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    Games And Movies Are Merging

    Dear Esther is a recent game that springs to mind. First person, but all story.
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    Fold for the [H]orde and Win!

    Yeah, figured. But that won't stop me!
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    DDR3 RAM for X38 - any?

    Cheers - I've been over the QVL and the manual, but it's pretty dated. I guess my biggest concern is the voltages - the Dominator that I've got runs at 2V (!!) but I'm guessing newer RAM shouldn't be an issue? I've only got the RAM @ 1600MHz at the moment, and I'm not sure if it's the RAM or...
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    DDR3 RAM for X38 - any?

    Looking at RAM options for my desktop rig (in sig). It's an X38 Maximus Extreme board with 4x1GB Corsair Dominator in them. Starting to find that 4GB of RAM is a bit prohibitive at times. My question - will any DDR3 kit work? I will probably stick to 2GB sticks, I don't need more than 8GB in...
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    Fold for the [H]orde and Win!

    Quick question - can NewEgg vouchers be redeemed from overseas? Specifically, Australia? Bah, who cares, 4K PPD is easy done :)
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    Happy Easter [H]ard Folders!

    Sweet! All sounds like good fun. Looks like I will need to upgrade video cards soon, might look at a GTX680 when they land here in AU. Will be a nice addition if I can get it.
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    Happy Easter [H]ard Folders!

    Happy Easter [H]ard folders! Long time member, been a while since I posted, and on and off folder for the [H]orde. Thought I would share what I am folding with this Easter! Both my systems are in my signature. Recently got the QX9650 to 3.8GHz stable with the RAM at 1600MHz. For a 4 year...
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    [H] Weekend Project

    My highlight of the weekend was going to build a new i5 2500-based at work. That sure beats it! Good work guys.
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    Mineral Oil Submersion. Down Sides?

    That sounds pretty much ideal. Mineral oil is pretty annoying to work with though, its very much like a clear lubricant and tends to go everywhere, so naturally keeping it well sealed is crucial. Thats about all I can offer, other than read other people's projects and have some fun with it!
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    Mineral Oil Submersion. Down Sides?

    Fantastic! I'm guessing too, that anything other than a fishtank will be much better to move the oil around in an efficient manner. Certainly don't expect water-cooling type efficiency, but I'm guessing you're doing it for reasons other than cooling :D
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    Does USB flash drive slow system down?

    I don't see why it should, unless something is continually trying to access it. And even then, in games there shouldn't be anything noticeable. Have you noticed anything?
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    Mineral Oil Submersion. Down Sides?

    Mineral oil is a great novelty, but doesn't work well for cooling, unless you are able to remove the heat from the oil (using a radiator of some description). I have an old P4 ~1.4GHz system at work that is submerged in mineral oil in a large fish tank as a display, and while it gets plenty of...
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    Post your coolermaster stacker 830,831,832

    Thought I would post up my 'new' hi-end rig - I've had it for a few months now, and I've only just taken photos of it tonight: Coolermaster 830 nVidia Edition: Mounted the boot drive using the supplied Raptor X mount, instead of an empty fan spot: The internals: Note - thats the HSF...
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    Australia Cancels Broadband Deal

    You have to remember this deal was started when the old government was still in office, and most likely did not work with the new governments plan for broadband internet. Secondly, the major problem was our major telco out here (Telstra) was having a major gripe with the proposal, saying that...
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    Australian R18+ Games Debate

    Thought this might be worth a read for a lot of people, it seems as though the debate about games classifications will not go away anywhere: Full article:,25642,23447566-5014239,00.html Its interesting that the debate can carry on (both here in...
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    why you shouldn't smoke around your computer

    I have seen some shockers from cigarette smoke over the years. Bad smells, staining, and the dust buildup inside the case. Sadly, I don't have any pics :(
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    "Power Surge on Hub Port"

    One of two things - the unknown device is using too much current, or a USB port is broken and possibly shorting on itself. Make sure what devices you have plugged in, if you don't, then I reckon it would be a broken USB port somewhere on the backplate or frontplate.
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    RAM works in one slot, not the other?

    In dual channel or single channel mode? It is probably some weird problem compatibility-wise with the RAM and the mainboard. It can happen, depending on the board and RAM. Check the manual to see what slots they have to be in to get them recognised and running at the right speeds/timing. But...
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    Vista - Random freezing, HDD light stays lit

    I would be suspecting the hard drive first. Faulty hard drives can make the same sounds when they are 'dying' as when they are first started up. It doesn't sound like there are any other PSU related problems with your computer, so I would suggest replacing the drive first off, and going from there.
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    Crysis, the best FPS to date

    Oh no, I never said that quicksave/quickload was broken (worked fine when I did start using it), but rather the auto-save at checkpoints could be annoying, depending on the situation I was in (health, state of attack etc). I know another review bought it up as a slight problem, in that the...
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    Crysis, the best FPS to date

