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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Got mine and it looks OK. Only 64.81% remaining. Wish it was higher, but it should be fine for a game drive. Speeds are good with Seq reads at 1529.5 and writes at 1181.4. Unfortunately HDDsentinel doesn't seem to know about this type of drive and can't get any info from it so it looks like I...
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    Waterfox browser sold to ad company...

    Dam it. There is really only one alternative left that can run the amazing older plugins and that is palemoon I think. :(
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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Decided to pick one up. Offered $200 then got counter offered for $215 and just accepted it. Hope I get one with a high write life percentage. 🤞
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    Boneworks VR - December 10th Release

    Yeah I ran into the same issue. I played like 2 hours exploring and got pretty far past the tutorial level, started feeling a bit nauseous so I quit, then I came back I was right where I was after the tutorial level ended and I never started the game again.
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    confirmed: AMD's big Navi launch to disrupt 4K gaming

    I'll believe it when it shows up, but it won't be disruptive. To be disruptive it would need to sneakily show up after the 3080Ti launch at 30-40% off the 3080Ti MSRP and match very closely to the 3080Ti performance. If AMD did that I would then say absolutely they will disrupt the GPU market...
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    Torchlight 3

    I liked the first one a lot even though it was just a dungeon crawler like Diablo 1. The second one looked like it was more expansive, but for some reason I bored of it too quickly and never finished it. I probably won't buy 3 unless it comes out on GoG. Their pet system was an interesting...
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    Monster Hunter: World

    Dam WTF, I didn't buy Iceborne but it's still patching in 79.7GB to my installed MHW game. o_O
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    Former or current 1080 ti/Titan (Pascal) owners

    I am waiting personally. The 1080Ti handles my native 2560x1600 fine for the most part, and if I buy a new RTX card, I don't want one that can't at the very least use raytracing at my current 2560x1600 @60. 4K would be nice, but I am not currently interested simply because I can't find a 4k...
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    Video Editing Software

    Well I have never used it before but it is a professional video editor call HitFilm Pro and Humblebundle is selling it for $30 with a whole bunch of FX content included. Check it out here...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I personally liked the game. I bought it and finished it pretty quickly. The only real complaint I had was that the force powers just seemed of very limited use in battle. It felt like I was constantly running on fumes when in battle.
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    AMD Ryzen 4000 Rumored to Offer Around 17% Increased Performance

    Yeah I'd welcome the announcement of a threadripper 4960x release by the end of 2020, but even if they said it was going to come out then, I wouldn't expect to see it till spring 2021 before I could actually buy one without trouble trying to find one. Also it would mean I might be able to build...
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    Boneworks VR - December 10th Release

    Discovered this gem after I went back in. I thought if I exited out properly like via the menu (exit to main menu) instead of shutting down the game via the steam menu it would save but it doesn't. :(
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    Oculus will now require Facebook login for social features and ad targeting

    You knew it the moment Facebook bought Oculus that this was going to happen. And yes for NOW it's only the social apps but don't think that will last forever. Step 1 - make it so it is optional at first so using an oculus account or facebook is required for social features. Step 2 - make it so...
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    Boneworks VR - December 10th Release

    There is a story. They plop you down in a museum about the history of VR. And that serves as the Tutorial level also. As you go through it you then escape and then the main game begins. If I were to guess it's basically kind of like half life. You are in a VR Museum and something goes wrong type...
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    Boneworks VR - December 10th Release

    Only had time to try it for like 30 minutes, and so far I have to say I like the controls. My favorite thing about it is that you can pull down on the right joystick to crouch instead of forcing me to actually physically duck in games like Budget Cuts. I don't mind crouching occasionally, but...
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (Rumor)

    But it's not only about selling PS4's. It's about reselling the same games on the PS5 as remastered that is going to make them money down the line and/or also pad their PS5 game library (assuming it has some backwards compatibility) while the native PS5 games are initially small at launch...
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (Rumor)

    Would love this to happen but I really doubt it like most people have said. Spider-Man and HZD were my 2 favorite PS4 games and would buy them if released on PC without question. I think there might be hope for Spider-Man (slim as it might be) because of the Marvel connection but I doubt an...
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    Steam Controller $5

    For me that answer is a definite NO. It is very configurable that much is true, but overall I tried my best to get use to it for Dark Souls 3 IIRC, and just couldn't stand it. It felt very uncomfortable to me, the X button felt far away because of it's position and you can accidentally press the...
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    Hitman 2 Gold $18.99 at IndieGala

    In case anyone is interested their crackerjack deal is Hitman 2 Gold edition for 81% off or $18.99. It's the lowest price I have seen it at.
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    Private Internet Access sold to Kape Technologies (a shady company known for bad privacy ethics).

