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    Triple Monitor Support - On Board Chipset

    Interesting site. I'll have to give that a spin. I've had every type of build, hidden, MicroATX, full sized atx, 24 slot 4u server size, and I'm sure a few more here and there. So I figured this round I'd go for something new. Thanks for the suggestions and assistance.
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    Triple Monitor Support - On Board Chipset

    I do not really game much anymore, no time. I watch a few movies while working, play some old games like Red Alert and Diablo 2, trying to teach my 10 year old what games I used to play. I have not bought a newer game in probably 7 years for my PC. I mostly play games on Xbox One on my big...
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    Triple Monitor Support - On Board Chipset

    I have $900-$1k to spend. I already have a 480w PSU I'll use. 16gb Ram, with RGB maybe Cpu with dual fan radiator Motherboard, prefer black with rgb Gpu with at least 3 outputs preferably four Mid level cup AMD OR Intel, not biases either way except on price. M.2 SSD, either 2x256 or I guess...
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    Triple Monitor Support - On Board Chipset

    I had not considered a riser card. If I went that way I could go with a cheaper Rizen CPU and save a lot of cash, even with a descent GPU. Let me look at that route.
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    Triple Monitor Support - On Board Chipset

    Apologies, my lack of detailed purpose may have strayed your response. I am going case less. I am planning to mount this on the wall above my desk, and thus the reason for minimal cabling. Excluding a GFX card would ensure the setup did not extend out from the wall too far, and be extremely...
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    Triple Monitor Support - On Board Chipset

    GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (Intel LGA1151/ Z370/ ATX/ 3xM.2/ M.2 Thermal Guard / Front USB 3.1 /ESS Sabre DAC /RGB Fusion/ Fan Stop /SLI/ Motherboard) So with this board, can I use a MST hub to achieve 3 or more displays...
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    Triple Monitor Support - On Board Chipset

    I am looking to upgrade, and was looking to go as thin as possible from an overall height perspective so I was hoping to go without a GPU. I have not upgraded in years, still running a 1090T on an old Gigabyte board, at least its using DDR3 I guess. Again going for minimal footprint, so I was...
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    WTB: MB/CPU/RAM Combo

    Looking to upgrade my media server board from an old Core 2 Duo to newer tech. I am needing a board that has a few SATA ports, and can support this sata PCIe card. Current setup has 6 on board headers, and I'm using an old PCI card for 10 total drives, but I need more ;) Looking at a budget...
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    Vertically Mount Two 2.5" SAS Hard Drives in a Dual 5.25 Bay? Might could mod this a little.
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    Odd Update Suggestions

    Been a long while since I've done anything but piece meal my upgrades, but recently I've lost a hard drive and think I have a memory stick flaking on me, so I'm looking to upgrade or rather start over. I do not play games on my PC anymore, I barely play games on my Xbox these days. However, I...
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    WTB: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit keys

    Had a deal go south on me and was only given upgrade keys, need full retail keys. Thanks.
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    Wall Mount Bracket Recommendations

    Thanks for the replies. There is a Mount-It and Cheetah from Amazon I am looking at. I do believe I need one that does give the tilt option, as because of the width I am nearly forced to mount it above my light switch at least. If it is that high it will have to tilt down for proper viewing...
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    Wall Mount Bracket Recommendations

    Just purchased a 70" Vizio TV and 54" sound bar, now I need a good wall mount. I was looking at a swivel mount but I now do not think I need one. I want a mount that sets the TV as flush as possible to the wall. So who has recommendations, I have searched but love the knowledge of the...
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    Modular Power Supply

    Thanks, didn't know the 'full' modular description. I'll check these out.
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    Modular Power Supply

    I'd prefer around $50-$75.
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    Modular Power Supply

    I'm looking for a reputable modular power supply that the 24 pin is also modular. I had an ultra a few years ago that went bad. Looking for a 500 watt or so, just trying to run a few extra hard drives outside my case. I won't go into details, just looking for the recommendation. Oh and I'm...
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    5.25" Bay - SDCard, USB 3.0, SSD slot?

    I saw one of these a year or two so, but cannot seem to find it again. Wanting to find a card reader to go in my empty bay that also has USB 3.0 ports, and a 'dock' for my portable ssd. Anyone know where to find one?
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    Need duplex document scanner

    I've been scanning my documents with my epson workforce printer, but it's simplex. I'm looking for advice on a more efficient way of scanning documents. Should I look at a duplex scanner, or look for a printer that has duplex scanning capabilities? My printer is over five years old and needs ink...
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    FS: GIN-6350P Power Supply - $100/OBO

    I have (4) GIN-6350P Power Supplies from a server I am getting rid of. $100 each/OBO +S&H (DFW area free pickup/delivery) Open for trades, but nothing specific comes to mind at the moment.
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    Computer Desk (3 monitors wont fit)

    I built a monitor stand out of galvanized pipe from Lowes. I built it so it goes between my desk and wall, so it kind of leans against the back of my desk. I have three 23" mounted in portrait and a 15" on top of the center one. Was about $50-$60 in all. Might not be fancy but it works and is...
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    What is the best Windows 8 tablet out currently?

