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    AMD slide: Radeon HD 3870 beats 8800GTX in 3DMark06

    Looks like a fake pic. lol
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    Question about rivatuner and fan speeds

    My new computer with 8800GTS, riva shows a fan speed of 1600 rpm and it rises to about 1800 rpm if the temp gets 'crazy high'. In other words, those fan speed limits are dumb and I can't change them to trigger the fan speed to rise sooner. I just use the fixed fan speed option as it works...
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    g90 worth the wait?

    Bought a new computer w/ 8800 GTS 320MB to play Oblivion. Works well. But playing Oblivion w/ crazy mods, forget it! I downloaded 25 gig worth of mods for the game and just started the installation process and this game has huge potential and it doesn't seem that any 8800 video card is up...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    Agree. Another note: I bought a clothes washer a few years ago and one of the selling points by the store was a rebate offered by the city as part of some 'energy savings program, you get $50 back' etc. I turned in the forms and got notice that the city stopped offering this program...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    Lets not make excuses guys. I used the word generic just to describe a form that wasn't vendor specific, the rebate form used is a legit document that can be used in any courtroom. The form is an OCZ rebate with 'Terms and Conditions' etal... written all over it. [post 17]. The reality is...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    Time to move on. A new quest has started [OCZ's second committment to pay] 'We shall see Mr. Frodo' If they pay the piper :p:)
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    OCZ PC2-6400 REAPER vs SLI Kit

    If you are on SLI then get the SLI version. I bought this ram recently for non-SLI, works at advertised speed and timing. I can probably run this at 900Mhz tops.
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    Special MIR Program OCZ Memory Rebate Terms and Conditions: This mail-in rebate offer is valid only on purchases made by an end user from a participating reseller on this specific rebate program between August 16, 2007 and August 31, 2007 on select* OCZ Products. *Include one of the...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    I sent a nasty gram to OCZ marketing department and I got this response. snip ..... "We will move your promotion to the correct offer and have the rebate house honor your file." They imply I did something 'incorrect" :rolleyes: ... yes... we know the consumer is always at fault when...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    I bought thousands of dollars worth of tools from when they had their tool specials going on, lots of rebates. I took the chance and got 100% satisfaction. I bought a $1500 Zerox printer this year from their website [store] as they offered a $500 rebate on this model. I was...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    A while back when I was trying to decide which motherboard to buy, I noticed that if you go to the vendor's 'support' forum you can see if the product in question is good by the number of technical problems posted on their forum. Why didn't I do this for the memory ? My bad! ..... I was in a...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    I guess I'm not alone with OCZ rebate problems. This was my first OCZ purchase, so why do we buy from them if they have a history of messing up rebates when there are many other vendors with better service? :p
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    The rebate form used was generic, I snagged it online, I don't remember the link. It had no specific vendor listed, it was a generic OCZ rebate form will all qualifying memory model numbers and UPC's listed. The letter I received has a claim ID number which should be sufficient if they...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    Not receiving a $40 rebate isn't going to kill me, rather it's nice to tell people about vendor customer service, this is an area that is often neglected when making a decision, most people go for what appears to be a great deal only to have risk of getting burned by the poor service. When...
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    Warning - OCZ won't honor rebate!

    Bought some OCZ memory at the local retail store; Fry's Electronics, sent the rebate package to OCZ and I got a telegram from OCZ that my rebate claim is invalid because the retailer is not authorized in spite that Fry's Electronics is listed on the OCZ website. :mad::rolleyes: I will...
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    abit ip35 pro - is there any other board i should know about before buying?

    I finished my IP35 pro rig and the system is working well. I like the big chipset heatsinks even if not OC'ing that much or none at all, the temps are very low. uGuru is nice, SATA RAID1 works with no issues - easy to setup, the only beef I have is the right angle SATA connectors, it would...
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    Choosing between E4400 and E6750

    Gaming only; I did a F.E.A.R benchmark because I was wondering what is to be gained by trying to milk a few extra megahertz in performance. This is using a BFG 8800GTS OC card, 320MB. E6750 - 3.2Ghz OC Memory @ 400Mhz {DDR2-800} 2GB ram The FEAR performance test showed ~50 FPS on...
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    Tightening Tuniq Tower 120?

    I just finished my computer build using the Tuniq Tower heatsink. I tightened the screws and things felt 'suspicous', so I took my DMM to check if the heatsink was shorting to the case ground. Yes it was! This is not good folks. Your heatsink is touching the CPU and the CPU die is...
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    Choosing between E4400 and E6750

    I think I should have ponied up for a Q6600... I thought about this too. But if you look at DX9 gaming, you don't need super CPU power. If you want to build a system for the future {wating for DX10 games, using Vista {and bugs}}, even current generation hardware stinks and you can spend...
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    Choosing between E4400 and E6750

    Finished my E6750 system. Paid $210 for the retail box at the local store {slight cheaper online}. I'm using Abit IP35 Pro motherboard with Tuniq 120 cooler. This was an easy install. Even a caveman can get that 2.6Ghz to run at 3.2GHz using cheap DDR2-800 ram. I ran orthos for 8 hours...
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    Intel Q6600 overclocking motherboard ?