    Oh... well... :p :D I know you can quicksave (like all FPS's), but at times the action can get fierce, and a) you can't reach those keys while fighting off the Koreans and b) on my machine, the kind of lag saving a game generates is ridiculous. I was resorting to jumping to the menu, manually...
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    Crysis, the best FPS to date

    Well, I just finished the full game, so I went looking for a thread like this somewhere to see what people's feelings are. Reading the first few pages (started to get repetitive after a while :p ), I can't help but agree with some, disagree with others... I played the whole game with the system...
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    dvd rw problem help

    Is it telling you from within Explorer or the burning program? If its the burning program, remove and re-install it. If its in Windows in general (and shows up in Explorer as CD-RW (x:), where x is its drive letter), then it may be a device or filters issue. I have a feeling that its the...
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    i need a fps

    BF2, UT2004 for the moment are probably the best bet. Easy to get into, point and shoot all you like :)
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    Ageia PhysX PCI-Express Processing Unit w/ 128MB GDDR3 Worth it?

    Good idea Crimson. My PPU has sat on my desk for the last 3 months not being used, because there is no software that supports it at all. Sure, it may end up in my next system (which is greater then 6 months away), but right now my $400AUD 'investment' in gaming experience has fallen flat...
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    Would you be interested in a "[H]ard" energy drink?

    Like the sound of it :) Plans to market/sell to Australia? Or I'll fly over to the US, just to try it :D
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    Blue Screen - Hard Disk not Mountable

    Grab your Windows XP CD, boot off it and head into the Recover Console. Get to the command prompt (as its an unmountable boot volume it should come up straight away). Type in: chkdsk /r I had one of these today, checkdisk sorted it out. Recovered data, and boot information all at once. If...
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    Terrible UT2004 performance, pretty good machine

    Some UT problems are related to sound settings (at least for me for a while :D ). Try setting the sound to just 3D Audio (in the settings section, under Audio). Make sure the 'Use System sound driver' is checked as well. You can force low sound quality from that section too, to see if that...
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    DX10 is do-able on Windows XP

    My thoughts exactly ;) The number of people that denounced XP when it was first released are the people that swear by it now as the only OS for them. I get to see it every day, when people discuss new machines with us, and say (oh Windows Vista is terrible, a lot of people have said its not...
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    Belkin Nostromo N52 gamepad

    The N52 was the evolution to the n50, which I used for many years. I stopped using it for a long time when I upgraded my keyboard, and never actually went back. Its a great idea and very useful so that you don't need to move your fingers anywhere near as much as you'd think.
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    Why is my computer is running sluggish?

    Wow, that is pretty shocking. How does it run in full-screen mode? It looks like a driver issue thats causing your problems. There are no older drivers that support the 8600 sadly, so you may have to wait until they release a newer one (soon, apparantly). Another other games give you troubles...
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    Why is my computer is running sluggish?

    What OS are you running? And is it still responsive within the OS doing normal tasks? Are there any error messages that come up when using the machine (at all)? The latest nVidia drivers aren't that good for performance, I had to revert to my 84.21 drivers, as the 9x.xx series just sucked on my...
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    How can I tell if a Hard Drive is failing?

    Noises are normally a dead giveaway, such as clicking, turning on and off. Otherwise, using manufacturers utilities (such as off the Ultimate Boot CD) will give you an idea, although you may need to check the codes off the manufacturers web site.
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    Cool Linux Based Car PC Mod

    I agree. I recently got a Pioneer DVD head unit in my car, it is a great unit, and I have considered building an in car Media PC off the screen... a project for later :) But having Linux in a car is really cool, I like the kind of things he is doing with the car too.
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    PC game - TOCA race driver 3

    The series is great, labelled V8 Supercars 3 here in Australia. Played on PS2, so a gamepad will be sweet. Doesn't the PC version have copy protection in it?
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    Some Logitech G15 quirks...

    Its more liveable than you think... I do the same :) Grabbed latest drivers from Logitech? Not sure if the drivers that come with the KB are MCE compatible, although they should be. I'm pretty sure the lights are controlled by the drivers. I CBF restarting my machine and trying the lights out :D
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    Wireless networking problems

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    Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 Preview @ [H] Enthusiast

    Front page: ASUS Striker Extreme Sneak Peak The new enthusiust mobo from ASUS has the nVidia 680i SLi chipset on it. Looks like an upcoming release on the new chipset very soon, and I am thinking that it will be a better match to the quad core than current motherboards, if only for the added...
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    Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 Preview @ [H] Enthusiast

    Great article guys, really appreciated. I decided that I was getting quad-core as soon as it was announced, even though the main application it would have is gaming. But all the new games with multicore support are the games I will be getting, I guess its not too bad. I'm just waiting on...
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    Computer Abuse, what ticks u off?

    I think you've nailed it on the head there :) I just hate the people who think they know so much about computers, and that we (workers in a computer store) have no idea, even though some of us live and breathe computers (in a non-geeky way, of course ;) ) Not to mention the people who want...