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    Anyone using OpenStack?

    There is a lot of interest and some very big deployments of OpenStack out there. I would agree that we are just at the cusp of seeing whether it will go for the long haul, but there is a lot of money being changed hands right now in regards to OpenStack. OpenStack 'engineers' or people who...
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    1.5 Petabytes: Swiftstack In Pictures

    Thanks for your answers that is great! 4. Remote replication of additional pods in 2 other locations: 1 in Asia and 1 somewhere in the midwest -> Replication is good, but replication is not backup. I am going to assume you are going to do snapshots too on the data, what type of retention...
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    1.5 Petabytes: Swiftstack In Pictures

    A couple of questions for you: 1) Why Openstack instead of some of the other cloud platforms out there? 2) Are you going to be just using the storage stack or are you looking into using the compute and networking components? 3) 500TB usable after everything is said and done. I am going to...
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    Buying Refubished Cisco switches? is where we buy our used/refurbed Cisco equipment. They have been excellent.
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    Building a work SAN, need reccomendations

    Take a look at Jetstor. They are really easy to work with and have been around a long time. If you need a contact there I can give you a contact that will treat you well.
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    Inexpensive dedicated storage without ZFS?

    Why not look into Storage Spaces with Windows 8? Easy to manage, expand, and to have redundancy.
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    Cheapest way to get a SAS 8088 external port.

    Here is my problem. I have a number of external SAS tape drives that I have for testing in our lab. I do not have enough SAS cards though, and all the cards I am seeing that have an 8088 external SAS port are all like $300-$400. I am looking for something on the cheaper side, this is only...
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    Software To Image Office Computers

    Here are the ones I would suggest looking at: Acronis ( ShadowProtect ( NovaBACKUP ( Disclaimer I work for this company. This would offer you a central management web interface...
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    Streaming music to the office

    Grab a couple Sonos devices and pipe music throughout the office?
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    Small business. Management of data and long term storage

    I meant no disrespect at all! I work in the backup industry and these are the types of questions that we basically have to ask in order to determine what type of backup solution to provide. I don't know what kind of bad press you have seen about tape, but tape is very reliable. Cloud backup...
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    Small business. Management of data and long term storage

    So I have a couple questions for you that I want you to think about. How much is your data worth to you that you want to backup? How much would it cost to recreate the data? Do you depend on the historical data in your day to day working? Now you say you keep up with your farm equipment, but...
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    Please review this server build

    Why not Amazon EC2 or Azure?
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    VMWare: working with large VM's

    As an employee of a backup software company I can tell you most definitely tape is not dead. :) The LTO-6 drives I have are plenty fast and with a 2.5TB native capacity the tapes end up being cheaper than spinning disk right now for archival purposes. Not to mention they dont need power once...
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    20TB Data Archival a year on the cheap .... help

    You said Data Archival. Go to tape and don't look back. LTO6 is 2.5TB native capacity.
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    Small Business Backup Software

    Yes you can run the backup software on a VM. Truthfully I have not had any direct experience with passing through an HBA with a tape drive attached to it to backup to it, but as long as the VM guest can see and writer to it the software should be able to do it.
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    Looking for a guide for VM templates

    I am specifically looking for Windows 8 and Server 2012. We do a lot of testing in house and having good templates for my QA guys to use and deploy when doing testing saves so much time.
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    Looking for a guide for VM templates

    I had a good guide that I can't seem to find now on creating VM templates so that once deployed from the template it would be have a new computer name, new sid, vmtools installed, all the vm tweaks setup, etc. I know there was some sysprep stuff and other things in it. Anyone have any good...
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    Need Servers For Production

    Here is what I built this summer for our VM lab and has been running smooth as silk. 2 boxes with 128GB of ram in each. 2x ASUS RS700-E7/RS4 1U Server Barebone Dual LGA 2011 Intel C602-A PCH DDR3 1600/1333/1066/800 Used this memory: 32 x ($64.99) Kingston 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC...
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    Small Business Backup Software

    Disclaimer: I work for NovaStor. When talking tape backup solutions there isn't a whole lot out there right now for single server easy to use/configure/manage. Your choices really are Backup Exec, Barracuda, and NovaStor in the SMB space when backing up to tape. Now if you want to move...
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    Run Backup Exec in a VM with SAS pass through

    Are you stuck with Backup Exec or would you be willing to look at alternatives?
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    Need to Network a 300'x350' outdoor area?

    For 'PA' system I would check out Sonos.
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    software to get around path length limit in windows

    have you tried teracopy? Edit: nevermind. But you should try it.
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    VMware has officially released their updated software.

    Yea I am not able to get AD authentication to work either. I havnt even messed with the SSL certs or anything. v5.0 AD auth worked perfectly. I have tried upgrading the current 5.0 to 5.1 vcenter and installing everything and even resorted to the vmca. It connects to the AD (had to do it via...
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    SCCM vs. Altiris?

    Before deciding what the right solution for your problem is. Can you define your problem? What do you want the software to accomplish? What are the main requirements for the project? What don't you like about your current implementation? Any near term future things that you will want to support?
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    2008/2012 Hyper-V Server

    For Hyper-V 2008 yes, but it doesnt look like it for Hyper-V 2012. At least in my quick testing on my machines.
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    2008/2012 Hyper-V Server

    So am I reading this right the only way to manage a 2012 Hyper-v machine is through Win8/Server 2012?
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    ESXi 5 updates?

    Are you running a licensed or free version of ESXi?
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    Backing up VMs on the Cheap?

    Thuleman has a great point. What exactly are you looking to backup and how are you ultimately wanting to do it?
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    HOT $161 HP elitebook 17.3" LED Notebook - i7 8GB ddr3/750GB/nvidia quadro 3000m

    Anyone order from and get a cancellation yet? I used their Amazon payment option, have a posted CC transaction(as in they actually took the money and not just an auth), have a shipping 'confirmation' that has 0 tracking information on it. I am not holding out much hope at all, but...
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    SAN for Small Business Recomendations

    I have a contact there that can give you good pricing and such if you want. I think the unit we got was like just a little over $5k or something like that for a 16 bay iscsi, then we put our own drives in it.
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    SAN for Small Business Recomendations

    I am of the exact same opinion, and I agree JetStor makes some good equipment at very reasonable prices.
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    Free non expiring copy of NovaBACKUP backup software.

    Just fill in the form and it will email you a license key and download link for the software.
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    Remote backups software ....?

    Look at the following: NovaStor NovaBACKUP xSP or Remote Workforce (Disclaimer I work for NovaStor) Ahsay Asigra
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    Need help on building data storage system

    You could build something like this:
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    Need help on building data storage system

    I work for a company that produces Online Backup service software, and I will be straight with you. The people that we have call and have problems with our software are the people that went really cheap on hardware, and didn't realize what they were getting into. A couple of questions I have...
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    My VMware View Win7 Optimization Guide

    What type of devices are you using for the thin clients?
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    ZFS boot/zil/l2arc all off of one SSD?

    Thanks that worked!
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    ZFS boot/zil/l2arc all off of one SSD?

    So I guess my original question stands. Is there a way to use a single SSD for boot partition, ZIL, and l2arc?
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    ZFS boot/zil/l2arc all off of one SSD?

    Well it would be nice to be able to have both, and then figure out by actually testing to see what differences I really see. :)