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  1. stenhammer

    Free multiplayer board games on mobile?

    Can anyone recommend some good board games for mobile where players compete online? I've got family spread out all over the world and I really want to find ways to keep in touch, and we all love board games. Ideally it should be the kind of thing that doesn't take too long to play (and be...
  2. stenhammer

    What kind of longevity do you think VR has?

    I think part of the drawback at the moment, with things like Gear VR for Samsung, is having to take the phone in and out of the device pretty often (for loading different apps, etc.) If the user experience gets a lot smoother, I don't think there's any reason VR can't succeed for certain game...
  3. stenhammer

    Skyrim DLC

    I've lost so much of my life to wandering around Skyrim. :-)
  4. stenhammer

    Mine Blitz (by Pine Entertainment)

    Looks interesting, will give it a try!
  5. stenhammer

    It is getting ridiculous having to start progress all over again...

    Yeah, seems crazy that more games don't keep your progress in the cloud so you can hop between devices.