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    Video Games Will Be “100% Digital” by 2022

    Latency on multiplayer games is bad enough. Streaming can’t help. Also, crap internet connections like mine would be left out. Not sure I would make this same prediction.
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    Microsoft and Razer Might Be Working on an Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Partnership

    I will FPS on XBox if this becomes reality!
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    Tesla Accelerated Into Barrier

    For some reason self driving almost seems like a religious or political discussion here. What’s up with that?
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    Lie Detecting AI Kiosks May Be The Future of Border Security

    There is a danger to this where agents will trust the kiosk more than their own eyes and hassle folks who are just nervous at border crossings, etc. But if the line moves faster and agents think of this as a tool, but not absolute truth, it sounds pretty good to me.
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    Tesla 'Robo-Uber' Just Around the Corner According to Elon

    There will be a lot of us driving our old trucks where I live. It is going to be interesting to see how well these self driving cars get. If they end up safer than manual driving, you can be sure I will buy the biggest self driving SUV offered for my wife and kids. I think this manual vs...
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    U.S Identifies Suspect in Leak of CIA Hacking Tools

    There are so many laws on the books, I am sure this is true. It’s more important than ever to have social connections. I don’t actually think that this is bad. The strategy of the game has changed. You wonder why a spook would be running some weird file sharing server though. I am much too...
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    Twitter Finds New Excuses to Shut Down Folks They Don't Like

    The internet sure is being nerfed. It wasn’t like this when I was a kid. To be honest, it was pretty good to have trolls challenge me and what I was saying, if only for a reaction from me. I think it helped me articulate arguments better in my adult years and also taught me that some people are...
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    Tesla 'Robo-Uber' Just Around the Corner According to Elon

    Good. More room on the road for my truck.
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    Tesla 'Robo-Uber' Just Around the Corner According to Elon

    A year from Tesla Uber launch, a fleet of driverless Teslas cross the Mexican border and park themselves into an awaiting shipping container bound for the Middle East.
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    Dell Computers Better at Cheating in PUBG Says Dell Spokesperson

    Maybe a skeleton / voodoo doll / mystic charms skin set for NA and EU players would do it!
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    Dell Computers Better at Cheating in PUBG Says Dell Spokesperson

    When is Trump gonna put a tarriff on Chinese PUBG players?
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    Incredible Far Cry 5 Custom PC

    Wife would never accept the dead animal head.
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    Tinder Swipes Left, Sues Bumble

    I read somewhere else that Match Group was trying to buy Bumble. This is probably to put pressure on them to sell. Online dating apps are a rough business. They must make some money to be worth all of this.
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    Tesla Increases Cost Of Using Superchargers

    Damn nice rant, sir!
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    Apple Moves to Store iCloud Keys in China, Raising Human Rights Fears

    You mean Apple is actually in business for the money? Who woulda thunk?!? I'm sure the Apple fan boys are happily ignoring this news.
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    Chinese Police Using Surveillance Sunglasses to Catch Criminals

    The cyberpunk dystopian future is now!
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    Bitcoin - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    Now awaiting flood of cheap GPUs :)
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    Stupid People Should NOT Use Waze

    If you cannot see where you are going, you shouldn't be going anywhere.
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    GPU Prices Skyrocket, Breaking the Entire DIY PC Market

    Don’t worry y’all. Everything is temporary.
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    PUBG Adding New Cheater Reporting Feature

    I am glad they are doing this. Usually the games seem pretty clean, but once in awhile you will get head shot through a mountain 1km away. The kill cam has been absolutely fantastic for reporting.
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    Crappy New Game

    I play this game in my basement all the time.
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    Nvidia Releases Playunknown's Battlegrounds Game Ready Driver

    I have been playing on the test server the last couple weeks and it is hard to play on the live servers anymore. The vaulting / performance improvements have been really good. I really like the new desert map as well. Cheaters were rampant, but a fix seemed to weed most of them out, and now with...
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    Nvidia Releases Playunknown's Battlegrounds Game Ready Driver

    I am completely addicted to this game right now. It's not the best anything, but it is above average at everything. A lot of fun to play with something different happening every time!
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    Apple Seems to Have Forgotten about the Whole “It Just Works” Thing

    Someone who still types M$ is about 40 now.
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    Toyota Will Electrify Entire Vehicle Lineup by 2025

    ^ this. I am a huge Tacoma fan. I like taking mine hunting where there would be no place to charge em up for miles. Maybe there will be a day where I take extra batteries instead of extra gas? It will be fun to see what actually happens.
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    White House Calls for Government IT to Adopt Cloud Services

    How is this going to work without net neutrality?
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    Happy 24th Birthday Doom!

    I feel so old.
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    Top-Selling Handgun Safe Can Be Remotely Opened in Seconds without PIN

    This is a nice party trick on the safe, but who cares. The safe isn't meant to stop someone who is determined to get in, only to prevent little hands from messing around with daddy's toys. BFD.
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    Bitcoin Soars past $15,000, Just Hours after Crossing $14,000

    It's like bottled water or generators during a natural disaster, except those things are actually useful.
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    Elon Musk’s Tunnel Through L.A. Just Happens To Go From His House To His Office

    But it's all for the greater good... The greater good. The greater good.
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    Elon Musk’s Tunnel Through L.A. Just Happens To Go From His House To His Office

    BFD. A guy wants to build a fast mode of mass transport and happens to want to start by building it from his house to his workplace. Seems to make sense as he could then actually test it everyday.
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    PUBG may be Officially Launched in China but with Socialist Modifications

    My guess is someone needed to get paid off and Tencent was the right person to handle the transaction for Bluehole. It sucks, but business in China is tough to get done without a little bribe now and then.
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    Google’s AI Guru Predicts Humans and Machines Will Merge within 20 Years

    We'll have brain implants someday if we don't destroy the planet or all develop type 2 diabetes. Probably not in 20 years though. Honestly, I don't want to be alive for this. I have enough trouble having conversations with people while they are distracted with their phones as it is now. I am...
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    LED Lights Causing Traffic Problems in Winnipeg

    That is actually what the driver's manual says here too.
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    Hackers Steal Photos from Plastic Surgeon to the Stars

    what a bunch of knobs... no purpose to this other than to hurt people.
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    Wired Blade Runner 2049 Review

    I have to admit that I am excited for this one too. Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies. It blew my mind when I watched it on VHS with my dad 20 years ago.
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    US Air Force to Migrate 776,000 Users to Microsoft Office 365

    The paranoid guy in me says this is a really bad idea. It will probably save money and it will probably be more secure than before, but boy will these systems become increasingly juicy targets!