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  1. MTDEW

    Can I Re purpose my case reset switch as Clear CMOS?

    Yeah, i guess its just not worth taking that the chance. THNX
  2. MTDEW

    Can I Re purpose my case reset switch as Clear CMOS?

    My motherboard is an Asus Tuf X570 Gaming-Plus (wifi) and its clear cmos is only two pins that need to be shorted to clear the CMOS. (not the 3pin like older mobos) Since I NEVER use the reset button on my case, is it possible just to hook that up to the two clear CMOS pins and use the reset...
  3. MTDEW

    Gamers Nexus Reviews the Walmart Gaming PC

    He should throw an old gtx 970 in it and send it back! :ROFLMAO:
  4. MTDEW

    The Crew 2, how is this game?

    I will never own it. I loved the first game but they never completely fixed the stutter on the PC version, and the cheaters were never properly dealt with. (taking advantage of a glitch and running into your buddy and knocking him over a hill is NOT a hill-climb!) (yet those type of cheats are...
  5. MTDEW

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    This game is awesome! The actual gameplay/ combat doesn't get enough credit IMO. The different strategies for taking down each different species keeps it fun and from becoming repetitive. (like how Far Cry becomes repetitive after liberating the 100th base.) And i thought the story was excellent...
  6. MTDEW

    Must have VR games?

    I guess i should have added i'm using a Lenovo Explorer also with its default WMR controllers with Beat Saber. (no issues) My favorite VR Game so far is/was Subnautica , ive played through it twice so that game!
  7. MTDEW

    90 degree adapter

    Ive seen these b4, i have yet to try one though. Heres more links to the CM ones with prices. (i cant find them in USD yet) €19,95...
  8. MTDEW

    Is it worth getting 3200 ram or is 2666 good enough and what kinda of timings ?

    Linked to start at the memory speed gaming test. I trust Witchard, he knows what he's doing!
  9. MTDEW

    Must have VR games?

    My current favorite is Beat Saber.
  10. MTDEW

    New GeForce long time from now, or maybe not...

    I guess I may as well throw some fuel on the fire too. :rolleyes: GTX 1180 Release Date, Specs & Price!
  11. MTDEW

    Noctua Was the Only Hardware Company at Computex Totally Ignoring RGB

    LED's don't bother me, for those who don't like them can always turn them off as others have said. (I did my thing with cathodes back in the good...LOL) It's when they seem to take priority over spending time developing a case with better airflow that bothers me the most. What good...
  12. MTDEW

    What game do you think should get a sequel or a remake?

    I always loved how your character nonchalantly said "A severed arm" like its just another common item. :D
  13. MTDEW

    What game do you think should get a sequel or a remake?

    BioForge Because any game that lets you beat the guy in the next cell to death with his own severed arm deserves a remake! :D
  14. MTDEW

    NVIDIA Next Generation Mainstream GPU to be Discussed at Hot Chips 30

    Patience, it takes time to come up with new GameWorks features that will cripple all current gen cards and then pay to have them implemented into new titles to spur sales of new GPUs. :cautious:
  15. MTDEW

    The Crew 2

    1: Will not buy 2: They never fixed the stuttering in the first game 3: They never do anything about all the cheating littering the leader boards. (ie: ramming into a friend to knock him over a hill is NOT a hill-climb!) 4: So F+++ them!
  16. MTDEW

    The Cynical Brit Passes

    Wow.... RIP
  17. MTDEW

    FS: Watercooling Stuff, Fans, Random things!

    Bump for Great prices!
  18. MTDEW

    Not just GPU Prices are STUPID High

    Holy crap! Where the heck do you store all those boxes? My closet usually gets full then i start throwing the old ones away to make room. :D
  19. MTDEW

    FS: 5x 1070Tis, 2x 1080Tis, Misc.

    Do the EVGA 1070Ti SC Black Editions have a backplate? Texting my wife at work now to see how much trouble i'll be in if i buy one for my VR rig. :(
  20. MTDEW

    2 years since the 1070 and 1080 were released...

