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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case

    I hate your guys habit of link to your own web page. Why not just link us to the review of the product? Instead of linking to the blurb about the review so that I have to click for a second time?
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    The "Ultimate" PC Case? No limits.

    Having seen many of the cases in person, they are amazing. Lots of build options, colors, and they can even do custom work if you are willing to pay.
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    MetallicAcid's FT03 with Xtreme watercooling

    HOLY CRAP THAT IS A BIG RADIATOR! Gonna watch this one!
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    New custom HTPC build

    It's Alive!
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    Ugh ... cannot find case for commell LE-575X ...

    Commell is an industrial supplier, and nearly all of thier products get used in custom hardware designed by someone else.
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    New custom HTPC build

    Starting to come together. Ran into a problem on sunday when trying to assemble. Could not find any of my screws or stand offs, and everything was closed because of easter! But starting to get it together now. Here is a pic of all the cut parts just stacked together.
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    New custom HTPC build

    So putting my CNC router to work for me to start with, cutting a new HTPC Case. The case itself uses aluminum extrusion corners, which i will manually sand into a shiny brushed finish. The panels are all 9mm Baltic Birch plywood, cut on my own cnc router, which if all goes well will be for...
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    FS - Custom CNC cut Lian-li Case - $100

    Bump, Price Drop
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    FS - Custom CNC cut Lian-li Case - $100

    Price Dropped to $90. Custom CNC machined Lian-li, with flush fitting window. It is a mid tower Lian-li case, comes as is pictured below. It is almost perfectly flush fitting window. But is a first attempt so not quite perfect. It is a used case so there are some dings and blemishes. $90...
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    Mini-ITX Build Needs a Good Case

    No cad application can use a consumer GPU for acceleration. Only professional GPUs can be used for that.
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    will a 780 lighting fit in a ITX prodigy case?

    a bitfenix prodigy? and i think just about any card will fit if that is the case you are speaking of. links would be good.
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    WTB - Older Dual core CPU, ITX motherboard

    Looking for older dual core CPU and ITX motherboard combo. No Atom or E series AMD please.
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    FS - ITX Gaming computer. $400 Shipped.

    Selling some spare parts in a new case with new PSU. intel D57JG Mini ITX Motherboard Intel i5 670 3.46ghz Quad Core 1156 8gb Patriot 1600MHZ DDR3 120GB OCZ SSD 400GB Seagate 7200 HDD GTX280 ASUS Video Card LG DVD-RW. Coolermaster Elite120 Itx Case ThermalTake 600w PSU Windows 7 Ultimate is...
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    Why 3D Printing Is Overhyped

    Speaking as someone that owns a 3d printer. 1. It is great for prototyping. 2. I have made almost $200 printing name plates, and Custom 120mm Fan grills 3. It is not as strong as some platic molded parts, but it is stronger then some also. Why a regular person would want one? Lets see: 1...
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    3D Printed Signs

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    3D Printed Signs

    So at Vector lan I printed up this Sign as a thank you to Vector for all the lan parties. And several people expressed interest in getting one for them selves. So with the blessing of Vector here we Go! These signs are Printed on a Solidoodle 3 3D printer from ABS plastic. They are...
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    FS - Custom Breifcase PC - $800 or best offer

    Bump and Price Reduction, $700.
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    FS - Custom Breifcase PC - $800 or best offer

    A little rough around the edges and has seen some use so some bumps and bangs on the outside. Works great. Make me a good offer. I know $700 is high but got to start somewhere. Couple of issues to be aware of. 1. It is a custom job, and a little rough around the edges but fully functional...
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    Oregon Duck Danger Den 450

    Yes DD is sadly out of business. I knew they guys a little from PDXLan. Hope they keep coming to the Lan.
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    Project Super Midget Rig: SG08 Powerhouse

    my experience with the corsair coolers has been good. for a given volume level the corsair is better at low sound levels.
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    SG05 vs SG06

    Far as I am aware the SG05 and SG06 have the exact same Steel chassis under the plastic face plate. So any mod that works on a SG05 for a longer card should work on a SG06 as well.
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    Any places you trust that can anodized aluminum ?

    I have used a company in Portland Oregon called Electro-Chem Metal Finishing several times with very good luck...
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    Thermaltake Level 10 reissue - only 300 units made - why is nobody talking?

    Friends don't let friends use Thermaltake.
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    Silverstone Sugo SG09

    Any idea when this hits the US?
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    Smallest MATX box that can fix a corsiar H80.

    I have worked on those before, and with the mutliply steel/plastic/aluminum construction they are very quiet on the outside, but the 120mm fan in that is for the PSU. Was looking at those, but my past experience with shuttle says limited to no overlocking and you end up with a loud fan if...
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    Smallest MATX box that can fix a corsiar H80.

    not a huge deal, this case is going to become a minecraft server for Probably a i5 k model OCed some 32GB Ram 120GB PCIe 8x SSD for the MC Server 120k IOps and upto 1GB per second xfer rate. 60GB SSD for windows and web server 2TB for backup drive And I have seen the...
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    New Lian Li PC- Q11 itx case : Specification & Feature

    Someone asked me to repost the pictures of my modded Q11. I didn't bother to resize so they are about 600k each.
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    Smallest MATX box that can fix a corsiar H80.

    I have searched and searched. I want a really tiny box that can take Matx motherboard, and mount a corsiar H80. Any tips guys?
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    Project: Server and Gaming Case

    That much aluminum isnt light. :D lighter then it would be from steel, but still alot of material. Keep up the interesting work spotswood!
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    Lian Li PC-Q12 (-only one note)

    I dont mean have the cooler poke out of the case. And by normal I mean a low profile with a fan that just reaches the side panel. Then install grill, or drill a hole pattern to allow cold air directly into the CPU fan.
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    Lian Li PC-Q12 (-only one note)

    Why not use a normal CPU cooler and just open the sidepanel over the cooler for cold air intake to the CPU?
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    Lian-Li PC-Q03

    Probably, but then you would have 3 external AC power bricks.
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    Silverstone Sugo SG09

    Tony, But you guys already make seperate filter parts. just look at the picture of the TJ08e. :D
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    Lian Li PC-Q12 (-only one note)

    been thinking bout that mod. looks like you did a great job! What video card did you use there?
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    Archaic: Old School Case Mod Project

    looks really good man. good work.