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    Heavily Discounted Reconditioned Vitamix Blenders + Free Shipping

    Banana, Almond Milk, and Matcha Smoothie is the best 1 banana half a cup of almond milk half a cup of filtered water OR substitute with almond milk 5 large ice cubes, or more if needed half a teaspoon of organic matcha green tea
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    The best hard gaming mouse pad?

    The best cloth mouse pad is Turtle Beach Drift. It’s super smooth and comfortable. Allows pinpoint accuracy too. SteelSeries QcK is also a really good cloth one. The best plastic or synthetic one is definitely SteelSeries Dex. If you haven’t tried it then you’re definitely missing out. Someone...
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    Tesla Unveils Vegan-Friendly Car

    How on earth do ppl buy leather seats? Completely uncomfortable
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    GoldenEye 007 Meets Unreal Engine 4

    Now I find myself watchin the GoldenEye. Again.
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    GoPro Cutting Jobs

    Let alone Sony, Eyeshot, Contour, JVC, Toshiba, Ricoh, Polaroid, etc. There are tons of action cameras out there to choose from.
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    Lian Li Made A Yacht Shaped Case

    Great dust collector :)
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    No More Pirated Games In Two Years

    Nah, just a matter of time..
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    The ultimate price for cheating in professional gaming.

    Won't take much effort to come back if they are so good.
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    Security Updates Available for Adobe Acrobat and Reader

    He decides what's better for You ;)
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    Everyone Has The Same Personality Online

    I can't even understand what that's all about?
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    Miniature Google Street View

    The best Street view I've ever seen so far :)
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    Spider Man Drone Uses A Net To Catch Other Drones

    Same here. Looks like the second one hits the ground.
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    Cheap Laptop that will output 1080p

    I guess external optical drive is not the option?
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    Coming in 2018....Psychonauts 2!

    Thank You, already checking it at Steam
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    Until Dawn, cinematic ps4 horror adventure game.

    This is insane! #1 in my to get list.
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    Coming in 2018....Psychonauts 2!

    Never heard of the first one to tell the truth :(
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    How do you pronounce Mario?

    This video just made my day :)
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    PC releases you are excited for?

    Waiting for this one as well
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    A Picture I took 2016

    Nice one ;)
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    Game completion log 2015

    Starcraft:Legacy of the Void was the only one this year
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    PC releases you are excited for?

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    What's a good, easy solution to remotely control a PC?'s free for private use
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    A Picture I took 2016

    My dog ;)