    This was the same question i have recently been asking. I am trying to purchase a Surface Pro for my needs. I wanted something with Windows 8 and USB that would run the Android SDK without issues, as well as office, so many charts and spreadsheets a day...uhg... The Helix seemed too expensive...
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    Red/white to headphone jack

    Adapters are 3.5mm to RCA adapters.
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    FS: 775 mini ITX+cpu combo needs work

    bump for looking
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    Attack of the Killer Smartwatches

    Doesn't Motorola already have something like this?
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    FS: Various Wire Shelves (Metro Racks)

    I have had in my possession for way too long now quite a few wire shelves. Right place at the right time, but now the extras are just taking up way too much space and I need to sell some. These are just the shelves, and the plastic pole stop inserts. !!! NO POLES, JUST SHELVES !!! I have...
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    Laptop drive - Nearly all folders empty?

    Check the permissions, if those aren't right you will not see anything from the second machine.
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    can i use a norco 4224 with out the backplanes?

    I did this with an old pata case, just not quick at swapping anymore because you have to open the case to add or remove a drive.
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    Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon) is amazing! Just sayin'

    I must be missing something. I have had the phone since it was released and its a good phone, smooth, yata yata, some cool features, but I'm not seeing what all the buzz is about. And no I'm not an Apple guy stuck with an Android phone. Just seems like most other smartphones out there, and I...
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    WTB: High wattage fan controller

    I am in search of a high wattage fan controller if someone might have one laying around. This is for a side project I'm working on.
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    Turtle Beach a good choice for a budget Xbox 360 headset?

    I had a pair of Turtle Beach X3s for a while, not real happy with them. They were uncomfortable after a while, caused my ears to sweat. I upgraded to X31s (for $30) and like the fit much better, however, I do not like the popping I get from the 2.4GHz wireless router. If my son sits between me...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Love their stuff simply because its reliable and cost effective. I've had a number of different power supplies over the years, usually cheap brands, and just about every one of them have failed me, usually catastrophically and always taking something else with them. I started researching Antec...
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    Magoo's Trading Post

    Looking to unload some older stuff, willing to trade most of it, a lot of it could probably go for just shipping if you can persuade me. I take non-CC paypal or cash if local to the DFW area. Prices include shipping. I'm just trying to get rid of some of the clutter. I'm looking for small...
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    Phonedog reviews the Samsung Galaxy SIII

    That sucks, the review is worthless since its done on an International version with a quad core. The US only gets a Dual Core is BS. I sure hope the difference isn't a killer, but I bet there will be a noticeable difference.
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    Verizon Share Everything is going live June 28th

    I plan on upgrading to the S3 next week to keep my unlimited data, however, I'm considering the new plans. I have two smartphones at the moment, we use just over 1GB a month. I pay $80 for service, and roughly $60 a month per phone ($30 data, $10 per line, insurance). I'm wondering if we have to...
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    Bluetooth ear buds

    Haven't seen that before, if you get it let me know how it works. I have a coworker looking at it as well, he doesn't like mine cause the stream time sucks.
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    Bluetooth ear buds

    I have a Samsung HM6450 that I use. Its a single bluetooth earpiece, but comes with some accessories that plug in such as two ear buds. They plug into the same micro-usb port that you plug in the charger to. It also comes with an adapter to use regular ear buds. The only problem I have is the...
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    External hard drive dead?

    Give it a good testing, doesn't mean it wasn't bad, just means its getting cleaner power. It still could go out.
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    External hard drive dead?

    Yea, I've had more than one power supply for my external drives crash before, or even the internal power board croak, but the brick and HDD were fine. Slap it inside and see what happens, or if you have a SATA to USB thingy use that.
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    Install Case Fan into my HTPC Cabinet

    If you have a 12volt fan you need a 12volt or lower brick (most fans will run between 5V and 12V, but do not go higher than the rated value), if its a 2amps fan, you need a brick that will do at least 2amps.
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    Install Case Fan into my HTPC Cabinet

    You can build a very simple circuit for this. Grab a power brick from an old something or another, or grab one at a local electronics store. We did this for a buddy who's stereo received kept over heating. There is an adjustment so you can tweak when the fans come on and go off. He put one fan...