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    Has anyone seen a MacBook battery melt like this?

    Wow, mine can get really hot but never seen like that @@.
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    Final Mouse 2015 is released

    great reviews, what is it so good about this mouse compare to g502? i am looking to buy g502 and now it is hard to decide.
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    Logitech G502 Proetus too narrow

    i been wanting to try that mouse. i missed the good deal at best buy last month only for $50. but not sure going to fit my hand =/.
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    iPhone 6+ vs. iPad Mini Retina

    i rarely touch the ipad mini after i got my iphone 6+.
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    Google is reportedly set to launch their own wireless service this year

    i hope it would give me better reception on sprint network, i am sick of my sprint service.
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    Best desktop remote app?

    Splashtop. i been using it for over years and works very well.