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    Looking for a BIG laptop 18+ inches

    As someone who still has three 18.4" Alienware laptops there definitely is a difference in screen size. Personally I ended up throwing RTX 3000 GPUs in my M18xR2 & AW18 to keep them relevant in todays time. Packed with 32GB RAM, MXM NVMe SSD adapter, they aren't too bad. However, so far there...
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    I know Onkyo has a option for their own EQ software that might do something similar however, I have not seen any option in the DIRAC live app. i'll have to take a look to see if it was updated. I did all my stuff back in Dec 2021.
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    Honestly I was surprised they let me RMA it but the process went smoothly. I'm sure the 2nd gen version will be much better, but this one isn't bad as long as you don't need to send it back. The fan on my new one seems to be louder but everything else seems fine. I'm just waiting for Valve to...
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    Ah I forgot about this thread. I've been using my Onkyo TX-RZ50 since December. I ended up giving my Denon X4700H to my brother. I like my Onkyo much better (my previous receiver was Onkyo TX-NR838). Running 7.1.4 set-up. One out to my 4K TV and second out to 4K projector. Haven't had any...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I had to RMA my first 256GB Steam Deck I received 2 weeks ago. had a dead pixel in the middle of the screen. Valve had me send it back and sent me a new one. No dead pixels. Kinda want to see the 512gb screen in person. My brother has one ordered but won't get it until next month.
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    EVGA 3090ti in stock

    OC 3090 Kingpin vs stock 3090Ti FTW: I wouldn't upgrade unless you need the VRAM.
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    Seems like your PSU was fine for 5950x + RTX 3080Ti. Then again I used a 875W PSU from 2014 on my 10980XE + RTX 3090 and it was fine. I upgraded to a EVGA 1200 P+ but the 875W is still used in another build. Did you end up selling 2080?
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    Will you upgrade to the S22 ultra?

    MicroSD cards can be fast f we're talking UHS-II + cards. As for me, I wanted the S22 Ultra. The wife said no, since I had just bought the iPhone 13 Pro Max last year. :(
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    I’ve since changed the build to 3x Titan V 1x 3090 But yes I have them each dedicated to a VM. I can access them from other computers as well that way.
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    Older pics but you'll get the idea. Corsair 900D EVGA SR-2 2 x Xeon X5675 48GB DDR3 1600Mhz 2 x 120GB PNY SSD RAID0 2 x Titan V 1 x Titan Xp 1 x RTX 3090 KINGPIN EVGA 1600 G+
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    Need a Blu-Ray drive that can rip 4k disco

    I have a HL CA40N in my laptop and HL BH40N in my desktop. Any of these capable of 4K UHD blu-rays or any flashing possible?
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    So the ports were not in full bandwidth? What were they at, 24gbps vs 40 or 48 now? I had to do something similar to my current Denon X4700H but I still need the little converter box in between
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    Oops yeah I meant 3090/3080 GPUs. The 3070Ti FTW and below use two 8-pin, which is nice.
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    Steam Deck officially announced by Valve

    Out of curiosity, what does everyone's pre-order says in terms of shipping time? When I ordered it said Dec 2021, now it says Q1 2022.
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    Try AVSCience, I ordered TX-Z50 from them, they might have 7100.
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    I still haven't gotten any XC3 models I've been in queue since September. The thing I don't like about FTW3 models etc is the 3 power plug requirement.
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    Nice! My radiator is sitting in the 5.25” but I only have a pic with the radiator outside and side panel open.
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I have a similar issue. Only card I was able to buy is a EVGA RTX 3090 Hybrid so the 240mm radiator was stuffed into my 5.25” slot area lol. I’m using an Alienware Aurora R4 case so there’s no room for a radiator like that.
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I’ve also always bought the Titan card of each generation (only didn’t own black, Z and RTX). Luckily the 3090 was cheaper than the RTX Titan and little did I know the GPU supply would be bad this long. The 3090 was the easiest to buy so I guess it kinda worked out for my personal build although...
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I’m mainly looking for an EVGA SR-2 motherboard now since some people at EVGA forums hooked me up with X58 parts. However PM me what you’re looking for and I might consider another X58 build
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    It was an MSI model forget exact one. I’m sure the price is what the AIb charges or close to it but still $599 msrp to $949 for an aib model is quite a lot
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    Why is Microcenter scalping people.

    I went to best buy today. They had a 3070Ti for $949 lol. I think everyone is charging a lot from AIB to retailer.
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I’m building a X58 system with GTX 275 on the cheap to play some old games for my brother while he’s looking for GPUs.
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    What if the crypto craze never ends?

    Even if crypto crashed tomorrow I don’t think GPU supply and prices will come back anytime soon. This has become a cycle really. There’s crypto years where it’s booming and there’s years where it’s down. But the chip shortage has caused lots of delays and production issues.
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    What made you switch?

