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    Shadowman: Darque Legacy

    The remaster was awesome. I recommend it. As for this new one in excited. Just hope it's not as bad as part 2
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    How many of you are using wireless mechanical keyboard and are you happy w/ it?

    Had it and returned it. I bought it at $200 at best buy if you're a member. Just didn't feel like it was worth the money. If your put a membrane low profile next to it and blindfolded me, I would have a hard time telling the difference. It's not clicky and has some resistance I think that's...
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    Nvidia killing GameStream on SHIELD TV, says "use Steam Link instead k thanks bye"

    Steam sucks at streaming. Moonlight is way better. Now nvidia is doing this, Im no longer married to nvidia and might just grab an rx 7900xtx.
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    If you upgrade your cpu first, you'll see almost no benifit because it's not holding you back currently. The 4080 is way overpriced and if you wait until next year, they may drop with the competition, recession coming, or you could grab an older 3090ti at a much lower price. If I were you, I...
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    I just canceled yesterday due to nothing interesting to watch. I'm quarantined at home and found more on Amazon prime and HBO that interested me. Plus the whole cuties thing discussed me. Only thing I'm going to miss is stranger things if they come out with a new season.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    I think you guys are forgetting that they are advertising this card at 8k 60fps. Or at least at 8k. Regardless it's way too expensive and so is 8k right now
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    New RTX 2070 super. 3rd party cooling?

    Only two aftermarket solutions I can think of. Arctic cooler which is freakin huge. Won't fit your case for sure. Or the Kraken G12 bracket with a cheap aio and some vrm heatsinks. The Kraken would probably be the way to go if you have room for an aio inside the case.
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    i5 2500k @4.4 -> i7 8700K @stock worth it?

    So I run a 144hz gsync monitor with a 1070 at 1440p. When running my 2500k overclocked to 4.8 I was getting good frames even on newer games like ffxv. But I was noticing some hitching and stuttering Also I monitored my cpu and gpu usage during the game with Riva tuner. So I saw my cpu pegged...
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    Any reason to upgrade a 2500k for 1440p?

    Back to my original post, every benchmark I've seen so far has been testing at 1080p. Is 1440p and higher not so cpu dependent now that only the GPU is the component that makes a difference at higher res?
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    Any reason to upgrade a 2500k for 1440p?

    I don't get it. Looks playable to me? I get 100% cpu utilization on Witcher 3 a lot but gpu stays at 97-100% with excellent frames. 60+ at max details. Only thing I can think of is some slight stutters maybe?
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    Any reason to upgrade a 2500k for 1440p?

    Gaming on a 144hz monitor with gsync with a gtx1070 and 2500k overclocked to 4.8ghz Only reason I ask is all benchmarks I see is at 1080p for different processors.
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    Big Question - After 40 years do I abandon tricked out rigs for GeForce Now et al

    Also if you're streaming to a 4k tv from something like nvidia shield tv, you can always run it at 2560x1440p. This gives an excellent picture as well but runs much smoother. You're tv will upscale it to 4k and to tell you the truth, sitting 10 feet away you can't tell the difference.
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    Big Question - After 40 years do I abandon tricked out rigs for GeForce Now et al

    Gaming on 4k does not take a high end CPU. I would also second a ryzen 1600 or even an 1700. Check out the bundle prices at microcenter. You can get a pretty good deal on a ryzen 1700 and motherboard for well under $300. Ram prices are pretty high right now and I'm still finding 8 gigs to be...
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    Elex from Piranha Bytes 10-17-17

    Could never get this damn game working. After the Prianah logo at the beginning it crashes and won't go any further. I left the game running while I was researching how to fix it and a few hours went by then steam wouldn't refund the game. I'm so pissed I spent $50 on something that doesn't...
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    Those who got the 8700k

    I'm one of those stubborn Sandy Bridge users and still don't see a need for upgrading yet. I play either at 1440p or 4k though on a 1070 and it still blows through every game I play right now. When I can see a huge leap with cpu performance, I'll bite, but for now the new line of nvidia cards...
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    October gaming. Need horror games

    Scary shooters? I'd like to know this as well. If you want First person perspective games I think Amnesia: The dark Decent is an excellent game for that. Clive barkers Undying would be the next up. And if you haven't played Vampire the Masquerade then it's a must!!!!!