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    Mod MX1000

    There is, for sure. I can feel it. :P Bottom middle of the sticker.
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    Isn't this the sexiest mouse on the planet??

    Or if you want a real mouse get the MX1000
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    Aerogate III fan control device

    Find the speaker and squeeze it with a pair of plyers. :P Or take it off completely.
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    need help finding a mean looking bumble bee animation Waspinator?
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    Case Identification?

    Pretty Sure its a coolmaster, what model not so sure.
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    Mouse and pad combo

    ^ Agreed. Nothing bad to say about the MX1000. I have had it for 2 weeks and havent had to charge it yet, and two green leds are still lit. :D
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    Vote which workstation is better!

    I like stresstests. Very clean.
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    Pimp my GT (pics)

    Very nice looking. How did you do that? Are you a metalworker?
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    Updated! DFI UV Project (56k warn)

    Very snazzy. Some people will probally bitch about the wiring, but I think it looks fine with the UV. I hope to do something like this in the future.
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    Air Duct no more!

    looks like a 100spindle cover + a 25 glued :P
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    Problem with new DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250Gb

    When I turned that feature off it refused to boot.
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    No VGA Detected error during cold boot with Asus K8N-E Deluxe

    Hmm, has this problem always been happening? Or is it recent? Whats the make/wattage on your powersupply? I am pretty sure that the 8x only thing will not be a issue, that just means the card is backwards compatible with 4x, so it would run at 8x on the board. I get the problem your...
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    Aquasphere 2005 - Show Effect Case

    Wow. Does the fog leave any residue?
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    Old Skool vs. New Skool

    Agreed, if you can handle weight, the MX1000 is a great mouse.
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    General Problems

    My monitor is very new, about 6 months old. And my secondary is about 1 year old, so I doubt it would be them, when this started happening the first time it seemed to be after I installed some updated drivers for the videocard now that I remember, and no matter what drivers I try now it comes...
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    DFI Lanparty, is it me?

    Yeah no kidding, picked myself up one on the weekend. More tumbleweeds than text in that manual.
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    General Problems

    So it could be either or? Bad copy of os or poorly installed chipset drivers... I will try to stick the card into the old rig that it was in and see what it does. I need to get some new ram first, so that comp can become a server. Just to clairify, which drivers to I delete to rid myself...
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    General Problems

    Hardware is in sig. A little while ago in my old system some things started to act up, mainly my Resouloution would take forever to change. At the time I thought it was just my windows install going slowly. A few days ago I got a upgrade, from my xp2700+ to a shinny A64 3200+ on a new mobo...
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    barracuda drive, and western digital...can ya help me?

    Should not cause any preformance hits. I run a segate 120 and a WD 80 in this system
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    AIM bot for anyone.

    Ok, I play way to many FPS's. My mind went somewhere else when I read the title.
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    System Monitors

    I do not like samurize, is there anything like it but less sucky?
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    System Monitors

    I am looking for a good System Monitor with many skins and functions for my second monitor. It does not matter if it requires MBM. I had a old one but I forgot its dang name. It was Sys'namehere' something or other. Names & links would rock. Thanks.
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    Etch POLL

    5 Samus
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    Turning on system w/out power button?

    I dont know what all this talk about shorting is, all you are doing is completing a circut, not shorting it.
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    Turning a computer into a internet hub

    Yeah, it has 256 megs of ram. Thanks for smoothwall suggestion, looks like I'm going to go that route. Time to learn linux. I was also wondering if I would be able to run a teamspeak server and store files on it with that os/firewall.
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    Turning a computer into a internet hub

    Would this cause many lag effects for gaming?
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    Turning a computer into a internet hub

    Would it be possible to turn a small one gig celery into a hub/router with multiple NIC's? I would also like to turn this into a small storage server running Teamspeak 2, I was just wondering if this was at all possible and what software I would need to do the multiple internet. This is...
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    Using a cardboard/cereal box as a case

    I working on one right now. Celeron 1gig with some ram and onboard everything else. Making it out of two motherboard boxes. :D
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    Who makes rock solid boards out of box?

    ECS! :rolleyes: Nah, MSI has never given me one ounce of trouble yet (Knock on wood), and I have built three systems with them with varying specs. First was a K7N2-L with a XP2000 and some genaric ram, second and third were both constructed with the K7N2-Delta ILSR in varying time...
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    Replacement fan for 9800 pro

    I soulderd one of those small rectangular things back on after it fell off (Pulling it out of the package) Few months later it died, but warrenty was still good because the RMA came back. :) Just depends on what it dies from and how closely they look.
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    New HD hanger and Video Card cooler

    I love the HD cage idea. I might even have to try that myself!
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    Project 64bitangel is done....for now.

    Few things - The drive bays are a bit to prominent in the window - They could be painted black/white to go with the colour scheme. And the lower CD bezel just does not fit with the rest of the case. Other than that great mod!
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    What do you put under you mobo

    Or that it will not happen and was not avoided.
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    My project idea (Couple Q's)

    Thanks for the replies. Yes the fans mostly are for show, but on the subject of dust I am going to expairiment with a pull out filter (Think of a dryer filter) to use so I can just rub the crap off. Indeed the amount of fans could be considered 'overkill' but then I would miss our on all of...
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    My project idea (Couple Q's)

    Registered a little while ago and browsed for a couple days. I now feel ready to post a few of my ideas for my first case mod. I started gathering my ideas for a case mod a month ago, Now I find that noise really is not an issue because a wear a good pair of noise cancelling headphones and I...
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    best rts?!?

    TA is the one. I worked on a few maps and mods for that game, and still idle on their IRC.