    Well I can give you my first impressions of SurfShark. It's fast enough but I think PIA was a little faster, with a gigabit connection I only max at about 150mbps in both directions, but it is incredibly cheap. Seriously, less than $2 a month lol. $47.76 for 27 months for the next 6 days during...
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    Private Internet Access sold to Kape Technologies (a shady company known for bad privacy ethics).

    Yeah I went to their website and looked around. Here is a link to their review methods:
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    Private Internet Access sold to Kape Technologies (a shady company known for bad privacy ethics).

    Here is a nice list for comparisons from
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    Private Internet Access sold to Kape Technologies (a shady company known for bad privacy ethics).

    So who is a good alternative to PIA? My renewal is next week time to cancel the autorenew now. I was at one point looking at Nord then they got their keys stolen so they are out.
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    Half-Life: Alex (VR-only)

    And it is free for buyers of Index or the Controllers :D. It's in my games list already though unreleased.
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    AAA VR titles are starting to deliver...

    Yeah I don't own an Rift so if Revive gets killed I lose the game unless I buy one. Most sites don't allow you to sell your accounts, not that you couldn't do it by ignoring the ToS, but it's a risk for the other party if Oculus found out somehow so I wouldn't want to sell it. I doubt it will...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    What do you mean blew up? My XB360 wireless adapter stopped working, but I ordered a resistor then removed and resoldered a new one back and it is working fine again (but I use a PS4 controller normally). Here is the link in case you want to try it...
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    AAA VR titles are starting to deliver...

    Would love to get Asgard's Wrath it looks like a game I'd really like, but I won't buy it since it's only on Oculus' store. They tolerate revive, but if they ever decide to lock it out, I'd lose the game and for me that makes the game worth $0 (like every other oculus only game) :(. I am...
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    Boneworks VR - December 10th Release

    Sweet. Day 1 purchase for me :)
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    Steam Library Beta Coming Sept 17th

    Overall not a fan of the update but most of the time I don't care because I am always in mini-games view (small view) mode. My biggest complaint is I can't stay in min-games view mode by default and I have to modify my startup parameters to do that. Then if I ever go to the larger mode I have to...
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    Best Buy 12TB WD Easy Store External HDD 179.99

    Best Buy has 12TB Easy Store External HDD (Model WDBCKA0120HBK-NESN) for 179.99. So dam tempting...
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    Steam Library Beta Coming Sept 17th

    There is a workaround just make another shortcut that has this: steam://open/minigameslist Then even if steam is running you just double click the shortcut and it'll make it go to the small mode anytime.
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Most likely PC = Stadia version, but stadia gets an "SLI" option that can use as many free graphics cards on their servers that aren't being used so they can have better graphics streaming to the user. I bet they'll have the best point and click adventure games where latency doesn't matter. :D
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    Cannot get the display back when display turns off after inactivity - Windows 10 issue?

    Well with the external monitors, did you plug them back in and turn them on after the main screen went off? If you only disconnected them I don't think that's enough, you want windows to think new hardware was connected (specifically to the video card). IIRC, when I powered my monitor off it...
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    Cannot get the display back when display turns off after inactivity - Windows 10 issue?

    I had a similar issue, but rather than reset the PC, I just power down the monitor and turn it back on and it usually comes back. My issue was weird, I have mine to never shut off, but still for some reason sometimes it powers down the monitor at around 2am sometimes. I can't find anywhere...
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    The End of Blu-ray

    Streaming is okay, but it's like watching a show with a filter on it. I get that most people like the convenience of it, but it's horrible in general. Never do a 4k UHD stream vs 4k UHD disc compare because once you do you can't unsee the differences. After doing a compare it's like every issue...
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    AMD Delays 3950X Launch, says TR3 is coming...

    Wait so the TR3 chips need a new MB? I thought they'd still use the same socket and I could just drop in the new TR3 chip into my rig.
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    Someone trying to hijack steam account

    Also are you absolutely sure it's a real steam email notification? I have had many "notifications" sent to my email claiming all sorts of security issues with bogus links in them or trying to get me to pay them bitcoins because they supposedly have access to my machine lol.
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    Frys going out of Business

    Last Christmas I back ordered some iFixit tools that were on sale and I only got a part of my order. By the time they got the other half in stock, the CC# I gave them expired and they wouldn't allow me to change it so the order was cancelled (like 5 months after I placed it). I definitely...
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    Those with Fiber what is your speed tier and what is the fastest you downloaded from steam?

    I have 1 gb/s FIOS and steam is never really consistent. I have gotten as high as 75 MB/s on rare occasions but most of the time it ranges at around 30-60 MB/s from steam.
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    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy...

    For me the 2080Ti is just NOT worth it at all. I won't degrade my playing to 1080p just to use RT. Now if the 2080Ti could run 4k @ 60 fps RT on then I wouldn't even hesitate to buy one, but at this time I just see no value in the card. Even if you are buying a new card now, RT isn't a feature...