    I can agree on battery life. My iPhones have always gotten worse battery life compared to my android phones. I think iOS just shows up what apps want location whereas Android is starting to do that. There was a change in iOS 12-14 somewhere where the location request was shown for every app that...
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    What made you switch?

    I used to switch back and forth every year or two between iOS and Android. I’m on my second year of iOS right now and am getting a bit of iOS and might switch to Android this year or next year. I bought a cheap Note 9 to play with Android and see if I will switch. Main issue with iOS: Limited...
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    Need replacement for Seasonic TX-850 with better OCP for 3090

    That’s good to hear the issue was solved. I’m currently running Intel Core i9 10980XE + RTX 3090 XC3 Hybrid on a 875W PSU (Alienware Aurora R4 dell oem). I have an EVGA 1000 G5 on order but had no issues with my setup for months (all stock). Really seems to depend on psus
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    Your CPU progression

    I can’t remember my CPU progression (had too many) but these are what I have today: Intel Core i9 10980XE (desktop) Intel Core i9 9900K (Alienware Area-51m Laptop) Intel Core i7 3920XM @ 4.2Ghz (Alienware M18xR2 Laptop) Intel Core i7 2637M (Alienware M11xR3 Laptop) Intel Core i7 8850H (Dell...
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    HDMI 2.1 AVR Recommendations (2021)

    I pre-ordered the Onkyo TX-RZ50. I currently have the Denon X4700H and they finally sent me the converter box to fix xbox series x and rtx 3000 issues. I can finally use my xbox with VRR but I decided I preferred the options and sound of my previous Onkyo TX-NR838 hence the preorder. If anyone...
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    If this stays as an actual requirement, I can see someone coming up with a way around it. Final requirements will probably not require tpm 2.0 but will be recommended.
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    Yeah that's true but I don't think we really had a shortage years ago during 20 series. And if any of rumors are to be believed Ada Lovelace (40 series) should be a decent deal faster than 30 series. Not to mention right now many people are looking for 30 series and if that's still the case...
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    Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more (UPDATE - added source for Windows 10 retirement date)

    Windows 11 doesn't seem to be much of an upgrade from 10. I just feel like they took what was supposed to be 10X and newer builds and renamed it to 11. Perhaps they will move back to the original licensing system to make more $$$. They did give 10 away for free lol I totally agree with this. I...
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    I just hope manufacturers don't start using the pricing to increase MSRP of next gen GPUs. If a 3090 is $1499 and 3080Ti is $1199, who knows if they will increase it to $1999 for a 4090 and $1499 for a 4080Ti since so many people are buying GPUs at those prices like on eBay.
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    Are AMD drivers really still terrible?

    I think AMD drivers have gotten better over the years. I still prefer nVidia drivers without geforce experience just because its lightweight and simple compared to AMD's AIO package, but the drivers themselves were stable.
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    X79 - Why are used prices so high?

    I upgraded my desktop with Intel Xeon E5 1660 V3, upped the RAM to 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz, added a Radeon VII from a eGPU I was using, and bought a Noctua NH-D15. The older parts (i7 5820k, 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz, 120GB SSD, 600w PSU, GTX 980, 120mm AIO) will go into a spare PC case I have laying...
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    Which laptop brands are best?

    Lots of companies, such as Dell , offer the same support for the lower end models as the high end models too, just gotta pay a bit more to get it. I do agree though that for many companies this is an issue. For Apple, it doesn't matter which product you have.
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    Fully Decked out and accessorized 16" MacBook Pro costs over $8k

    I just returned my 16" MBP. I had the $2,799 model. When compared to my 2013 retina MBP 15" it performed 2x faster at things like rendering, but in everyday tasks and moderate loads, there was almost no difference. I decided to give my 2013 some fresh thermal paste, new battery, and fresh...
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    Which laptop brands are best?

    We have a bunch of Dell's at the house (Latitude and Precision series only), lots of Alienware's (Area-51m, M18xR2, M14xR2, 13 R3) and some Mac's (Macbook Pro 15 Retina Late 2013, MBP 13 Late 2011) all have been solid. I think more importantly is the class of laptop. I don't normally buy...
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    for Blu-ray Pure Audio disc, if I only use PCM 5.1 mode, is there a difference vs. CD?

    If you only have a 2Ch set-up, it shouldn't matter which mode you listen in.
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    Epson 3100 or Benq 2050a

    I was literally in this same situation! I went with the Epson 3100. The BenQ was on sale for $599 on Cyber Monday, after tax it was around $653 The Epson was on sale for $699 on Black Friday. I found a site selling it and had a 10% off coupon. Got it for $629.10. I was thinking of ordering...