    Update: I decided to make my new build a 'temporary' build as I will hand off the computer next year to the 'little one' at home. For now I snagged E6750, IP35 Pro, OCZ DDR2-800 Reaper ram, Tuniq Tower heatsink, BFG 8800GTS OC, dual Seagate 7200.10 for RAID1, Enermax 535W PSU, Cooler...
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    Intel Q6600 overclocking motherboard ?

    Thanks for the tips, I'll look into these. :cool:
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    Intel Q6600 overclocking motherboard ?

    I can ditch the stock heatsink, no problem really. What are some good stable motherboards ? :)
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    Intel Q6600 overclocking motherboard ?

    I want to build a new system using the Intel Q6600 quad core CPU. Word on the street says you can take this to 3Ghz easy with FSB = 333Mhz [333Mhz x 9 multiplier]. This is good enough for me. Questions; 1. They say you should look for G0 stepping of this CPU to make life easier. lol...
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    QX6700 VS. X6800?

    last me for 4 years. If you game alot, then you will be doing upgrades within 2 years, so building for a four year plan is unreal and don't spend extra money to squeeze miniscule performance numbers. Go for 'bang for buck' and save the coin for later.
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    Its official....AMD has bought ATI

    Assimilation by any Borg is never good news for the power user, Expect AMD to thrive on GPU mainstream product, but high end will be ruled by Nvidia provided they don't get shmorgasborgized. :D
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    GigaByte i-Ram 1.3

    GigaByte i-Ram 1.3 -> googled Got a review. Games -> 3 seconds faster than a HDD on Doom3 loading, 16 sec. vs. 19 sec. Is 3 seconds worth the investment? :p
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    Some Oblivion benchmark

    Everytime I'm ready to upgrade, a new game or mode of operation is used and current generation cards stuggle. I stopped gaming over 3 years ago and I desire to come back, but there is no way I'm spending big dollars on a new game rig that plays a current gen game with mediocre frame rate...
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    [rumor] HKEPC: Radeon X1900 will be released in Q1 of next year

    To simplify this topic. ATI will release a new video card. ATI's next gen card will be faster than it's current gen. ATI's next gen card will be faster than current gen Nvidia. Shortly afterwards.. Nvidia will release a new video card; Nvidia's next gen card will be faster than...
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    7800GTX or ATI

    I've been looking into upgrading also and been looking at scores for the past month. To be honest, I'm not happy with what I see. You see next generation games averaging low in frames per second in 1600x1200 mode with AA/AF, using a high end computer. For a $500 video card don't you...
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    X1800XT > 7800GTX with new OpenGL Fix?

    X1800XT > 7800GTX with new OpenGL Fix? Too bad the Opengl fix only works at 1600x1200 on 4xAA, any other setting yields nada ... What happens if you run the game in a different setting? --> nada
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    ATI produce tool to increase Doom3 scores

    Improvements 'of up to 35%' are explicitly mentioned by sources within ATI. I'd like to know what system specs were used by ATI that yielded 36% boost in D3 but these folks only got 19%. :p Guru3D; The test was run on an Athlon 4000+ system...
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    Thoughts on ASUS Dual 7800 GT Card?

    /rumor /coming soon Dual core 7800 series on 90nm process... The Nvidia marketing slogan should be; SLI on the Die /woo hoo :cool: :cool: :cool: 90nm brings high clock potential, I'd like to see dual core SLI running 650Mhz...
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    7800 GTX Simple Cooling Mod

    Why act surprised that adding a fan to a heatink helps to cool it better, this is as old as dinosaurs :p :cool: Your next mod is to get a $50 Big Typhoon on there :p
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    Exteme overclocks: X1800XT

    90nm Geforce will be nice, higher clock and ideally improved design -- as always -- evolution. What bothers me is the next gen games struggling with 1600x1200, EQ2/Fear can't play well with high rez enabled? Are programmers just getting more lazy or what? At least Carmack make efforts to...
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    ATI Editorial 10/10/05

    Too much un-needed drama. ATI is late to market so from my point of view this just delays Nvidia from releasing their next gen sooner .. to me it's all about the game, not the war between the two companies and picking sides. I just want the most horsepower for the money :p Maybe this will...
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    Exteme overclocks: X1800XT

    Reminds me of the Intel / AMD clock wars. Nvidia is akin to AMD, does alot of work with a lower clock speed where Intel {ATI} needs a faster clock to do the same amount of work. Ie, a GTX @ 450Mhz is on average equal to a 625Mhz X1800XT. :p
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    2x36gb raptors or 1 74gb raptor for gaming?

    The confusing part for me is. *Raptor = expensive. *People still recommend it for their gaming drive. *Anandtech synthetic benchmarks says it's a top drive. *Anandtech game loading benchmarks says it's ok as the Seagate beats it...
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    2x36gb raptors or 1 74gb raptor for gaming?

    I don't understand the benefit, can you explain it. Why is it important to boot the computer fast? and game loading on the slower second drive ? What is wrong with having a slow boot drive but a fast game drive ? :confused:
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    Valve's High Dynamic Range

    No HDR; With HDR; HDR looks worse to me in this particular implementation, what do you think?