    Normally i would agree with this. But just last week, there was no stock. Strange times!
  21. MTDEW

    Robots are Learning How to Chase us Down

    I bet i could trip it easily with a broomstick.
  22. MTDEW

    Resurrecting a motherboard with a bios issue

    I know they sell the bios chips on Ebay, but that only really helps if that is really why it wont post.
  23. MTDEW

    The Flame in the Flood - free at the Humble Store

    Grabbed it. Thanks for the heads up!
  24. MTDEW

    Cave Digger

    Damn Miners!
  25. MTDEW

    Microsoft Lets You Gift Digital PC Games Now

    And they need a way to backup/verify game files like steam so you don't have to re-download the entire game! :mad:
  26. MTDEW

    Do you all still use your motherboards install disc?

    No, i download the latest from the manufacturers website though. But yeah, im also one of those who has a couple of spools of mobo discs i keep for no apparent reason....LOL
  27. MTDEW

    Z370 and 8700 non-k MCE support?

    Wow, 214 views and nobody actually has an 8700 non-k with a z370 board. :jawdrop:
  28. MTDEW

    Bethesda Almost Confirms RAGE 2 With New Tweets

    How about they actually finish the first one first. It felt like it didnt have and end as much as just stopped! (right when it was starting to get good to)
  29. MTDEW

    1180 leaks..similar to 1080ti specs?

    Maybe its easier to tell at a quick glance which cards die when their RGB lights go out! :LOL:
  30. MTDEW

    Why AMD’s Superior Compatibility Could End

    When i bought my Kaby Lake 7700k CPU I had to decide on a Z170 board that may come with an updated bios for Kaby Lake support or a Z270 board. Since the Z170 boards were on sale and way cheaper than the exact same board in Z270, i decided to take my chance and bought a Z170 board. While waiting...
  31. MTDEW

    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    ummmm...natural selection! On a more serious note, all those people and nobody grabbed a rock / large branch or anything to even try and help, just yell and watch! WTF
  32. MTDEW

    The Mainstream Media’s Inevitable Attack on “Addictive” Fortnite Has Begun

    My dad would just beat my ass so bad i couldn't sit for a week and ground me for the whole summer! And when i say beat my ass i mean he would whip us on the back of the legs with a belt cuz god knows that hurts way more than your ass!
  33. MTDEW

    Puppy Stolen by Amazon Delivery Driver Returned to Owner after He Emailed Jeff Bezos

    Yeah, in my area it's either Fedex or UPS and i did find it kinda funny they never mentioned which "3rd party courier". But IMO that doesn't excuse Amazon from not taking legal action against the driver or his company to ensure this man no longer has a job and is prosecuted for theft.
  34. MTDEW

    does mining really lower the lifespan of GPU cards?

    That's a very good point too. Actually it could be argued both ways about mining GPU's. If a GPU has a defect it will show up and fail when running 24/7 mining, so you'd know it's a "bad one" But if a GPU can survive mining 24/7 for months, then it could be argued "its a good one" So we can...
  35. MTDEW

    HP Windows Mix Reality Headset with Controllers - 224

    Sorry, all the advice i really have is a youtube video with a comparison to the Lenovo. All i can add is that I have the Lenovo and i have no complaints, but Ive never tried the HP, so i cannot make a comparison like someone who has tried both.
  36. MTDEW

    does mining really lower the lifespan of GPU cards?

    I think we can all agree on that. It's amazing nobody has ever even attempted to answer this question about average GPU lifespan that i know of. (regardless of mining or not) edit: I mean , we see tests of SSDs running all out 24/7 to determine average lifespan, yet Ive never seen a similar...
  37. MTDEW

    does mining really lower the lifespan of GPU cards?

    IMO running anything 24/7 will obviously wear it out faster than if its run only a few hrs a day. Also IMO, a better question would be what is the average lifespan power on hrs of a GPU before failure, then you could make an educated guess on how much running a GPU 24/7 effects the remaining...