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    what happened to the thinkpad!?

    tabook...! that is what i was looking for:) thanks
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    what happened to the thinkpad!?

    I thought the Thinkpad T43P / T42P offered a 7200 rpm HDD along with a 128mb graphics card in the 14" version, but I have searched throughout the site and found nothing with those specs... Are they not making those anymore? Isnt there a list of all the laptops that I can access on the...
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    Ultimate Gaming / Portable Laptop..?

    Ok, I need a laptop but dont want to spend 3k on a Lenovo T43P. I am looking for something that is 14", centrino, decent battery life (preferbly over 4hrs), and something that can play newer games (128mb x300 or greater..). Is there anything out there other than the Thinkpad that can come...
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    RC Car - fast and new, Electric, Race Tuned

    ^^^ sounds dangerous
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    RC Car - fast and new, Electric, Race Tuned

    btw it also comes with a pair of yokomo drift rings.. but the car really doenst need them to drift :)
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    RC Car - fast and new, Electric, Race Tuned

    rs4 is a great car :cool:
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    RC Car - fast and new, Electric, Race Tuned

    we had to buy the connectors for the batteriers ($7 each) and the shipping was a good $10-15 so its about $150 in all
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    RC Car - fast and new, Electric, Race Tuned

    sry no trades... just selling it as a whole trying to sell it fast, thats why the price is so low
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    RC Car - fast and new, Electric, Race Tuned

    Its a brushless electric, goes 50+mph in around 3 seconds, made for racing, selling really cheap, less than 10 hours of use. Will take the highest offer. link Everything is brand new and is professionaly tuned/built, motor was ~$200 (brushless high RPM), radio was ~$90 the battery packs...
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    Anyone else get a Dell Hook-Up card in the mail?

    if any1 has the 40% inspirons, i need it.. pls PM thx
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    How do you pronounce Panaflo?

    panafrolow = wtf what klepto said^^^
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    ABIT IC7-MAX3, 3GHz Northwood temperatures, voltages, problems etc...

    When I overclock to 3.75 (1.75Vcore) I get around 42C with watercooling.
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    HL2 : Deathmatch IS OUT!

    does anyone have a clue on when DOD:source is coming out?
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    1GB PC3200 Dual Channel Kit Kingston HyperX @Outpost $159.99

    I have a pair of the same thing but BH-5, they are great:)
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    VALVe disables 20,000 steam accounts (haha)

    One valve account can support multiple people on a lan if you buy the game via steam, but if you buy it locally, then it requires a cd for any computer running. I find it crazy that steam would give advantages to those who buy it through them online instead from a store.
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    Dellf Game! Win Laptops Plasma TV's etc. (consolation prizes too!)

    $350 off 30 inch LCD TV Code: $9VNW92L$7G11C
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    The Lian Li Gallery

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    Halo 2 Collector's Edition for $49 at Wal-Mart...

    CE comes with a free 2-month xbox live trial and an extra DVD about the making of halo2, all in a really nice case:)
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    Extremely Paranoid!!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI overclocking and frying doesnt relate unless you have liquid cooling. Your cpu / comp will shut off if the cpu gets too hot; you can even set a shut-off temp in your bios. Your setup probably is not stable and crashed. If your having problems with the power, then your psu could be...
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    my panaflow :(

    the L1A is the quiet one, M1A is the medium one, and H1A is the very lid one. You should of bought the L1A. You can do the mod like he mentioned, which all you have to do is switch around the yellow and black wires.
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    It leaked!!

    ^^^ lol !, I am going to mod my case to where I have to insert the cds from the inside.
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    What's the best gaming PC maker?

    I build computers all the time for people who want similer gaming machines and it is amazing how much you can save! There is no need to buy an alienware or falcon....., custom built computers are always the best. If you dont want to learn how to build one, then get someone to build one for...
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    It leaked!!

    Consider yourself lucky, two drops killed my setup ($800 in damage). I now use fluidxp:)
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    FLuid XP+ in Canada?!

    The staining is only minor and really insignificant. Like I mentioned, dtek should have it and they are usually cheap compared to other sites and have good shipping.
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    FLuid XP+ in Canada?!

    Back to the original subject and not false assumptions, the fluidXP will stain your tubing after about three months to a white color. I did not see any problems with the temperatures changing. Have you tried dtekcustoms yet?
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    FLuid XP+ in Canada?!

    How am I a criminal when I did nothing wrong. The water leaked on the soundcard which I did NOT rma because I physicly damaged it. The souncard then made somekind of power surge and killed the videocard and motherboard. They were both physicly unaffected and they both partially worked, but...
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    FLuid XP+ in Canada?!

    Please dont post in this thread unless you have experience. I had my watercooling setup a while now and it leaked 2 drops after six months of having it from my videocard block to my soundcard, which traveled from the soundcard to the motherboard then to my videocard. So all in all I lost...
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    Fluid XP Changing colors?

    After using the fluid XP for a few months now, it seems that the color switched from clear to partially white. Is there a reason for this? I know it is not growth of any sort because fluid xp is supposed to prevent any biological growth and the growth surely wouldnt be white. :confused:
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    FS: Swiftec MCW50 - Great Condition

    I have a almost new MCW50 that has been used for six months. It comes with all the parts, instructions, and original box. I am asking for $30 / highest offer, and take paypal. Email me at if interested.
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    FS: RC Gas Truck - HPI NMT

    bump ----------------------
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    FS: RC Gas Truck - HPI NMT

    Once I buy my new nitro car I will be glad to race you. With some hop-ups 70mph shouldnt be to hard to reach. My friend just bought a new tc3 and is putting a novak SS brushless system in it. That should give you good competition also.