if then Blackbeard has raided the treasure chest of games. Although I will concede things like flash cartridges and optical drive emulators can make it quite the costly setup too.
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    Apple Supplier Cirrus Falls on Risk From IPhone 15 Design Change

    I had zero idea Cirrus Logic was still around. I thought for sure they died out during the early days of 3d graphics cards. But yeah let’s keep physical buttons around on stuff.
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    Nintendo Switch

    Oh I know but that’s kind of just meh over it being built in to the dock. I’ll probably keep holding out to see if they do wind up doing an actual upgraded model.
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    Nintendo Switch

    I almost never play undocked but I’ve resisted several times only because of the ethernet in the dock.
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    Panasonic S5 II

    Glad to see they are finally moving away from contrast detection DFD only. I suspect this means Leica will also move to this AF on their SL cameras. I only get a few misses as it is on stills but it’s still a welcome change. Also seems to be making a few other changes people were yelling for...
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    In all fairness, Blizzard hasn’t been truly an independent company since before they were named Blizzard and thus before Warcraft was released. Perhaps their continued successes gave them more autonomy than most studios from their parent companies. I do recall reading stories of them being...
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    Scalpers are struggling to sell the RTX 4080 above MSRP, but retailers won't let them return the cards

    Yeah just saw this on Facebook for a NIB card. Good riddance and hopefully having to eat tax and some MSRP helps to keep him from doing it more. Although I’m pretty sure I saw the same seller scalping RTX 3000 cards so probably made enough then to help cover these losses.
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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    I got a 3870x2, a small SSD, a usb video capture, some USB-C dock, and some usb port phone charger thing with 6 Lightning cables. And the speaker I think everybody got that had the dead battery inside of it. Have the USB-C in case end up needing it with the M1 Mac Mini, used the phone charger...
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    Planetside 2

    I think I’ve still got it installed will have to give it a go again with the new update. For whatever reason don’t feel like it ever caught me as much as the first game.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    $1150 for an evga 3090 Ti… Must be a hell of a stock of chips and cards sitting around ahead of 4000
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    Nintendo Switch

    I picked up Triangle Strategy for mine and have played some of it. Gives me the SNES RPG vibe. Kids have been enjoying the Kirby game that came out earlier this year.
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    Gamers Nexus investigates Rise and Fall of Artesian Builds prebuilt PCs

    Hope all those who got chargebacks from him for the GPUs have contacted police to make a complaint. Hopefully some also went through USPS so postal investigators can also look for mail fraud. He clearly deserves some prison time for that. The rest seems like an idiot running a company into...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Yeah it’s not listed anymore right now. Over a couple days it had gone in and out of stock at least 4 times that I noticed. But it wasn't removed until sometime since yesterday afternoon. Their website is certainly not a shining example of e-commerce. :)
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    AAFES has PS5 Disc Horizon Forbidden West bundles showing in stock on their website. $549 free shipping no tax for those who qualify to buy from there.
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    Aug 2022 - FB account no longer required for Oculus, just a Meta account!

    I don’t recall ever reading any real information other than it would require a Meta or Facebook account. Did see a lot of hopes and dreams, but those aren’t worth much.
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    A picture I took 2022

    Went out to test out a new camera. Going to need to fill out the kit a bit more as 60mm isn't enough focal reach for me.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    XFX is only 3 years on some models. Gigabyte and MSI aren’t AMD-only AIBs. Sapphire and Powercolor are 2 years on all their cards these days.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    They have been a long time provider of hardware support for Macs. They do some crazy enclosures not just eGPU but also rackmount stuff for Minis and Trash Cans, used to do CPU upgrade boards back in the PPC and prior days, etc. 3 year warranty on AMD cards is now the exception unfortunately...
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    SteelSeries Apex Pro Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Adjustable Actuation Switches [$99.99 Shipped]

    I had to make sure a USB sleep option was disabled else it sometimes would hang on waking up. Other than that so far the TKL I got a few weeks ago has been wonderful.
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    The Oregon Trail for iOS This was the version available through Apple Arcade. I’m not sure on its availability outside of that. Graphics: Looked much nicer than the last time I played it on an Apple II! Looked fairly good for a mobile oriented game. Believe the graphics are the same if you...
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    My Navy Exchage - RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3090 Ti $599

    I didn’t make my NEX account until after the base access law that requires a VA disability rating, but I believe NEX also opened up online shopping a long time ago to any honorably discharged veteran when AAFES did as well.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    AAFES (Military/Veteran only) has some 3080Ti FEs in stock. Unlike the rest of their FE cards it’s not at MSRP for some reason. $1318 so not great and probably not worth it over the $1000 3080 12GBs.
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    So which KB/M gaming-oriented software is actually good these days?

    I did end up getting a Steelseries Apex Pro TKL once I finally saw they were back in stock. The bummer is it seems Steelseries has sometime recently decided to bloat the software up. It's now Steelseries GG and Steelseries Engine is part of it. I haven't tried to see if I can get just...
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    The Post Your Old/Retro Builds Thread

    Lol that dust :-D
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I usually see it regarded as the best AIB for Nvidia cards. Warranty transfers easily as long as it was a new card. There are options for extended warranties for the first owner, although a bit more expensive now than a few months ago. Step Up options for the first 90 days n case you figure...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Was even posted on slickdeals earlier today and still in stock. Cracra compared to just a few months ago.
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    Civilization V for PC This was the complete collection of the game through Steam with all the expansions and DLC. Graphics: Perhaps a bit dated compared to the newer Civilization VI but it certainly is playable for the genre while still looking pretty good. Gameplay: Lots of replayability as...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    There’s a drop happening. I see a 3080ti available in my area still but still a hard pill to swallow with presumably 4000 series on the way in the next year.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Well the tariffs would still apply to cards already imported, correct? Should just be the newly imported stuff that should be exempt. I hadn’t tried since I picked up a GSync only monitor now, but it was around 9am central opening and supposed to start early signups starting 8:45.
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    New World Amazon's MMO

    Almost any MMO during content lull these days.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Target may or may have not have some Xbox Series X models today. My local store is showing one and got a push notification regarding All Access. Not sure in store if you can just buy it for normal price as online only giving me the all access option for pickup.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I’m seeing them still try on Facebook. Suspect getting people who aren’t following current pricing and availability on new stuff.
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    Nintendo's worst mistakes.

    Anymore…they were definitely competing during N64 and to a lesser extent GameCube. No Sony PlayStation to compete against then Cartridges doesn’t even matter either.
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    Nintendo's worst mistakes.

    It would have been a failure just like every console add-on has been. But it would have denied or delayed Sony’s entry as a manufacturer. That was the mistake.
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    Nintendo's worst mistakes.

    While the N64 may be my least favorite Nintendo home console, I wouldn’t say cartridges was the biggest mistake. It would actually probably be an awful system if it had been stuck with a 1x cd-rom. Imagine the loading with OoT, MM, or even Goldeneye. The controller was absolutely terrible...