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    Amnesia Starter Strategies?

    I came here to say something along the lines of this. I know what you are asking can't be 100% described as meta-play but you are getting close. Knowing exact numbers for certain instances can really ruin a game like this. I think it even says something like this at the start of the game...
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    Sins of a Solar Empire + Two Micro Expansions

    I'll have to try the star wars mod, the star trek mod just has bad mechanics and is buggy as hell.
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    Sins of a Solar Empire + Two Micro Expansions

    I was hoping just the original would be like 10$ or something... No luck. You either get the original plus 2 expo's for 20$ or the original for 20$ and 2 expos for 10$ a pop. 10$ it would be worth it for me to buy it and give it to my friend to force him to play it with me, 20$ just isnt...
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    Playing Morrowind for the first time any advice?

    1. get lovers kiss 2. kill khajit with magic transforming sword 3. profit until you can find a real daedric sword.
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    The Great Steam Treasure Hunt

    Seems like good odds to me. Especially if they give us a freebie like "set up an avatar" on each of the 7 different sets. Then youve only got to do 3 of your own.
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    Empire: Total War

    Are you playing a grand campaign or the "road to Independence"? I really liked the "Road to Independence" but never got the urge to replay it so I would suggest doing that first, it walks you through everything you need to know then throws you into the game. I felt like I got ahead more when I...
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    Opera 11 Tab Stacking Video

    I invented this while stacking rocks in my cave.
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    Galaxy 4th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    I am totally gonna get ripped for this: Landon....
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    125 Years of Popular Science Magazine

    Its all illegible once you zoom in :(
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    It's official: I'm a complete WUSS

    What about the controls is bad? Hotkey for your items, hotkey for your flashlight, hotkey for the notepad. WASD movement. the rest is mouse control. If you think thats bad than 95% of all games made are bad.
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    Favorite game to play in bed

    I need some time doing a mindless activity like watching something uninteresting on TV before I can fall asleep. An engaging activity like playing a video game makes my mind wander immediately after and makes it hard for me to fall asleep.
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    Steam Holiday sales speculation

    I predict a whole slew of Train related game to be on sale.
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    Steam is Killing the PC Market?

    All I know for a fact is that I have spent ATLEAST 2x as much money on PC games as I usually would have since Steam came out. Killing PC gaming market? Heeelllll no Killing other PC gaming retailers? Maybe, but whose fault is that?
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    does Steam ever have sales on new games?

    Nope steam only has sales for Train related games in my experience.
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    Minecraft + Dwarf Fortress would = Jizz all over the interwebs.
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    Steam: The Ball

    It looks like HL2 gravity gun with a giant ball.
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    Funniest Game Tag/ Name

    Me and my buddies are rolling Bopit Twistit and Pullit right now.
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    Amensia: The Dark Descent

    Dan_D is such a badass.
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    Star Wars: TOR... Lowering My Expectations Yet Again...

    I started up a video for this game and the guy said "Now the party has 4 main classes heres our tank our healer our damage dealer and our utility" I shut off the video then took a hammer to my monitor immediately. Bioware is about 5 years too late in terms of dropping a cookie-cutter MMO...
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    US Students Not So Worldly Wise

    How does 2 guys interviewing students at a single university get spun into "Most young Americans"
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    Warren Spector: Games Should Not Be Movies

    I don't care what this dude says I like a lot of games that play out like movies. Take HL2 for example that game was straight up on rails, you had no choices as to what you do, you were just along for the ride whilst killing shit. And I loved it, it told a good story, and was a good game IMO.
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    Why Serious Gamers Won't Go for Wireless Mice

    I have monster hands and piano fingers but the sidewinder isn't just big it is obnoxiously huge. I am trashing mine and picking up a new mouse very very soon.
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    Company of Heroes Online is now open to everyone (beta) ! - it is FREE !

    So its just 1v1 instanced battles over a large persistent map correct?
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    Company of Heroes Online is now open to everyone (beta) ! - it is FREE !

    Im interested can you kind of explain what the jest of it is? ITs a persistent world you say? There was a mod a long time ago for COH that was a large "persistent" map that people would battle 1v1 in instanced parts of the map for control of said piece of the map, is this the same? Absolutely...
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    Gamersgate Summer Sale RPG Week

    Looks more like a retro look to me. I like it.
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    Lame Starcraft 2 plot

    I haven't played it yet, and I know I am a moron for coming in here with spoilers. Will some one true/false 1 point for me please. I read the OP and if "all 3 races team up to fight a new super villain" is true then I am going to blow my brains out because this is ridiculous.
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    Best website for reading some SC2 strategies and see replays?

    AFAIK Team Liquid IS the SC2 community site. Be it official or not, that is where everyone is. Also all the stuff from the other smaller SC2 community sites gets pulled to anyways so its best to just get everything there IMO.
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    What would/can you do to revolutionize the FPS genre?

    Yeah someone needs to sit down and put out a game with good net code like CS. CS just FEELS so much better than any other shooter out. The hit detection, the hit boxes, the speed, the fluid controls, it all feels right. Then you have big name titles like BFBC2 and MW2 that are fun but...
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    Price and dedicated server issue aside....MW2 vs. BFBC2

    Damn seriously? I learned to lead people from other games but had to teach myself to stop doing it in BFBC2 because I kept losing kills..... If thats the case I wonder what the hell my problem is lol.
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    Lead & Gold Gangs of the Wild.

    Played over the weekend, and had a lot of fun with a few friends. Afraid I would get bored of it quick if I bought it though. Seems like a candy rack game. Id be willing to buy it if it was 7 bucks and there was an advertisement for it on my way to check out whilst buying something else.
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    Price and dedicated server issue aside....MW2 vs. BFBC2

    Did ya know that the sniper rifles are the only guns with real physics in BFBC2? Pick up an M60 put the scope on it and single shot headshot people from clear across the map. All other guns besides the snipers are no travel time/no gravity. I like BFBC2 more because MW2 does not seem like the...
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    Alien Swarm

    I wished that as well at first, but I personally hate "special" zombies for some reason and I couldn't see this game working without them.
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    Whats the best game to play while your drunk? (etc)

    Simple FPS's when I am drunk. I cant afford to play Darkfall (MMO) while drunk. Just buzzing I will get on and play, but If I am out of it drunk the most I will do is get on vent and chat with my buddies. And I cant wrap my head around tactical games like Empire: Total War when I am drunk...
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    StarCraft II Budget Exceeds $100m

    Because SC1 is the most widely pirated game in existence and 90% of the people pirating it just play with friends on lans.
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    why do you never finish good games?

    The boat scenes are only like 20 mins into the game!
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    Facebook Refuses to Take Down Tribute Page to Killer

    This. Facebook doesnt give 2 shits, they will hop to whatever side they think will get them more hits.
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Multiplayer Clip

    It just baffles me as to why so late in the MMO game someone thinks its a good idea to drop another class based cookie cutter MMO. I can understand the fact that they are just milking the "general" Star Wars, as well as the KOTOR IP, trying to pull some nostalgic customers. But once that...
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    What are you playing now thread?

    Just resubbed to Darkfall, new patch recently, things are getting epic again :)
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Multiplayer Clip

    When he went through the 4 classes at the start I closed teh video. No thanks I dont need another tank/ dps/ healer class game.